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    **DYING LIGHT 2**

    Thanks for the reply, I just hope Techland take these suggestions and wish list into consideration when making Dying Light 2
  2. Matt23

    **DYING LIGHT 2**

    I have written this on behalf of the Dying Light fan community. After spending some time over the last months asking fans online, researching and collating information from articles, message boards, blogs, watching YouTube videos and reading comments about what us fans would want to see in Dying Light 2 once it's in production if it's not already? We hope you take some of these suggestions and wishes into consideration when making Dying Light 2. 1. BIGGER MAPS!: This was one of the most commented topics for Dying Light 2 - As always the gamer wants to see bigger maps than the last game had. Games like Fall Out & SkyRim infamously have huge open world maps which we all would like to see in Dying Light 2. 2. BEING ABLE TO BUILD & CUSTOMISE YOUR OWN SAFEZONES: This was another of the most talked about online comments for Dying Light 2. Being able to build and customise your own safe zones by adding Barricades, Spikes, UV Lights, and to make it more interesting you could make it so the gamer would have to defend it against bad guys and zombie hoards trying to take over the safe zones. 3. BETTER LOCATIONS: There was some really cool suggestions when it came to this topic - In the first game there was some great places to explore like the country side in The Following, Climbing The Tall bridge near the slums and exploring The City of Harran, which we hope you don't get rid of in the second game and hopefully more like that will be in the second instalment of the Dying Light series. In addition to those that was just mentioned it would be cool to explore new places, here are some of the stand out online liked comments & suggestions: Area 51 like military bases that has an underground to it where the government have been doing tests on Aliens, UFO's & Zombies. Bigger Mountains, Deep Forests, bigger Country Sides, Storms, Snow and new types of terrain. Shipwrecks that you can swim to and collect treasure from, abandoned Cruise Ships at sea to explore and loot. Military Bases, Theme Parks, Casinos, Malls, High Skyscrapers, Movie Studios, Cop Stations, Zoo's and Sports Arenas. There was already a few secret loots and hidden caves in the first game which were exciting to explore, but the feeling from the fans was that we would like to see a lot more of these and that they are made harder to find/harder to get to with more treasure inside, the crashed UFO in the ocean was a good example. Also Scavenging could be made more difficult. 4. MORE MISSIONS & SIDE QUESTS: We hope that there will be longer and a lot more missions than the first Dying Light. We also would like to see a lot more Side Quests and Board Quests. There was also a comment left that said "Finding mysterious characters hidden away in the game that are hard to find that will offer you creepy missions to complete". 5. NEW BIGGER, BETTER, BADDER BAD GUYS/ZOMBIES: The first game had some great characters like the cult in The Following & Rise and his men, Volatiles, Running zombies, David and Goliath on the little rock in the ocean. Volatile mutations - like Alpha Volatiles which could be immune to UV Lights and sense you through walls. I did see quite a lot of people mention that there was about 4/5 giant zombies that you had to defeat in the game but that it was disappointing that they didn't spawn again later in the game to fight them. New mutant type zombies that were different from the first game. Bandits that are harder to kill that are equipped with military grade weapons. 6. BETTER WEAPONS: There was a hell of a lot of suggestions when it came to what new weapons should be in Dying Light 2, here's a few of the most popular ones that I noticed on message boards and YouTube comments. Having a much larger range of better weapons - guns like Desert Eagles, Sniper Rifles, Smith & Wesson Magnum 500, Flash Grenades, RPG's and more blueprints. Attachments to weapons like Scopes, Silencers, Laser Guiding, Flash Lights etc. 7. RECAPTURING VOLATILE HIVES/NESTS: In the first game you was able to clear Volatile hives/caves which was a lot of fun for us but after you cleared them all you could not clear them again. We would like to see the Volatiles try and take back the Hives/caves in the second game. 8. BETTER VEHICLES: In the first game the buggy was ok but could be made better for us players when it comes to transport. Having more of a choice of what we want to get around in would be a good idea, here's some of the suggestions that I read online from fans - being able to use a Hand Glider of Sky Scraper/ Tall Mountains, Cars, Motorcycles, Planes, Boats and Ships. One fan posted on Twitter "I want an Easter egg in the game where you can get Daryl's bike from The Walking Dead" which got 100s of likes on Twitter. 9. MORE DLC: The DLC in first Dying Light game was great with the likes of The Following, Ultimate Survivor Bundle and Cuisine & Cargo, I could see that was a demand to see a lot more DLC to be made available to purchase through the game store. 10. 4K GRAPHICS: One of the biggest hopes for us Dying Light fans is for Dying Light 2 to have 4K graphics. With 4K consoles coming out like the new Xbox that will be released in late 2017 and the rumoured PS5 in 2018, we would hope that the Dying Light 2 graphics will be made for 4K gaming so that we can enjoy an even more realistic approach to the game making Dying Light 2 even more creepy and exciting than the first game.