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  1. Its been kind of quiet here on both the developer and community front lately...
  2. In your opinion what seems to be most preferred when modding a weapon? Is it the rarity of the item itself that holds better results? or just the damage output of the weapon itself regardless of rarity that takes priority? To me it doesnt seem like rarity is anything special in this game... Also Im maxed out so pretty much all the weapons I get are high tier P.S I finally ran into my first "Dark" weapon, a Dark Sickle. It was really cool, glows, an his this runistic markings on it. Does it hold any other special attributes? It doesnt seem to be adding any elements or specially effective against volatiles (which I thought it would be since it glows lol). Just wondering, still cool though.
  3. IzzyOtaku

    So...hows The Game Progressing?

    Kind of beginning to lose my buzz for the game. Not that I want to rush it or anything but I have been hype for it since I first read about it in April 2012 and the game seemed soooo close to going gold then nothing all of a sudden, its gotten me a little worried.
  4. IzzyOtaku

    So...hows The Game Progressing?

    Its safe to assume at least 1 of the Hellraid team, at least a moderator or community manager is watching these forums still since they deleted all those pesky spam posts from not too long ago...
  5. IzzyOtaku

    Ulitmate Survivor Code Fail

    Are you guys sure you are commenting in the right forum? This is Hellraid not Dying Light
  6. While it isnt recommended to use guns, as stated by the developers, because they generate alot of noise and attract the zeds. I actually find using the guns pretty satisfying...For a good portion of the game Ive been hoping to find at least one and track it down. Some time ago I finally managed to get an Assault Rifle off a quest, although it only had about 15 rounds in it. Using the gun felt refreshing, especially with the parkour maneuvering aspect of being hunted by zeds, and its not like the guns are particularly even OP. It takes more than 4 shots to actually kill any given zed (and I primarily used it to get rid of those pesky Toads and Bombers), so I cannot really see much fault in them besides the noise. I just hope I can find more of them eventually. Not only are the guns rare, but so is the ammo. Ive yet to find any ammunition or other guns scattered around.
  7. IzzyOtaku

    Sniper Rifle?

    Whered you find all those guns? So far Ive only found 1 Military Rifle by doing a side quest
  8. IzzyOtaku

    Retail Pre-Ordering

    I think you meant to post on the Dying Light forum, this is the Hellraid branch lol.
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    Video games become bad when people want more in a game than is actually put in, its about the quality not the quantity of whats in it. And the fact that everyone thinks ever game "needs" multiplayer/coop and if they game is going to add multiplayer/coop then it need to do this, this and that.
  10. IzzyOtaku

    Hellraid - Frequently Asked Questions

    Early Access is provided through Steam. Buy the game there and you get Early Access, no sign ups required.
  11. Just curious. Personally I never have pre-ordered a game from amazon and I most likely never will as long as there is a brick-and-mortar GameStop nearby simply because I prefer to go in and pick the game whether early in the morning or late at night if I can make it to a midnight release. But my main question is for those who have, does the game actually arrive the same day it is released? Ive pre-ordered things like movies and stuff online before (but not from amazon because I dont know if they do pre-orders on movies) and when I did my movie didnt arrive til 2-3 days after its initial release date which really bugged me, and why I didnt want to order online in the first place. What is your experience with pre-ordering online?
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    Our Team Needs Your Help

    "I should of ate something before this fight, so hungry, im practically skin and bones..."
  13. IzzyOtaku

    The Awesomeness Of Hellraid!

    I saw the enite Live Steam from IGN today and was just blown away, I would not only be exploring every crevasse of the stages for items but just the pure beauty of the levels. Your concept artist and level designing did a fantastic job, the whole team did a mind blowing job as a matter of fact. This game looks absolutely stunning, and the gameplay just keeps hooking me in, heres to hoping for a successful launch!!
  14. The lucky folks at Gameinformer got to take a trip down to Germany and attend Gamescom and wrote an article today about there hands on experience with Hellraid: http://www.gameinformer.com/games/hellraid/b/xbox360/archive/2014/08/14/we-had-a-hellraid-of-a-time-with-the-open-world-rpg.aspx With each passing news bulletin, my anticipation grows immensely for this game. Its been on my radar since April 2013 when it was first still known as Project Hell, and I still cannot wait for its arrival. Just reading their exposé intensified my hype and I really just want to wrap my hands around this game as soon as I can for Ps4 keep up the awesome job guys, and I love all those amazing concept art posts, and screenshots of the in-game levels.
  15. IzzyOtaku


    I for one think the idea of a Cerebus in this game would be awesome. Also I dont think this game is purely based on European folklore, mainly because of Hircus, the demonic satyr. Not sure if European folklore has man goat or not.
  16. IzzyOtaku

    Livestream Talk

    Discuss likes and adjustments from the livestream. For me Pros: Staff transfers magic to hand to shoot out. Its very unique and I like the concept of the staff converting mana into a certain magic element, and sending it to the hand for the attack. Premium items glowing red. I wasnt even playing and I got bug eyed and gasped when Mike ran into a weapon that was glowing red. I dont know if all tier items that arent common/uncommon glow a certain color or if it was a very specific ones but it was a fantastic sensation just seeing it. The damage meter. Just loved it. HIDDEN PASSAGES!! The environmental trap where he jumped on the chandelier. The look of the weapons. The varied toughness of enemies. Some skeletons took several hits, some took a couple of shots, and the one skeleton labeled "Brittle" that broke in one mighty swing. Mike enthusiasm in the game. Adjustment suggestion: Drink animation. I like the drink sound clip, but if your character stopped for a split second, swapped out his weapons really quick to put his health/mana potion in his hand and gulp it down really quick I think it would really add to the "chupacabra, chupacabra, chupacabra" factor. You would have to really judge and make some time to use that potion. EXP Meter. I know this game is still very early in development so I dont how much is planned to be added later. But I would like if like the Damage indicator showing up when you striked the enemies, if it showed how much EXP you gain when killing an enemy, or if there was an EXP bar somewhere to know how I was progressing. In the video you mentioned each of the enemies in the game having an interesting backstory, and like Hircus I think it was being a tier 3 hell creature. Earlier I suggested a Bestiary or Almanac in the Ideas & Suggestions Topic, I think it would especially be cool if you guys added it in since you guys plan to give all the enemies backstories.
  17. IzzyOtaku

    New Footage.

    A couple of things I got from the video: More variety of guns-I like. A new type of "special" infected possibly at 00:48 Character Customization-Not sure if this is only for Co-Op only, or it can be done in Single Player as well but I liked it alot, could give my character new armor outfits like those of the bandits or make them look like Agent Smith. Was a really nice touch
  18. IzzyOtaku

    Livestream Talk

    Its made to add difficulty, because you have to stop in the middle of a fight and assess when is the best time to use the potion. "Immersion" is different for everyone, and with that being said I would like the option to view my bar. It gives me a goal of whether to farm, or plow straight through.
  19. Mainly made this so that there is some new content on the page since its been a while since anybody said anything new honestly lol. Also this I said spoiler because some information said here, not alot of people may know and not want to. But, um, yeah, how long do you hypothesis the game campaign will last? For a game this deep in exploration I can see the world being big and vast and requiring missions that travel to all those parts so Im guessing a good 8-10 hrs not including free time or side quests. Also what do you think of the background story of the main character? It was a long time ago but I remember a post/video interview where it mentioned that the main character is already infected with the virus in some form, and that is actually how he can see/sense the creatures at night. If you look at some gameplay of the night levels you can see in some form how the character is able to detect zombies around him. How do you think this will affect the gameplay throughout? Will at some point we have to suppress it with medicine or what. I feel as though the game with have about two main antagonist, this Razor guy who leads gang of bandits, as well as some minor small factions of bandits, and then some big guy whos behind the outbreak.
  20. Is there a place for those who missed the stream to still be able to view it? Possibly in the Twitch archives?
  21. IzzyOtaku

    Mystery Announcement On Dl Due In A Few Days (After Aug 4Th)

    I bet it's mentioning them appearing at Gamescom or PAX Prime. I would mind zombie/story info.
  22. IzzyOtaku

    Ideas And Feature Requests For Hellraid Developers.

    Couldnt agree more about the next gen upgrade. 3) In the live stream video they did have a signifier drop for there "Premium" weapons. The weapon glowed with a red aura surrounding it. I dont know if this pertains to all tier loot or just this but it looks like they were putting something like that in here.
  23. IzzyOtaku

    Missed Live Stream-Archived?

    I love you man :'D
  24. *passes out* wait is this reality?! YES!!! I'll just be getting off work but I'll hopefully be able to catch whatever I miss in the archives. Bless your hearts Techland!!! Cannot wait!!! Do you guys have an archive section for those who arent able to catch the stream? Or do you plan to add this into it? I just looked and the Past Broadcasts spot was empty but that could also be because the account was just created.
  25. IzzyOtaku

    Your Style Of Play In Hellraid?

    Originally intended to be a Rogue, but with the New System possibly using Swift swords and Spells for quick close combat and duck out of range for some devastating spell action. Also utilizing the traps at every possible turn just because I know these baddies are not gonna be no lvl 1 pushovers