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  1. Okay: This game is all about not making too damned much noise, right? and killing from the greatest distance possible? I had a dream last night: I was using a silenced pistol. When I awakened, I was heart-broken: I hadn't any silenced weapons. The only rifles I've found so far don't have scopes; they have only iron-sights- but, they're still pretty accurate. For silent killing, the best weapon I've found so far- at short-to-intermediate ranges only- is the bow. The problem with the bow- although it doesn't attract much enemy attention- firing at an out-of-range target (there is no clue in the reticle RE: range) has two negative consequences: 1) Your arrow evaporates, and 2) [QED] Your enemy is not harmed. I'm not expecting night-vision scopes (though they would be really handy at night!), but, at least a pistol with a suppressor! For stealth kills from a distance, I stick to plain arrows, throwing knives, and throwing hatchets...but, sniper rifles would sure be great. The devs could even make it equitable by requiring special low-velocity ammo with suppressor-equipped weapons (some games offer low-velocity ammo with firearms, like in the Hitman franchise). For close-quarters combat, The Blade of Order does the job nicely.
  2. gremlinkurst

    Gold Weapons List

    Many of these weapons are NOT uniquely gold-tier. I've had many of them in inventory and chit-canned them.
  3. gremlinkurst

    Gold Weapons List

    WTF? I had a Skull Machete, but it damned sure wasn't gold, or even orange. I had to dismantle it to make room in my backpack for something that had a higher selling price- I was really "cash" poor when I started this game, and needed the money. I currently have one gold weapon, The Blade of Order, dropped for me by a friendly co-op player, and three orange weapons, bought from the arms dealer. One's a "plain" Police Rifle, and two are knives. Maybe it was a bug or something. EDIT: I have an Extravagant Fisherman's Knife- but it's not gold; it's orange, purchased from the arms dealer in the tower. I'm beginning to think some people have the wrong idea about gold-tier weapons. Hey, people: Gold-tier weapons appear YELLOW in your inventory, Legendaries are orange.
  4. gremlinkurst

    Mother's Day Bugs My "Ash"

    Thanks for the help, guys. Hugs 'n' kisses. Turns out this was only a temporary glitch. I shut the game down for several hours to catch some Zs, and this time when I reattempted it, the tape and the chocolates were present. Well, they were probably there before, but non-interactible. This ought to be helpful to any new Dying Light customers having trouble picking up requisite missions items.
  5. gremlinkurst

    Dying Light Windows 10 Crash

    Um, actually, the detailed data dumps are of NO use to anyone but game programming gurus. Devs mostly. You have a GTX 780. Do you have ANY AMD hardware? Have you verified your game cache? If your drivers are up-to-date as you say, and your game cache is uncorrupted, maybe a better CPU/GPU combo is in order. I'm running on Win 10 x64, i5 6600K, 16 GB Skilljaws SDRAM III, GTX 970, on ultra settings, and no crashes (my rig is over a year old).
  6. The Following is a DLC, but not like in Borderlands franchise, where new maps and missions can be tackled after¹ main story is completed in a separate storyline. The distinctions are extremely difficult to ascertain, for instance, in your Steam game library, where when you buy the Enhanced Following edition, the main game is identified not as Enhanced Edition, but "regular" edition—but, you see all the appropriate DLCs noted in the appropriate window. ¹Or before main story is done; Fast Travel stations unlock maps when the DLCs are purchased.
  7. gremlinkurst

    Loss of stats and DLC

    ¹ "I kept everything in the cloud storage." Steam play w/ cloud synch? Have you tried verifying game cache?
  8. gremlinkurst

    Mother's Day Bugs My "Ash"

    The two items I'm supposed to fetch for Gazi are not in the designated locations. I have fully searched the two buildings, have looted everything not nailed down, but there's no "Charly" movie (there IS a DVD, but it's the wrong movie), nor is there any rotten box of chocolates. P.S.: I'm playing the enhanced edition through Steam on Win 10 x64.