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  1. Hey, No big deal, this just bothered me for while now. Forum shows embedded videos really weird - looks like it scales video so much that it doesn't even fit on screen on vertical direction. I think its something to do with 3440x1440 resolution? When I drag my browser to edge of screen (to split view) video is lot more watchable.
  2. Okay I think playtest is over for me now due the long matchmaking times. Waiting 5-10 minutes for a match which lasts about the same time is exhausting. I dont know what changed in this playtest, is it because lack of players or some matchmaking ranking parameter (im on lvl 18), but on last playtest lobbies filled up really fast. 20 hours on this game is just scratching the surface, but anyway heres some thoughts: - Bleeding is really lethal right now, imo its weapon mod should be more rare than others or just nerf bleeding effect speed. Bleeding caused by arrows is good and rewarding though. - Add inventory system back. Most players who come from btz have been struggling with this alot. We like to keep inventory organized so theres no hassle with keybinds during the combat. Also weapon+item wheel was removed from newest build for some reason? - The enemy warning system on normal mode. I kinda like it that no one dfa’s me out of nowhere when im fighting against zombies but now warning system is way too obivious and removes even the smallest element of surprise. I would atleast ditch the horn sound. Or even better, change it so that red warning zone on minimap would be visible only when survivor sense is used. Also camo would be nice for ambushing people, tho it would make collecting samples too easy. - Duo and team modes. I get best experience of games when I play with friends, preferably on same side. With friendly fire on ofc, so combat needs to be organized. - DFA range way too low. Right now you can dfa from height of a van and get relatively high reward for it. - More nests and/or spread em out more; theres no any action going on at the edges of map right now. - Increase the extraction time, about +10-20 sec. Too many times even if you start running to helicopter immediately when it arrives you wont make there before that lvl 5 guy flies to the sunset. - Increase the match time. I like that BB's matches are fast and theres no that annoying long looting phase which BR's usually got. Still right now games can be really fast if theres experienced people who know exact nest locations and how to clean em from zombies in no time - and figuring out those things in current map wont take more than few hours from anyone. I'd increase the blood sample requirement slightly. - Parrying feels weird. Im not sure whats wrong with it. Theres no proper feedback when you block enemy attack? I think atleast the melees hitting each other audio should be lot louder and sharper. Theres still lots of good things in this game: combat works pretty good and its satisfying to get someone killed. Npc's are strong in right way so harvesting samples isn't always childs play. Map looks very nice with added flora. I didn't have high hopes for DL turning into PVP in this form, but after playing it myself I have to admit that it seemed promising and I actually enjoyed it very much.
  3. Bub

    Buff Hunter

    Buff hunter
  4. Bub

    The Shield

    You can cancel charged hit also with parry or switching to another weapon and back. Last mentioned gives you advantage because you can make instantly after it quickslice™ with shortened animation if enemy is about to counter attack. I always found that guys who were relying on shield were in lower position than me. Sure, they could switch away from shield and quickly parry my attack, but they could do it anyway. Successful charged hit and stunned-state followed by it is huge disadvantage to enemy by itself. I think shields shouldnt block the explosives 100% so there would be more ways to break their defences. Shields quick draw speed is essential when desperately trying to counter lucky ones with the firearm. Adding slightly extended animation when putting it down wouldn't prolly harm, though. Or giving shield certain durability, like in the main game.
  5. Bub

    Death from Above

    I noticed this too. Maybe some animation dmg reduction would be in place, though my simple solution was to read the situation and avoid dfa when there was multiple players fighting. In these cases I just did GP which usually stunned em both and gave even better advantage than dfa to single guy. Currently its quite painless to flick throwing knife to player because of the knock animation followed by dfa. Imo light melee throw with even small aim assist would be too much.
  6. Bub

    Private Playtest Feedback

    I think we need separate thread for ideas concidering gameplay. Anyway heres some glitches I noticed: 1. Heavy melee can be canceled with weapon upgrade 2. Heavy melee can be canceled with pain reliever or health pack 3. Heavy melee can be canceled with bow (same bug as in DL) 4. Dropkick can be canceled with healing item or shield. Record of those scenarios: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rdDo3YSHQNo Other and smaller bugs: - Big weapons like scythe and shotgun sometimes clip through crates sides - Dropkicking enemy to right angled object like stairs or van will launch him high up in the air - Soldiers guarding airdrop have zombie death audio when player rains from above Record: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8sBVeHZLVuM - Sometimes theres army of soldiers guarding the airdrop. Literally like 15 guys or more, as normal amount guarding the drop seemed to be 3 or 4 Record: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CQL4Hd6Qbt8 - 2 or more airdrops on excatly same location, glitched inside each other. Maybe something to do with the soldier glitch mentioned above Record: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JXIDDXv-QAc
  7. Bub

    Be the Zombie, humans way over powered.

    If you truly are "ranked best night hunter" why on earth you are crying like rookie things like "dodge spam" etc. For us you look nothing else than newcomer who thinks of himself too much and invades opponents way over his skill level. I saw your stream on twitch btw. No offence but you seriously need to train more to call yourself even mediocre hunter. I'd guess you got about 10-20 hours as NH? HC players on this thread have proven all your arguments wrong. Now go read Hanks NH-guide and come back to share your opinions when you got bit more experience of this gamemode: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=949125978 And please stop spamming the forums with zero content posts.
  8. Hey, Wasn't Prison Heist Speedrun contest supposed to end at April 29th? Right now website says: "Contest is now closed. Thanks for participating. Winers will be contacted soon." https://dyinglightgame.com/speedrun-contest/
  9. Bub

    Post Any Btz Bugs/exploits Here

    DL crashes when hunter drops under map (unless theres water and hunter can tendril back up). It rarely happens but yea annoying bug. Same when hunter invades lobby > new human joins > NH sometimes gets ending screen (credits) and disconnects to main screen.
  10. Bub

    4/5/2018 Complete Details on Patch

    Btw any idea how autobalace affects to game nowadays? Does it keep moving like slider or just kick in suddenly when certain rules are filled? Also is there any way to see from files how many % AB gives advantage (e.g. to spit regen) when its on max vs. no autobalance?
  11. Bub

    4/5/2018 Complete Details on Patch

    Amazing, thanks for this.
  12. Bub

    BTZ Update 04/05/2018

    We actually had this glitch today, 3 man team and everyones flares lasted about 3 seconds. At first we thought that hunter was cheating (seen similiar cheat few times) but flares kept shutting down randomly even after the match ended, until we all restarted our games. Playing on PC. Edit: Happened again today with 3 man squad.
  13. Bub

    BTZ Damage changed?

    They reduced damages in team matches last time at january. Yesterday, maybe at the same time you were playing, came newest balance patch but im not sure how it affects to damage values since I havent played it yet. According to patch notes they kept dmg untouched. Keep in mind that heres atleast three really easy ways to block/bypass those online tweaks on PC. Humans get advantage by doing that since base damage without patch is higher. Also DFA range is much shorter. I’ve seen this few times and especially in team matches its hard to spot if someone does extra damage. Though remember things like tackleslice/charged hits before suspecting anyone as cheater. Also DFA is still bit wonky: sometimes it wont trigger even if the drop distance and aim seems to be perfect. And sometimes dfa starts from 50cm drop even it shouldnt be any way possible. I’d keep testing damages still now when we are sure that new patch is online. It may be that damages were tweaked bit yesterday.
  14. Bub

    BTZ Update 04/05/2018

    Thanks, need to test it out. Gold weapon change is certainly good, my Battle Axe of Titans collection is getting out of hand. Just curious: what was the win/loss rate on humans during last balance patch?
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    tl;dr Change you active quest. I just simply removed Bozak, its not big file to download if I want to do it again.
  16. Bub

    Fix the pvp

    Why you keep copy pasting this nonsense all over again. Go to your earlier thread or simply to ”Post Any Btz Bugs/exploits Here”.
  17. Bub

    Btz bugs and glitches

    Theres already thread for btz bugs (first topic on list). Hunter can tackle on vertical and horizintal axis. Upward tackles triggering range is bit longer than normal ground tackles. I dont see anything wrong on that. X-ray tackles have been there from start. Its very well known bug.
  18. Bub

    George Romero tribute

    This! I rarely disable invasions or visit slums but this time I had to go and salute the master. If someone is wondering where I pulled this nick from, its finally time to go and see Romero's Day of the Dead
  19. Bub

    Be the Zombie Balancing - We Want Your Feedback

    100% agree with this. Its bit weird I havent seen it getting more attention inside community. Its just ridicilous that in some cases autoheal is even more powerful than instaheal. NH booster as it is fine by me, but as said, combined with constant healing its really messed up. Even tho effect lasts only 1 minute, survivors can always shoot that new impact bolt to ground, heal and enjoy the constant HP flow. Why healing process even keeps going characters health is already full? LucasK's suggestion to stop healing process for about 3-4 seconds after hunter attack sounded good too. I think I found good record to prove the point: - 3 tackles - 2 ground pounds - 1 claw Total 6 succesfull attacks done inside ~14 seconds to take down player whos in healing state. Imagine the pain against team. And without that luck. Don't get me wrong, I dont want hunter to be super predator who can take down humans like nothing without any need to even use spits. But make it bit more doable without need to abuse any glitches. Man kick me out of MT4 but have to say this: I like the immersion, atmosphere and challenge HUDless view gives on 1v1 and 1v/2. In team games (1v3/4) I never got used to that seeing teammates is harder and harder further the match progress and darkness falls. In team games I find crucial to see what my mates are doing or just find em when they die. I'd like if human characters were bit more visible and could be seen with survivor sense. Or make some special outfit that pops out better in pitch black (glowing outfit with more glow).
  20. Bub

    Be the Zombie Balancing - We Want Your Feedback

    Thanks for this thread. - Toxic effect during DFA/increase DFA animation time so human stays longer in toxic. What grinds hunters gears? Animation camping, specially after iTackle was removed. Those unavoidable deaths - just because one survivor had enough patient to sit top of lamp post for 10 seconds. And brave enough to jump down on locked hunter. Yes theres ways not to get under DFA bombardment-bait - but hunters energy limitation (I like to think it as ticking clock) sets certain limitations to drive off the campers all over again. When hunter feels like dfa is coming and he cant counter-tackle, he should have chance to take survivor with him with quick toxic-spit. Main idea is not to actually get the kill, usually toxic deaths lead to human revive anyway if hunter isn't around, but it would give NH one way to delay humans trip to nest. Nowadays hunters shoot horde-spit and pray for telebombers when they feel like they are getting rained from above. Sometimes toxic too but it wont kill human unless hes low on HP. This one is problematic because toxic is very strong currently and imo shouldn't be any stronger on normal gameplay. Thats why dfa animation time increase-suggestion. - DFA height required. Got quite few wtf-moments with this one. Sometimes dfa just triggers out of nowhere on very low drops. I'd like to see the day when DFA is hard maneuver and indication of high skill or something, now it just feels so ez trick. - Manual firearms damage. Im lazy and just quote myself: "I'd really like to get slow manually loaded firearms buffed. E.g. I love double barrel shotgun (dat reloading sound) but against Night hunter its like bb-gun. If successfully clearing both barrels to NH would correnspond somewhere near bows single hit damage, it would be good alternative to crossbow." - Amount of autobalance. It just feels so wrong. As I've said before; I rather lose like winner than win like loser. - Claw damage is at good state. I like the knockback too. However occasionally I feel like Im forced to use the NH-booster to survive from insane damage done by double-claw glitch (I really like pyza-suit). So decrease amount... of claw-glitching? On the other side I try to understand why hunters do it and why they find it justified: NH is just powerless af against good team. And most players seems to use booster by default. - Damage on 1v2(?). I have very little NH-experience, but as survivors eyes something feels really wrong in this setup. It feels unfair compared to 1v1/3/4. E.g. if both survivors know what they are doing, its not hard job to instakill hunter after single missed tackle. Nothing else, maybe? Guess I'll get back to this later. +rep ok
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    ***BTZ tuning 06/08/2017***

    Plot twist: his son is Visceral
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    Bad blood

    Problems with account activations? I signed up (forum acc doesn't work) and still waiting for that activate message . Spam checked.