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  1. Hi y'all Need Help looking for someone with a few gold weapons That I have not aquried yet I have gold weapons not modded or upgraded . Have some king and clicker mods I can get rid of .Really looking for something new like tribal axe ,smack Hammer ,rune hammer ,tribal knife .If needed can give list of what I have. I have all Fabulous , extravagant, and legendary in Gold + more . And 5 fantasy. Skull mace , Hoco bat ,Blade of order , Axe of Titans ,Gonuba
  2. Jrossi

    Dying light ps4 Gold weapon Trade

    Weapons I'm looking for are as follows Gold weapons 1)Heavy tribal axe that glows blue 2)Smack Hammer 3)Tribal blade 4)Rune Hammer Keep in mind legend and survivor maxed
  3. Hello All I know not much of a topic but looking to keep game exciting I have 30 + gold weapons plus others looking to get something different other Than what I have .Will compensate with gold weapons or anything that I have that will motivate a Trade just message me ps info and I will join your game or vice versa. Thanks