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About Me

I'm just a person who likes Dying Light a lot and enjoys everything it offers. I play legit all the way and hate cheating, neither ever duplicated nor accepted or used any modded items, I like to earn everything by myself.

Since I like and enjoy playing Dying Light, I decided I'd do my best helping its community however I can, I try to answer all questions about Dying Light at my best. I do also assist people with missions, Bozak or any achievements about Dying Light. If you ever need any help with invasions, story missions, Bozak or any kind of achievements, feel free to contact me.

Usually I'm at Reddit or Steam Discussions.

My Steam friend list constantly reaches maximum therefore I constantly remove temporary people who don't contact or play with me. If you're removed, don't take it as personal, please add me again whenever you want.

If you're looking for a friend just to play Dying Light with or whatever, here's my Steam profile.


Dying Light is an amazing game, everybody should be able to enjoy it without complaining or hating on Developers when something goes wrong. Have fun and enjoy the Dying Light as much as you can!

Disclaimer about the name "BladeMaster". This name is is taken from game called Mu Online, it is the game where I come and have the best memories from, I chose to go with this name because of this. By no means I'd call myself a master of blades, or something like that. So please don't take it that way.

Thank you, wish you a lot of fun!