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    Be The Zombie Balancing Update - 12/1/2018

    You made the hunter's job much easier, but why won't you at least fix this horrible horde bug? Now it is even worse than before, becouse of the increased spit range I have the horde chasing me much more often, so the chance of getting killed by teleboomer is also bigger. And they are everywhere - building tops, roofs, balconies etc. Yesterday I got blown while standing on the street lamp in Old Town. Its like 10m over the ground and yet the boomer appeared just next to me. This is insane. I play coop with a friend and now its normal to get 3-4 telekills druing 1 match. This makes a huge and unfair difference in a close game. The other sad joke is that the hunter respawns faster than the horde ends.
  2. 4lkor

    Be The Zombie Balancing Update - 12/1/2018

    Hello I just wanted to notice that now this game is unplayable for survivor. Its to easy for hunters. You have to make some balance. The hunters that I could easly beat so far, now are unreachable. I spent more than 1000h online in this game and now its frustrating.
  3. Witam Was Mam pytanie - czy możliwe jest przeniesienie profilu gracza, konkretnie postępu fabularnego, rozwoju oraz ekwipunku na inne konto na steam'ie? Mój brat pogrywał sobie na moim koncie i tak go wciągnęło, że teraz będzie chciał grać przez sieć itd. Ale mi się nie uśmiecha, żeby mi konto blokował, bo mam na nim inne gry, a poza tym sam jeszcze grywam w DL i namówiłem go, żeby sobie kupił sobie na swoje konto. Ale musiałby zaczynać wszystko od nowa. Da się to jakoś przenieść?