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    Ranking System Query

    Ok. I'll be on occasional evenings and maybe weekends. If anyone else reading this thread wants to play just send me a message.
  2. spazyspaniel

    Ranking System Query

    Sounds great. I'll add you when I get back. My gamertag is spazy spaniel Look forward to gaming with you
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    Ranking System Query

  4. spazyspaniel

    Ranking System Query

    Hey guys, First post here. I've been playing BtZ for a while now. Usually as the Zombie. Mutation lvl 2 Widow Maker. My human ranking will not level up. I've won maybe 15 matches flawlessly and with a few deaths and all nests destroyed but never rank up. I eventually ranked up (no idea how), but went against an Apex Predator (I was Casualty) and now I've been demoted back down to Prey. How do you rank up in this game? I just can't seem to rank up as a human! Any help appreciated. Thanks & Good Night, Good Luck.