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  1. Relentlos

    2 Hunters

    lol evade a tackle to be tackled the other way. Yeah that would be a bit much alone. Be fun with a team though.
  2. Relentlos

    2 Hunters

    Yeah it would be nice to be able to control it to play safely in a way they prefer. As is you can tell survivors no DFAs or something but they can still do it, even if out of habit. Same with pouncing or something, you just do it out of habit and the game does the rest. I've been doing a hunter with locked abilities just for fun. I got everything to the right of UV block, all physical abilities but no spits down the left side unlocked. Only the base horde spit that I had to unlock to get anything else. It makes it more interesting to find ways to try and kill without the more advanced spit abilities that everyone uses. The horde is almost useless as it's like 30 seconds and maybe 3 bombers lol
  3. Relentlos

    2 Hunters

    I feel like having a private game mode with selectable parameters would make this game's replayability way higher. I was helping someone in black ops 3 once and I noticed you can make any game mode, any number of players, even fill an enemy team with bots that when set to expert are f-ing impossible to beat with their wall hacking aim bots lol. Your pinky toe comes out behind a wall and you're dead. So for DL they could have private mode with the ability to add a second hunter, limit abilities, even add more humans. 6v1 or 6v2. Enable hyper mode. Disable certain spits or disable lock ins (no drop kicks, DFAs or tackles). It would make things more interesting. It wouldn't count towards tanks or titles but it would be fun. All I'd need is friends who actually play lol One thing I thought of is having 2 hunters, but one only assists. One can pounce, the other can only be a decoy and use physical abilities (tackle, claw, GP). No spits or UV block.
  4. Relentlos


    I wonder if that's what royally f's up my games. I lag so I have unbelievable circumstances in many games. I wonder if lag is making that stuff go off for no reason. I literally can't play alone because of it. I get super short UV distances, narrow beams, losing charge insanely fast while the hunter can just dance around me and barely lose half his stamina at best. Not only that, but he regens it instantly. Shine light on him for a second, then switch to fla--pounced. Wtf how did you just regen THAT fast? I get hit for a moment from behind the corner of a tall building while the humans are on the ground and I'm f-ing harmless for like 3 full seconds just from a slight flash. Really messes up any attempt I make on survivors. Oh they got me around the corner, that's ok, UV block, spit, tendril run, spit, they're busy dodging, he's open. Can't pounce yet. :/ Wait for it... wait for the human to kick that zombie and turn around to see me. Ok now I can pounce, except I can't because I'm bathed in UV. Better tendril out of here ASAP because I will burst into flames before I can even get over the fence probably. :/ I had one good one where the guy clearly sucked. I died 7 times through sheer BS at the third nest. Oh I was pissed. Decided to play extra cautious and get to the final nest. 1 run over, the other in a bus. I ran the one over, killed him, then set my UV safezone on the bus so I had a safe path. I went inside the bus and tossed a flare down on top of that, then pulled out a gold tribal knife with bolter poison. This game is over. I go to town, then Mr noob hunter comes in and wastes a UV spit on my safezone. No problem, I got a flare too. He then tosses one inside the bus. I pull out a shield to block it but it doesn't even hit the shield. The spawn stopped it. He's done. I lost. Yeah, turns out he just pounced me right through the UV flare regardless. :/ The reason I say lag can mess it up is because as far as I can tell it messes with game parameters on any game. It has been known to turn off weapon durability parameters so they wear out and break during a match, or my buggy uses fuel and gets demolished because of it when it should be infinite. In other games like COD back in the day it would really mess up the spawn system among other things. If it makes autobalance go nuts then who knows what it can cause. I thought it was strange when a hunter basically slaughters us but then has super fast spit recharge and other things, and we get unbelievable amounts of goons and virals. Like what the hell shouldn't we be given a break here? It's working backwards lol It also affects hunter's tendril and grab actions. I have to tell you super strong UV and other OP stuff is almost ok if you just let me MOVE properly. Nothing like getting stuck on f-ing everything so they can burn me faster with those super lights.
  5. Relentlos

    [Suggestion] 10 Changes about the Night Hunter

    Some good ideas. Here's my take on those 1. I never really used it. Don't think they'll do it but it seems like they need to do something about the tackle = free hit for humans thing (especially when it's so easy to evade). Maybe make ground pounds do just a little damage from 2H whether it's a hit or not, but increase the range so even a hit with the 'shock' can do the same damage. It can still be a finisher, especially in a 1v1 if you got a direct 2H melee strike but in team games it makes it much less dangerous. 2. Sounds complicated. Hard or Nightmare mode healing across the board seems easier. It would make all modes the same other than nightmare mode's inability to use dev weapons. On that note I say come on devs. I've been on nightmare a while. Let me use dev weapons during invasions at least so I can mess around. 3. They could probably improve that stuff. Seems more like a glitch/bug when he grabs the ground and does the stop/grab/climb/jump thing. Annoying but if you try to be careful about running up hills or falling into buildings it shouldn't be a major issue. 4. I'll be honest the only time I've been successfully drop kicked to death in succession was when lagging and being unable to escape even after a tackle or pounce or while tendrilling AWAY from the player. Otherwise I seem able to escape so I don't know how bad this issue really is for others. I just try to jump and escape at the earliest moment but even 1 second of immunity should be enough to escape without being immune and able to stay within striking range without fear. 5. I have no idea about UV really. I lag enough on PS4 that the ranges I see vary to ridiculous proportions. It goes from severely underpowered to ridiculously OP. I just wish MY light would be OP. I tend to get the weak narrow beam that is even smaller than the animated beam making hunters immune while being lit up blue. Meanwhile others can blow me out of the sky from 300+ meters in seconds flat before I even reach them when coming at full speed. One guy in a 1v1 was standing on the korek machette building which is quite high, and he could torch me on the street below in 2 seconds or less, just a flash of his light. You think I could get anywhere near him? Even coming at him from nearby buildings with UV block ended with it running out and me bursting into flames right before the edge for a nice DFA that he thankfully never took. That's nearly impossible to play against. If it's like I think it should be then it's fine, and that is that the UV light and stamina should be equal charge while the range vs pounce range is equal. That would be balance. I hardly ever see it though. Nothing like catching someone from behind in a fall only to have his buddy 3 blocks away cancel the pounce and then the human just holds 1 button for a DFA while you can't move. I think both parties should be unable to move for balance. I'd be fine but he'd be dead from fall damage. It would also allow you to attempt at lamp post campers assuming a friend isn't standing on the post beside him to catch the DFA. 6. Why would you need a respec? Just to remove GP knockback for a chance at an exploit? lol 7. Death is one step closer to victory. I don't care if a player dies and loses the sense suppress even 1 second after. They died. That's 1 more out of the 10 I need. As long as they fix the teammate survivor sense cancelling the sense suppressor then it's back to being decent. It just doesn't do you much good in situations where 3/4 players can still see you and protect the 1. 8. UV heal seems powerful enough, though I'd maybe make UV block disable lock ins so it can be used strategically to avoid DFAs or tackles. UV heal maybe ending in a GP with no delay if it misses, just to make it harder for humans to get a hit (they may be thrown back if a bit too slow). 9. Maybe a legend style hunter tree. Enable the ability to enhance certain traits but such a thing would have to be carefully made to not make it OP. It definitely can't do as much as the human tree does. 10. Kinda goes with 9. Gives the hunter more to work for without mutating again. Ideas may be abilities with cooldown or other stuff, but only 1 can be used per game and may require playing/skill points to re-select. Something like Health: Increase health to 300 (double). Lasts 1 life and can only be used once. Last nest and in trouble? Boom. Super hunter. You can take more hits to make it a final all in fight. Use it at the start and die then it's gone. Special moves like DFA or even the rare 2H axe throw will still insta kill you so don't mess up, but otherwise it'll take double the effort to take you down. That one can be called armour and maybe prevent DFAs untl half your health (the armour) is gone. Another skill could be to recharge all spits instantly. Only works once and takes 3 more skill points to unlock again. Would require an animation to warn players that it happened so they don't think you're hacking. Maybe one so stamina never goes below half. You can run and do stuff in light no problem. Only used once and only lasts 3 minutes.
  6. Relentlos

    GP Spits.

    Lol you are excused. I normally try to avoid most DFAs but with the aggressive playing lately I'm sometimes forced to try and escape it after a missed tackle lands me stuck against a building. Even with crows standing above while one attacks a nest I'll come in and fake a GP or run, then tendril away only to hear all the legs breaking as they jumped for a DFA lol The more you mess around trying to be aggressive, the less confidence you need. You can just casually jump in and do some stuff. Tackle here, GP there, claw, I wouldn't even bother trying to rely on GP spits but if there's walls/buildings around it's always good to spit. The knockback even sends them flying upwards a bit sometimes against the wall lining them up perfectly. There's other ways to spit tag anyway. You can spit and lock them into a pounce or tackle animation, come in for a "tackle" but spit in their face and run off instead, spit at a downed player tagging them (free points) and anyone trying to revive. Spit smash of course, though I usually reserve that for people who feel safe in a flare. I manage but I don't usually go in with a set play style and set tactics. I just kinda mess around and make it up as I go. If my messing around doesn't work too well then I may have to switch it up, or if the humans camp somewhere trying to get kills then I'd have to come up with a way to deal with that.
  7. Relentlos

    GP Spits.

    For being better with aggression it may take not caring about loss or being DFA'd/killed/destroyed. If you don't want to derank just make a new hunter and use that profile. I lag a lot on Ps4 and kind of learned not to tackle or GP much because I was trying to win and it seemed to be killing me with the lag due to many things, most of which are simply non registered moves. Nothing like landing in a flare for an air GP only to be melee'd to death because not only did the air GP not charge, but trying again on the ground just makes the hunter claw and do nothing else :/ Tackles would be annoying for non registers and then getting hit because I basically just run up to the human and do nothing for a second. II sometimes get a second hit because my hunter can't jump high enough to clear a human somehow and if I'm really lucky I'll get a fatal hit after I manage to get 20 feet away. So overtime I just relied more on speed, fake outs, spits, and making them mess up or exploiting mistakes they make. It kinda worked but I saw older gameplay and noticed I tackled a lot more back then, so maybe I should try more of it. I got my main hunter to Apex finally after 80 hours of a lot of unbelievably retardedly unplayable games that I somehow won by a hair or by default, so I thought I'd try to make it more fun now. I made a new hunter and did the whole first mutation facing teams with NO skills. Nothing unlocked. I lost when they were decent, but some were close. Lots of noobs though. Had I had more good players I may have unlocked something. I got better and relying on pounce + instant GP and claws, as well as exploiting mistakes. Well I already was good at that but it's all I had. First mutation I unlocked the first horde spit because I had to in order to get anything else, and so I decided to do that mutation with only physical abilities on the right (GP + knockback, tendril/speed, pounce/leapfrog, tackle/knockback. I got a lot better with being aggressive using those moves I used to avoid because other than horde spit, it was all I had. No UV block, no UV spits, just reckless brawls + speed and exploiting mistakes. Second mutation I'm on now and I added UV block/duration to the mix because believe it or not, 90% of my deaths in the last mutation were from losing stamina and being unable to escape (I usually did, but sometimes you can't). So now I can be even more reckless and escape. It's fun, it levels me up fast, and I'm already at juggernaut, one win from Widow Maker 'cause a super laggy game in the slums got me rekt. Seriously I could tendrill 20+ feet from a roof then see the camera swing for a super hyper mode drop kick only to find out I'm still on the roof lol. As soon as that happened I'm like yeah this isn't going to be good, not with that kind of lag.. . I'm pretty sure I even got denied an amazing catch when someone grappled and fell off the edge, back turned to me in mid air. I pounce, the animation spins them around with the light on and I get cancelled. I think I even got DFA'd because of it. Oh well. Hey, extreme lag, no UV spits or spit smash or anything like that, and I got like 4 or 5 of them. Take away the lag and maybe give me some UV suppressors for those flare spammers and I think the aggressive playstyle would outdo that team no problem. Might be worth a try for you. Could be fun, be a challenge. If it's not your main profile then getting slaughtered doesn't matter. Play smart and you can still avoid most DFAs and stuff, however the recklessness does open you to those who are good enough to catch you when you are open to it. Of course being reckless you can also practice deflecting DFAs with the upwards tackle.
  8. Relentlos

    GP Spits.

    I think the whole point of it was to not upgrade the GP so it doesn't knock the player too far, then you spit immediately giving a spit stick, but that's an exploit someone found at some point when trying it out. Without the exploit you can still hit them, even if it doesn't tag. Knocking a player into a wall seems to be more successful. Even with knockback the wall will stop them.
  9. Relentlos


    I thought about the idea of UV heal being used to deflect drop attacks in another thread and wondered what if UV block in general also blocked lock ins? You could be in front of spikes and vulnerable, but manage to escape, or escape successive drop kicks, or disable the lock in for a DFA from working just by using your UV block. In some instances a well timed use of it may leave a player vulnerable as they drop kick and miss, or kill someone who committed to a DFA from too high up. It would be very useful for experienced players facing equally experienced humans I would think, but also comes at a cost as you only have 2 and if you're forced to use them both too soon you may be caught. This sort of solves the drop kick dodge issue too. I also wonder what about if you hit a nest directly with a spit it regains some health? Last ditch effort you could tag a nest directly to bring it's health back up, possibly tag humans. This would only apply to a final nest, and would be up to the hunter if it's even worth wasting a spit possibly. Or would that be too much? Also I mentioned this somewhere else but what if the hunter claw set off red barrels and propane tanks? Red barrels would instantly blow and be 100% suicide, but maybe they can take a human with them. Propane tanks would react as though a human slashed it and start going off. Looking at the itackle thread one major complaint is facing 4 good players using heavy weapons. It does seem a bit unbalanced if a tackle is almost always evaded with a free slash. A normal slash is one thing but a full two handed swing for an evade seems a bit much. Maybe make it like a pounce or buggy grab animation state where damage is scaled back, so you can still finish off a wounded hunter, but it would give people more of a chance. If they want to just spam tackle and take hits over and over, then it's up to them. They'd still insta-die if it's a 2v1 and someone got a swing off where they land after the tackle. Last thing would be a balance to the mode across all difficulties. Make healing just like it is on hard mode. Then every mode would be the same for invasions, other than nightmare mode's inability to use developer weapons. The weapon balance and health would be the same across the board. It'll make people mad probably but maybe give infinite med kits so they don't feel they're wasting theirs when playing, maybe even gift some at the end if they win as incentive. A new player could have exactly 1 and still use it as many times as he wants to keep his health up for the match, and if he wins he'll have 11. And so on.
  10. Relentlos

    Should Instant Tackle be brought back?

    Really they should adjust the whole slashing after an evaded tackle thing. It's pretty much a guaranteed hit 90% of the time, and with a two handed that's even worse. Seeing as it's so easy to evade, maybe it should be considered still within the animation and damage is reduced by whatever ridiculous amount they reduce it to when you're pouncing or grabbing a buggy. That should help. Also for DFA spamming, I thought if a charge or something for it so it can't be spammed. Maybe even only allow it on a human who the hunter killed so it's like a revenge thing. If something like 2 others die before you can use your 'revenge' then you lose it. It won't be so easily spammed, but pretty satisfying as a DFA revenge kill. Giving the hunter the ability to avoid lock ins with a UV heal would also help. UV Heal = full stamina, full health, and cannot be locked in, so if you're swarming for drop kicks, it won't work, if you try to DFA, it won't work unless you get it right after it's done. It's almost OP, but it does come at a cost, especially if they already used a UV block. Not sure how such changes would play out, such things would obviously have to be tested. If it ends up giving the hunter too much of an edge then the complaints will go the other way. Someone above mentioned exploding arrows. I'm not sure what the problem is. Maybe if they're insanely good with the mouse I guess, but on console I've seen people blow themselves up and it gives me a win. It rarely ever kills me. If you keep moving erratically then it's difficult to get an actual hit.
  11. Relentlos

    Guns, Bows, and Elemental damage

    It's all about balance in PvP. The zombie is pretty weak overall, so in a 1v1 or 2v1, 3 melee strikes will kill quickly. If you could achieve more damage or even kill with guns, then everyone would spam shotguns or assault rifles when the hunter got near making it pretty much unplayable from the zombie side. They're fine as is for low damage finishers considering the speed and distance they can be fired. Semi auto shotgun can be spammed close range, assault rifles spammed and reaching far off. Arrows also had to be balanced for the same reasons. I'm not sure about the elemental stuff exactly since I never had too much of an issue with those. Mostly I've had stun bolts shot at me, but if they made it do too much damage people would dupe them and spam them like crazy. Some already do since they deal a decent amount. I think 3 bolts will even kill just like melee, or close to it. They need to give the zombie a bit of a chance, and in a team game against good survivors, the hunter doesn't have a lot of health to go around as is. Someone with a 2 handed weapon can knock 50% of the health down in one hit in a 4v1, so increasing damage of ranged weapons would just make it even more in the survivors favour. If you're one of those people who run around with their police rifle and semi auto and complain that it's weak, well then you just need to learn how to actually play. It's definitely not focussed on guns. They really should have a video or something to explain these for people. So many noobs running around with their guns...
  12. Relentlos

    Be the Zombie New Abilities/ BUFF Ideas

    The armour thing may be a bit too OP. The tank thing can be bad if it was set off with a GP, because then you'd die possibly performing any attacks nearby propane or barrels. Maybe if the claw only set off propane as if a human slashed it, not the GP, and the same with red barrels. If the claw does it then you can potentially come in to GP people in the slums, turn and claw a tank and escape, then get a kill if they happen not to notice it going off. They have the same chance to try and set one off and hope it hits you. As for barrels, they'd have the advantage in being able to set it off from afar, but in a no win situation (cornered, out of stamina), you can potentially take them out with it, but it would be 100% suicide. In some cases if you knew a barrel was below and you fell off a roof, you know you're gonna be DFA'd, you can claw a barrel and deny them the kill, possibly take them with you.
  13. Relentlos

    Be the Zombie New Abilities/ BUFF Ideas

    That UV block idea would be good, and it comes at a cost. If it ended in the human death then people would complain but if it just prevented the lock in from working then it would be useful in 4v1 encounters. May even result in human fall deaths if they attempted the DFA from too high up. I also wonder why a hunter can't claw a propane tank or GP a barrel resulting in a self death but possibly taking humans with him as well. Not sure if that would be chaos or not but I thought about it.
  14. Relentlos

    PS4 Hunter is forgoten?

    Yeah they should even it out and make healing slow like 'Hard' mode for Invasions no matter what mode you're on. The rest is about the same regardless due to other balances. I have noticed my hunter being even slower than usual. I can't even really tendril run lately. I do it and if I try to turn I stop running. Even going straight I'll run a short distance and then slow right down making it difficult to do around survivors/flares/UV. I can't even chase a buggy now because instead of doing it for a few seconds at speed and then jumping into another tendril run, I just tendril run for a second and slow right down suddenly while they zoom off. If it's just more lag than usual then whatever. If techland changed something then I'd say they need to fix that. I rarely get killed by a cross bow. Even exploding arrows are a bit dodgy since most of the explosions have to hit you. If you keep moving erratically then it's very difficult to line up. The only way to snipe you at full speed would be to have auto aim and one hell of a good connection to make it work.
  15. Relentlos

    Post Your Btz Matches!

    Thought this might get some laughs.