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    **DYING LIGHT 2**

    I also agree with your post fully, except the ability to create and customize your own safehouses. Dying Light's safe houses don't really care about customizations, it's just an area that when you're inside, you're safe from the zombies. It would be amazing to have things like "zombie waves" where zombies can attack a random owned safehouse and you must get there and help fend them off. If you don't, you have to recapture the safe house again from scratch. Placing guns and soldiers could be a very fun thing to do in that scenario, especially if there could be a "team" multiplayer mode where teams try to capture the most amount of safe houses or something like that. I never got to enjoy the multiplayer because of technical problems, but I'm guessing a team match would be very fun. I also think there should be a more Bolter-like zombies that only appear at night but are also very valuable. Think like a zombie mother that would be escorted through the city at night by volatiles and if you don't kill her, she'll place down a nest which spawns more volatiles in that area which can make night-exploring a lot harder. There could also exist characters that can become a very powerful zombie at will, and maybe even the player could obtain such power in a extremely long and difficult side quest. It could also create some interesting tactics in Be The Zombie, by for example disguising as a normal person and then transforming back into the very strong zombie and then killing the unaware players. Also, either a third small map, or a second large map is a must-have for Dying Light 2 since there just isn't enough free roaming in Dying Light. This also brings me to my next (and final) point, which was the very short storyline, and the mostly uninteresting side quests. I would propose something as crazy as double the amount of missions Dying Light had, and the duration and difficulty of quests scaling as you progress through the game. There were some easy quests even once you got to Sector 0/Old Town which was kind of disappointing. Great post overall, I searched for the forums only to make a thread like yours