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    Call Of Juarez Dx10 Benchmark 2007

    Yeah it's sad to see isn't it This forum is so dead I haven't even been told off yet from the moderators for my sarcastic comments lol
  2. Hi there I want to know why my copy of Call of Juarez DX10 benchmark no longer works....It keeps on saying, and I quote " Licence date has expired. Please contact the software provider to update the software or extend the licence" end quote Ummmm a couple of things, 1: I never brought a licence in the first place so why is it suddenly now asking me for a licence 2: I've ran this benchmark for literally years with NO PROBLEMS whatsoever, only now this year it decides to fail, not work, and asks for a licence, So could anyone tell me what's going on, and how do i fix it?......It's a beautiful demo, and it ran fine on my Vista machines, and I would love to have it work agan I repeat, I never ever had a licence for this demo, It's a benchmark that I downloaded from Guru3D years ago, and it NEVER required a licence, and it worked perfectly
  3. shredifier

    Call Of Juarez Dx10 Benchmark 2007

    Trust me no matter what you do that Benchmark is gone for good....the stupid devs had it running on a strict time limit which has been revoked permanently That really pissed me off as that was a very good benchmark
  4. shredifier

    Call Of Juarez Dx10 Benchmark 2007

    Hey retards Do you think if I uploaded some chupacabra in here, will I get noticed?
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    Call Of Juarez Dx10 Benchmark 2007

    Calling all Techland Devs....This is an emergency, giant tumbleweeds have been spotted in the town of Retardation, they are carrying the Mexican flu virus that only attacks senior members of the Techland staff and infects them with moronic stupidus Only Techland Devs can be infected with this virus because their limited brain capacity allows the virus to bond with the neurons in the brain
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    Techland Please Read!

    Don't expect to get any response from anyone in these forums....It's really retarded It's like everyone's a chupacabra or something...this thread has had over 479 looks but no replies?, wtf? I'm beginning to believe these forums are a ghost town...I can see the tumbleweeds lazily roll past....
  7. shredifier

    Call Of Juarez Dx10 Benchmark 2007

    Are you kidding me?........No response yet? Do even the Mods come into these threads? Hey Techland dev's I'm talking to you...are you going to have the decency to at least acknowledge my query?
  8. shredifier

    Call Of Juarez Dx10 Benchmark 2007

    Wow the support around here is pretty much dead!......Does anyone know the answer to my question?