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  1. BladeMaster

    Prison Heist Complete Details

    Great information. Thank you for taking your time writing this.
  2. BladeMaster

    Bozak Horde Difficulty

    Just in case if someone still needs help with this. This might help,
  3. This month we’re going big on new, free content for Dying Light. Starting today with a double content drop featuring a brand new location, a fresh game mode, a fearsome new enemy and a community bounty. Content Drop #4 takes players to Prison Island -- a brand new location to discover. This isolated fortress is home to Prison Heist, a fresh game mode where you must break into the armory as fast as you can -- either solo or with friends in co-op. The faster you break in, the better the rewards. This is a time-attack mode designed for seasons players, so come prepared! Content Drop #5, also available now, brings Sgt. Deathrow -- a previously unknown Demolisher mutation -- to Old Town. He’s bigger, stronger, and more unpredictable, but killing him gives you a monster shot of experience points. Today is also the start of a brand new community bounty. In the Harran Egg Hunt, chase the zombified Easter Bunny and collect the eggs to unlock the magnificent Easter Outfit. Check out the in-game What’s New menu or go to for details. The bounty ends on April 3rd. Happy Easter! Dying Light now includes Chinese language support. We hope you will enjoy all the new content. Content Drop #6 will arrive later in April. And for now, we strongly recommend getting good at Prison Heist - it might come in handy soon... Good Night. Good Luck. -- Dying Light Team
  4. Make sure you're not tracking Bozak Horde or DLC based quarantine zone. Having either of these tracked as quest will prevent difficulty, NG+ and restart options from appearing.
  5. BladeMaster

    BtZ Feedback Wanted: 03/21/2018

    WHEN I PLAY AS SURVIVOR #1 thing I like: Auto balance. I'd say the DFA is fine the way it is right now, this was definitely the best change I believe. The damage values to hunter is fine as well. Survivor sense is fine as well. #1 thing that bugs me: Telebombers, however these aren't the worst issue despite being one if it, I will mention the worst thing below. I believe the UV flashlight and spits should be reverted back as it was. WHEN I PLAY AS HUNTER (Important note: I'm not a hunter player. Therefore I will be only giving opinion based on my experience as human, as well as include opinions from the other hunter players.) #1 thing I like: #1 thing that bugs me: Assuming the spits and UV flashlight is reverted. Instant tackle should be brought back however, optimized, give it some sort of limit / cooldown, or something. Survivor sense suppressors need to be multiplied, or create a new spit from using two sense suppressors, which would still remain on human even after death, or something like this. Drop kick chains. Make hunter take around 50% less damage during drop kick animation. I think the double crossbow shouldn't be allowed, one is definitely enough. OVERALL #1 thing I want: Perhaps more ranks? Or some sort of prestige system, for example, give player some medals next to their name or something when they prestige, resulting in their rank being reset but able to enjoy ranking up again. I don't know what it is, NAT or whatever. We all know that there's thousands of players playing Dying Light, but we only see 2-3 matches? This definitely needs fixing. Fight cheaters. Well... I mean, we all know this type of people who abuse duplication exploits, use illegitimately modded equipment and etc, then they join others and share their cheated items, there's plenty of these, they ruin their own games, they ruin others games and most importantly the community, which ultimately affects the Be the Zombie. Fix all the duplication exploits. This is very important. Not only for BtZ, but for the entire community. Well, we all know the people who go on "I only cheat for Singleplayer! I don't play online!" But the next day we see them running in random Co-Op games and sharing their cheated stuff, right? I mean, many Dying Light players should know about this by now, at least most of. ANTI CHEAT IDEA We need some sort of anti cheat system which detects illegitimately modded or cheated items. I came up with this sort of idea to prevent cheaters. For example, if illegitimate item, abnormal damage / health value, traits of trainers, scripts or whatever, for example super jumps, infinite spits and etc. If either is detected, this individual save automatically gets locked from playing in Co-Op or BtZ matches until they willingly get rid of all the illegitimate means or items. There also should be two new options in Online settings for hosts "Allow cheaters", enabling this will let any cheaters join, this is for people who don't mind cheaters in their games or simply want to cheat together with friends for fun, however any cheater joining will have "Cheater" tag to create awareness who is cheating and who's not, players will also have option "Display cheater tags", which they can disable it if it gets annoying in private matches or whatever. This won't affect honest people who simply want to have fun in their own games or with friends, but it'll protect people who don't want to play with cheaters. The BtZ can be forced only playable with "Allow cheaters" disabled, which can only be disabled if the person is not tagged as cheater. Also everyone tagged as cheater would be unable to disable "Allow cheaters" option.
  6. The way I played was finishing all side missions first until none left, then progressed story until side missions appeared, repeat. Never had any issues playing like this.
  7. BladeMaster

    BTZ Leaderboards?

    Although it can be boosted by playing with friends, I'd still like to have something like this.
  8. BladeMaster

    After 2000 faithful hours of Dying Light.

    There's fix for this, go to Main Menu > Play > Campaign > Save > Advanced > Restart from quest > Any quest. I'm sure restarting from The Pit definitely works, as this is when I have seen people usually getting this glitch from and then fixing it using this method.
  9. BladeMaster

    change password problem

    Perhaps it's case sensitive?
  10. BladeMaster

    Can we permanently get rid of this?

    I was 100% sure I had it disabled, until I checked it right now and apparently it wasn't, thanks for the heads up.
  11. BladeMaster


    Are you using translator? I'm not sure what you mean with intendant. You have to redeem dockets at quartermaster, try unlinking account and linking it again, if that doesn't work try registering another account.
  12. BladeMaster

    Ranking bug?

    Human rank can reset when you do NG+ or finish the final story mission (I think), I've lost my rank few times due to those. Anyways, all you need is Underdog which shouldn't take very long if you're experienced human, besides that the rank doesn't really matter. I'm almost sure it doesn't reset regardless of how long you take break, I've taken break for weeks in past and I'm still Ultimate Survivor. I'm sure there's no such thing as seasons either, I think I've been this rank for nearly half year now.
  13. BladeMaster


    Have you linked your docket account to your platform?
  14. BladeMaster

    Make more fun in Dying Light

    I wish Dying Light had something like Bloodbath Arena, had so much fun playing it. If you like challenges, one thing I suggest you doing is this, I found it quite tricky to accomplish.