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    Ideas And Feature Requests For Hellraid Developers.

    Thanks for reading. Creating a game is a huge challenge. I wish you the best
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    Why Hellraid Looks Like My Dream Game.

    Sorry to go off-topic a bit here but how is a complete MODE not part of the core experience of a game? If it's so cool and fun, why divide your community by only letting those who pre-order (on Steam, no less) be the ones to enjoy it? Maybe it's Warner Bros but it still sucks. It seems like games that were complete from day one no longer exist.
  3. Hellfire

    Ideas And Feature Requests For Hellraid Developers.

    The problem with the vast majority of user suggestions in this thread is that they take time, and devs aren't willing to invest proper development time in their games anymore. I think this thread is great but we will see what, maybe 1% of the great ideas implemented in the final product. I have a hard time being excited for a game that won't even allow you to dual-wield while all the attention is on combat. Also, I find it very odd that Hellraid has RPG elements but the loot is only limited to weapons and armors. Why not go all the way in? Nowadays what I see are developers that don't take risks, that don't push their games to the limits. I'm not sure how many millions Techland invested in Hellraid, but you won't make me believe adding a PVP mode would push back the release date. And this is just an example. I have no clue how many levels, monster types, items, etc there are now in your semi-final build, but I'm sure you can do more, more, more. It's simple really; players want content. They want flexibility. Yet you already have the wrong idea and brushed aside any chance at a mod community. Why not be open minded for once? I feel like this thread is just free research for Techland. But honestly I'm tired of seeing poor excuses for not adding what I consider basic features. About PVP, you answered you'd need to overhaul the entire game balance (item stats, skills and such). Again, a bad attitude. Why not ask yourself: how can we add this mode for our fans? It doesn't have to be balanced. I don't understand devs that think everything must be flawless. Create an arena map shaped like a square, add two spawn points for players and let them hit each other. There, PVP. Will it be balanced? Of course not. But is your goal to create a competitive MOBA? I don't think so. I know it takes time to code features, I'm not dumb. But outright saying "no" to things everyone want leaves a sour taste in my mouth as a designer. I can already feel the fans readying their pitchforks, but really, game developers of our generation are often greedy and/or not ambitious enough. I don't know personally the guys at Techland and I'll be the first to say that communicating with the fans is already better than what the vast majority of other devs do with their franchises. However, I feel this thread will shoot everyone's expectations too high when they'll realize all their great (or not-so-great) ideas have only been considered. It kinda reminds me of Diablo 3, where we needed to wait more than a year for a half-assed PVP (at least we got it). I guess we will see soon enough with the Early Access (EA) just how Techland really takes the pulse of its community. It is essential not only to listen, but also to act. All of these should be there day one on top of the already confirmed features, with no DLC, no pre-order modes (wtf Dying Light, seriously Techland) or exclusive chupacabra: - Dual Wielding (give me a real reason why not) - Basic PVP (doesn't have to be balanced or just do like Destiny and have all weapons maxed to a certain level) - Gender choice (unless there is a VERY important story reason why not) - SDK / Steamworks enabled (PC games NEED to embrace the mod community) While I'm at it, let me give you a few ideas for Hellraid. The problem though is that you should have asked for these BEFORE, I feel it's too late: - Champions: have some monsters with various auras like in Diablo. These more powerful foes drop better loot and give more experience points. They have higher attack stats and devastating powers. For instance, you could have the Vampiric Aura, which allows a monster to heal whenever it deals damage to you. Monster glows green in that case. Or the Inferno Aura, which leaves a trail of fire wherever the monster moves, dealing high amounts of damage. These are just basic examples, but you get the idea. - Champion bosses: dunno how many bosses you plan for the final build, but have a variable somewhere that allows for them to be Champion versions with buffed stats and new behaviors. Could also be featured only in Hardcore, Coop or special runs. Champion bosses would have something like 1/5 chance of spawning. - Random events: particularly aimed at coop runs, random events (or public events) happen in the game world randomly. For instance, if you need to go rescue a princess in the village, there could be Undead attacking a house, triggering a random event. If you defeat them all before they invade the house, you get XP, treasure and a temporary buff (speed, attack, etc). Random events could also be global, meaning one game you'd play and a lot more monsters would spawn (to the engine's limits), monsters would be more aggressive, etc. Thee possibilities are endless, from the small events to the big ones. - More loot: I feel like weapons and armors are just the tip of the iceberg. Go all in. Add amulets, rings, gloves, capes, you get my drift. I know itemization takes a lot of effort. But the more content, the more successful the game will be. Players love loot, but if it's only weapons and armors, I'm not sure that's enough. - Bounties system: in your central HUB (dunno what it is really), have a board with bounties. These bounties vary in difficulty and give something besides the campaign to accomplish. Have some of them be very unoriginal (slay 10 Necromancers), but offer challenges too, like kill 100 Skeletons in under 10 minutes, slay boss X at Y place (and said boss is a champion), etc. Bounties could also tie in with PVP: players that kill you get a bounty on their heads, when you slay them you get the points. Points are then used to buy exclusive gear. - Social features: Dunno what is planned, but basic chat is a most especially on PC. Some kind of emotes could also be fun (/dance anyone?). Leaderboards are planned AFAIK, but go further: add an Inspect button, for instance. Trade items, too. - Boss Rush Mode: this is a mode where you fight every single boss the game has to offer in quick sucession. After each fight, you are awarded with a treasure chest. The further you progress, the better the loot becomes. Reach the last room for a stupidly big chest full of goodies. - Legendary items that matter: add game-changing abilities to some items. Triple jump? Possibility to dash infinitely? Infinite endurance? The possibilities are endless - Endless mode: this is you (or you and your friends) against an endless number of mobs. Get treasure chests depending on how long you survive. Have it that after a certain amount of time it becomes nearly impossible to survive. - Impossible mode: in this mode only available to true champions, every single monster kills you in ONE hit. But you also kill them in one hit (except bosses) and they have a greater chance at dropping the best items in the game. - Gobbler: a rare monster that roams the lands in search of valuables. When you find one of these big-belly horrors, slay it for a special reward. Sorry if I flamed a bit earlier, I'm just tired of games that don't embrace their full potential anymore *cough* Destiny *cough* despite having big budgets.
  4. Hellfire

    Why Hellraid Looks Like My Dream Game.

    Can't wait to see Arena mode behind a pre-order. I still can't defend Techland for agreeing (or suggesting, I dunno) to have a mode behind a pre-order in Dying Light. It's wrong no matter how you look at it.
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    Be The Zombie Mode Questions