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  1. Hey, so I found out that you can farm XP from the quarantines that have Disaster Onsite Relief Packages on them. On that topic, I have some questions: 1. Am I correct when I say all you need to do is get in the quarantine, get the packages, leave, drop them for the quartermaster, come back, and repeat? or do I need to quit the game for it to work? 2. Presumably it seems like the quarantine zones respawn after you've cleared them, so you can repeat # 1 forever, is that correct? 5. Do challenges (killing and running around the city) work the same? so I can just repeat them forever? 4. Would that be cheating? or is it patched now? or just an easy way of getting XP? 5. If all that I said was correct: I just tested on sunnys apartments - cleared the zone, left, got the XP, but as soon as I came back to the slums the zone disappeared! Do I need to like wait a game day for it to respawn or that XP farming method only works on uncleared zones/stuffed turtle? Thank you!!
  2. I just now found out there were quarantine zones on the game (: Online people were saying there was a way to get like the packages, give them to get XP, then come back to the quarantine zone to get more packages and repeat How does that work? Do I need to quit the game? Can I clean the quarantine zone, then come back just to get the packages, leave and get the XP? I play on xbox one and my game is not updated AT ALL, so all the glitches and such are still intact!
  3. I don't know if anybody will help me, but if anyone could... I'd like to know if I am right by banking my skill points for when I need a certain skill, or if by doing that I am missing out on extra skill points (or levelling up faster) that could come with a new action? Those are the skills I already have: Survival Starter Kit; Backpacker; Boosters; Haggle; Crafting Expertise Dodge; Health Regen; Vault Stun; Kick stun If you feel like it you're welcome to suggest what else should I get that I don't already have