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    Matchmaking balancing.

    to answer some of your questions Vac has and will not always block cheats as you stated already ...they get updated faster than vac does. Terrible to play on vac for several reasons the one you've already mentioned and most play non vac as lower ranked players falsely report high hour players for cheating when they have honestly been outplayed 95% of the time. There are far more skilled players than there is cheaters...and most cheaters are not skilled players...it's why the are cheating to begin with. Vallon was correct in what he stated with the matchmaking...but i will add some tweaks.......your hunter is most likely in transition. You have become too good for your current tier and are being pushed into the next one with more skilled players. We don't get to see w/l ratio so to judge just look at their hours in game it will give you a rough idea of the skill level. Don't focus on ranks as much just because someone is prey doesn't always mean new player. I and many other high hour players have restarted the game many times just to see how we could do with a minimal skill human. The hunter is not limited in manually choosing a match, it has always been this way.......any hunter of any rank is free to challenge any human.....it's why the exp players popup was added way back. If you see the exp players pop up they have way more wins than you do across all matches played....best not to invade them they are not a good match for you. An Apex can de-rank but it has to be very close to them just getting the rank and losing....you will bounce between the 2 ranks until win is (more than loss or even). once you have a certain number of wins as apex it will be very hard to rank down. Tackles ....sounds like you need to mix things up a little to land more. No hunter is gonna land every tackle but mixing it up should increase the number you land with success.
  2. xgamerider

    Dying Light PC tournament

    I'm in the middle of moving but will try my best to get involved thx 4 the invite plz post me a link pointing in the right direction.
  3. xgamerider

    Dying Light PC tournament

    If everyone can put their differences aside.....the teams that can happen would epic. GR8 Idea cantrell...I wish you the best of luck with this comp. Hopefully somebody can record some of this event
  4. Pleads 5th on how bad you can exploit this depending on your equipment.
  5. riders rant.docx Some of you may know me others maybe not. I have a fair amount of hours in game and I wanted to give my thoughts on the pvp....it's as broke as it's ever been. I am going to go about my list as both a vet and a noob, as i think maybe the devs will better understand that the vets aren't making suggestions that are baseless. I for one am keeping all players in mind regardless of their skill level. 1. The % values quoted mean very little for actually gauging the game...you're relying on stats that don't reflect the typical pvp outcomes. Ask any decent survivor how often they lose a match and I bet the answer will be the same...not very often. Showing how little those stats/% truly mean. 2. If I'm a new player a 5 min cool down on sense suppress is a certain death sentence .....try the mode once and never again it's too excessive...and against vets? Useless... most of us play with no hud...does nothing to change our game play...we're used to being blind. Hunter is easy to hear as he is a wheezing asthmatic. This also creates a huge exploit that is far worse than itackle could hope to be if you're a less experienced player that relies heavily on the sense. 3. I saw another user post about the lag...can i just please say change the offset it's terrible......so many players that claw from 20 feet away or teleport to you on gp is beyond annoying when they get undeserved hits/kills then trash talk like they have serious skill. Or tackles that are 2X the normal range. My favorite is being pounced while covered in uv or getting hit from across the map....someone with a ping that bad shouldn't be matched to someone with a very good ping. please make the matching be based off both win/loss ration and similar ping. 4. Telebombers......dear god this has been a bug forever. The hints and crane both say get to high ground....but it doesn't matter bombers can go where they please.....and most times not even on the targeted player...game breaking to say the least. 5. Let humans enter the hunter training lobby......targets that are still are not the same as moving targets. This would give less experienced players the chance and place to ask for help practicing while not affecting anyone's rank. While lessening the requests made in game for xp/practice. 6. Flares .....just wow. Again very broke and leads to a major exploit by the hunter...again far worse than itackle. The exploit ,if done correctly will always result in the human being killed. 7. Hunter is in no way stronger than he's ever been....toxic buff?....something that should have been addressed long ago as it was needed very much....but it's situational. You would never know by the way ppl spam it in the wrong conditions though. He's now slower and sloppier than ever. And the patch where you removed the ability to turn quickly after tackle and then brought it back leads me to a statement that was made. "that's not how we want people playing our game" based off that patch i can only assume the thought was to have players always come pretty much straight at each other which is both boring and predictable with the human having a huge advantage. this game moves fast yet you keep making changes to make it slower....just my opinion, but making all the 9 year olds happy with response times of a glacier isn't how you do it. The rest of us don't want the game to be snail paced. It doesn't fit what's expected in the pvp..... a slow and methodical death match....really? 8. A true counter for dfa as hunter...way too easy to hook into position and land it. 9. If hunter is so agile and evolved why can crane dodge but hunter can't? 10. You remove itackle yet leave DK chains?....makes sense to me. 11. you ask for suggestions and get responses by some of the most skilled players in the game and just shoot them down....counterproductive to say the least. You ask for help then blow it off and it's quite discouraging...why should we bother? I realize some changes would be pretty hard to implement ...but some of them would probably require very little effort 12. The vets don't just make suggestions for their skill level. I would like to think they are looking at the whole picture.. I know I do. The game should work for all players and things that are seen as broke should be fixed. *Cough* telebombers is a good start 13. If hunter is stronger than he's ever been...(guessing you're referencing the stats and %) Why is that over a year ago to challenge myself and to make things a little more even I put away my gaming keyboard and mouse and began using a standard kb and 3 button mouse. You read that right... no mouse with extra buttons or macros.I die a little more than I did when using the gaming gear, but there are very few hunters i fear...why? They are and have always been underpowered when players are all of the same skill level in a match. 14. Hunters get an experienced player pop that's good...how about something on the human side so we can keep hunters of the correct skills to join us? Very annoying and pointless letting a 100 hour or less player who has no chance join and waste both parties time. I don't know if your stats show this, but i always ask if they got the pop up..they almost always they reply yes. when i ask why they joined....the number 1 answer is… players of my skill level just quit. Something to think about. 15. how about a hint for players telling them that they can be pounced in the safe zone or make it so they can't be pounced in safe zone...the timer already addresses the camping issues 16. why if I'm facing a hunter does crane look to the right blocking my ability to cancel a pounce with uv and giving the hunter a pounce that never should have happened? It's as annoying as telebombers. 17. Why does crane's ability to mantle a ledge seem to get worse every patch....i'm in cool down from having to double grapple so often so I don't die because crane refuses to hold on and starts free falling. 18. can we add another button input that applies to pvp only to stop crane from lockpicking or opening a door instead of him going into an interactable such as a chest or door?...I'm trying to slide/DK not interact. 19. Listen to the vets...you seem to base patches off the general whining and complaining of new players. I realize they have issues that may need addressing too...but more times than not....it's lack of experience than actual game breaking bugs. People playing this game at the very highest level can gauge very well what needs to be done to get a closer balance than a new player that has just started playing and reports a vac on someone because they haven't learned to evade tackles yet. I realize it's in the hints but in the heat of battle most players just hit next never reading that valuable info. I can't even count how many times I have taught players how to evade which is almost always met with a thanks for taking the time to help me learn this vital skill...again something that could have been done were there a training lobby. 20. The argument of the hunter is OP....has always been wrong....he has never been op. These are statements are typically made by inexperienced players or those making very poor choices in match. Whatever side must be OP cuz i have 100 hours in the game and couldn't possibly be that I'm playing poorly/facing an opponent that has more experience than me. Human has always had the advantage.....the arsenal a human has vs hunter can't be denied...the hunter is supposed to be super agile yet has less options than humans. His only advantage has only ever been speed which keeps getting nerfed. 21. Can we remove the animations for the items/gear?...it's just stupid...in game that moves this fast switching to another item and still having the previous equipped because the animation hasn't caught up is frustrating. Having the previous wep/item gets old and i don't have that .5 sec to wait on animation to switch to the correct thing or I'm dead. there's no need to have those animated. 22. Leaving a major bug like telebombers unfixed for so long is both lazy and insulting to those who have paid good money for the game. I don't care about DLC......fix what's broken instead with that budget. I take it as we can't be bothered and when the whole user base wants it fixed and it's ignored.....for me i would hesitate to buy another TL title personally. You'll gladly take our money but when we submit a bug request it falls on deaf ears most times. 23. If there is a community event to happen.... please stop biasing the matches to one side or the other....we'll never know which side is superior and it artificially skews those stats/% you reference. It would also give a clearer picture if fair to both sides as to what needs better balancing. 24. Players that make requests for nerf/buff should be versed on both sides of gameplay and lots of it...someone that never plays as hunter has no grounds/basis of making such requests...and vice versa regarding humans. this statement sums it up perfectly "600-800 hrs of mostly afk/idle" which was taken from another thread 25. make a hint urging players to view profiles before entering a match...so many inexperienced players focus on lvl 250 instead of what matters more....how many hours the player has in game and if they give you an exp player pop up...that should tell you right there they have a high win/loss ratio....heed the warning and find a better suited match. lvl 250 is damage scaled it doesn't create the huge advantage you have made up in your mind...you should have been looking at their in game hours and stats...instead of falsely crying out lvl 250...even the devs will tell you the dmg is the same across all levels. this would also help counteract the cheater/hacks bs we have to listen to. The majority of players are above board and you simply got outplayed...stop blaming others for what is truly the problem...you and your skills not being at the same level as the person you lost to. Are there hackers in game yes but for the most part there is far less than ppl accuse of hacking 26. Itackles…..i really don’t know why they were removed they helped the hunter in a much needed way if you’re head is in the game they can be evaded and it was very rare that I had them landed on me…to quote something someone said to me once….” I don’t try itackles on you because you’ll probably evade it”. Want to stop an itackle chain…easy jump back usually one dodge back is enough to get you out of tackle range……most ppl chase the hunter on evade creating the chance to eat an itackle… I’m willing to bet money these were the players that complained about them and most likely said they were op. Don’t be greedy and go for that animation punish and the itackle wouldn’t be an issue. If you go for the punish you should know the risk you’re taking. 27 Autobalance…seriously…why are we giving out participation trophys. I’m losing so I should get help? The player won’t get better by creating this handicapping that helps them when they are losing. They just become reliant on this ridiculous crutch that has no place in the game.
  6. xgamerider

    Night hunter need a potential buff

    I have to agree with vallon as well, prior to the patch the hunter relied on the ability to turn to defend himself. this added penalty of being locked in place is double damage, hunter has back to human on evade ...it allows an extra hit/kill being frozen. Itackles are easy to evade, only the worst of players would get caught with it often. This is a poor way to solve itackles.....the hunter has always been weaker. Auto Xbow reload anima is also a bad idea ....btw could you fix the respawn with bow bug ? If you have bow equipped on respawn you have empty hands and have to toggle back to bow to equip it again. Why do solutions always create bigger and even worse bugs?