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  1. YorMudders

    Poor Hunter...

    Only thing 3v1 or 4v1 is good for is the xp you get when you spit multiple people, The chance of winning such a game is almost non existent as counters will come from every side and once you make 1 little mistake you will get hit by 4 people at once. In my opinion it should be harder when you are playing in a group and really have to use communication and coordination in order to be successful but nowadays it's everything but that.
  2. YorMudders

    Poor Hunter...

    I have been playing this game since the release and I have been enjoying it ever since, especially Be the Zombie (I always play as the Zombie) And am having a lot of fun with it, but lately it's a bit falling of. I have been having a hard time winning matches as the hunter and some matches even feel unfair and "Unbalanced" to me. My question is.. Do you guys here on the forum have any tips for a Night Hunter? And what do you think about the balance of the game mode Be The Zombie?
  3. YorMudders

    Only 1 Flare In Zombie Invasion

    What are you talking about? Survivors can use up to like 3/4 flares until they go on Cooldown. At least on PS4 where I am playing.