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  1. TheTurkishMoose

    What's Invoke And What's This Message?

    This should made into a tutorial for sure. Such an important aspect to test various parts of your game whilst scripting quests.
  2. TheTurkishMoose

    Why Is The Biggest Bug In The Developer Still Not Fixed?

    Yeh no fix for that but luckily nothing game braking - it's Techland's lack of support which is disappointing. It's like they forget the URL to their own forums or something
  3. TheTurkishMoose

    Why Is The Biggest Bug In The Developer Still Not Fixed?

    You could just take a picture of each object individually
  4. TheTurkishMoose

    Dear Techland...

    Firstly, I would like to say congratulations with the success of the game and how impressed I am with the addition of such a powerful editor. However, I along with all the other developers feel let down with the lack of communication, documentation and general interest with your own community. There are a lot of questions and issues that effect all us developers which only a member of the Techland team can answer. My message to you is not a rant but a call for help. Currently, I'm working on a big and complicated project which I feel confident about and am pleased with the level of professionalism. It would be a disappointment if there were shortcomings in my project due to the lack of support offered by the people who have actually built the developer tools. People are constantly posting on the Steam forums and here for help and not all the questions can be answered by other developers. Please make an effort Techland to help us Thanks Moose
  5. TheTurkishMoose

    Developer Tool's January 2017 Update?

    Yeh I'd like to know about this too! cr1m3, the only difference I've found so far is that the flashing yellow texture placeholder has been removed when using objects that need a skin to be chosen in the properties window. For a little while I thought certain objects were invisible.