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  1. Vallon

    Be the Zombie, humans way over powered.

    No. This hasn't been the case since the James Gallagher patch, still isn't after the rebalance by Donnelly.
  2. Vallon

    4/5/2018 Complete Details on Patch

    Is the spit explosion timer really not changed? It seems off, slightly.
  3. Vallon

    4/5/2018 Complete Details on Patch

    Good work, mate.
  4. Vallon

    BTZ Update 04/05/2018

    Nice, these changes sound great. I'll test them as soon as I can. Also, do take note of Renfur's comment, bypassing update is not something that should happen.
  5. Vallon

    BtZ Feedback Wanted: 03/21/2018

    This seems like a survey for kids at your local elementary school, to be honest, but you're the dev here. Survivor One thing I like: The added challenge for 1v1s One thing I dislike: The Atlantic Ocean of spits I'm forced to swim through Hunter One thing I like: The 2v1 damage reduction One thing I dislike: I have nigh-infinite spits and UV blocks Overall One thing I want: Nerf the damn spit/UV block regen ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Whether you'll read it or not, I'll leave this list of issues with the PvP in order of importance: 1. Spits and UV block timers need a serious tone down for 3 and 4v1s, moderate one for 2v1s 2. Telebombers (although after 3 years of them being in the game, I doubt we'll ever see a fix to this) 3. Flares. You need an additional one in team games so that it's not completely impossible to survive a UV spit without a team. Either that, or increase their duration to match a UV spit's duration. 4. UV range needs a slight buff in 3 and 4v1s Everything else is more or less fine, or at least not a pressing matter. To be honest, DFA could also use a very small buff, but only dependent on the amount of players in a team, so that it'd be strongest in 1v1s, hardest to land in 4v1s. Otherwise don't bother, we definitely don't want the old DFA nonsense of getting vacuum sucked from 2 meters away while airborne being back, or getting jumped on from a van while helpless in an animation.
  6. Vallon

    Be The Zombie Balancing Update - 12/1/2018

    So when is the spit regen in team games getting nerfed? I get that you need feedback and can't act on impulse, but literally every single player, including Hunter-only players, agrees that they need a serious tone down. A minimum of 45 spits per match and going as far as 60+ is insane. While it can be quite fun surviving against nigh-impossible odds, it does not make it an equal playing field when it comes to skill. Before the update, when a skilled Hunter entered a team game of maybe slightly above-average players, he still had a sizeable chance of losing because Survivors had a better/easier/more exploitable kit. Now it's the opposite - a low-skilled Hunter can definitely take down an individually better team, just by knowing how to spam spits, spam UV heal and retreat if nothing hits. Witnessing that kind of play is, quite frankly, ugly. It's like I'm watching DFA crows and DK waiters in a Hunter version. Just like how that was a problem that was thankfully removed, this incessant spam of spits needs to go too. I don't really understand how hard it could be to change a few numeric values, but I'm not the dev here. It would be great if we could at least get a response that some kind of tweak down is coming.
  7. Vallon

    Post Any Btz Bugs/exploits Here

    Bow switch. The bow cancels pretty much any recoil animation for free. This isn't an exploit, never has been.
  8. Vallon

    Be The Zombie Balancing Update - 12/1/2018

    You mean just like how if I find something I don't agree with and think it's wrong, I can speak my mind about it as long as it's still on the topic at hand, which is the game's PvP balance? How about you grow a pair and try to not give life advice to a person you don't know anything about in a gaming forum, hmm? Last post from me regarding anything outside of the topic.
  9. Vallon

    Be The Zombie Balancing Update - 12/1/2018

    What I assume he said, and what my post meant is that somebody with 10 minutes of playtime is in no way equal in constructive opinion worth about the game balance than somebody with 1000 hours, and yeah, if you deny this it's sad. I obviously didn't mean to say ''You can't say you like or dislike this without spending time''.
  10. Vallon

    Be The Zombie Balancing Update - 12/1/2018

    That is objectively wrong, on so many levels at that. If you truly believe this, it's quite sad.
  11. Vallon

    Post Any Btz Bugs/exploits Here

    Ghost Claw - chaining Claws together by using Tendrils, resulting in a much faster attack speed. It's high time this exploit was removed, definitely not needed with the new Hunter buffs, though it'd be great if the ability to cancel a Claw with Tendril remained somehow.
  12. Vallon

    Be The Zombie Balancing Update - 12/1/2018

    1. ''Yes, I am biased'' - and that's why people like you should not be giving suggestions. You're advocating for the side you play, all the while disregarding what players who enjoy the other, or both, might want. Doesn't, and shouldn't work that way. 2. You losing ''only in 3v1s'' just means you're been up against bad players, not that the Hunter was stronger, especially pre-update, when he was the weakest he was without counting DL at launch. 3. Your suggestions are nothing but countless Survivor buffs, which are not needed in 1v1s and 2v1s, and will not be needed once they finally nerf the amount of spits in 3v1 and 4v1s. This is a joke, right? Unless I'm reading something wrong, you're asking why you should stop playing fists only, basically not use most of the Survivor's offense all the while wanting to survive/win, so you'd instead rather the game return to where you can beat Hunters with fists just because you find it more fun? There are plenty of Hunters that can be beaten with unarmed combat only post-update anyway, so again, the problem is on your end. Now, beating experienced players who know what they're doing and are using most of the Hunter's potential? You can forget about doing that without putting in an equal amount of effort, a.k.a the way a PvP should work. The day developers start listening to that one guy that likes playing with fists and balance games around him is the day multiplayer games will die. Nobody cares, start using those melee and ranged weapons or don't complain when you lose to players that don't feel like gimping themselves like you. I'm very interested to know what exploits you're even talking about. The only exploit the Hunter still has is Ghost Claw. There's also instant-Tackle, but that's a glitch, and I don't really see Apex Predators use it much, let alone lower-ranked players. Everything else is intended, so... Don't use pointless hyperboles. In 1v1's, UV Suppressor lasts 25 seconds, Hunter takes 60 seconds to regenerate a spit when there is no autobalance (both players are even). This goes for 2v1's as well, the regen is longer than the UV Suppressor's duration. If this was meant for 3 and 4v1s, literally everyone in this thread already agreed spit regen is way too fast, so you're beating a dead horse. If the Hunter has full energy, a UV Suppressor and a UV block, Shield is never a good idea. You either commit to shining him with UV, hoping he does the Pounce early, so he can fail and you can do a reverse flare, or you can bet on him trying to Pounce as the spit explodes (most good Hunters do exactly that), in which case you have to throw a flare while performing a jump or dodge. This is assuming you can't just dodge out of the spit's radius, by the way. You don't react to Ground Pounds, you anticipate them. This is basic stuff. When the Hunter flies off and Howls, a GP is most likely coming. When you see him tendril directly on your flare for no reason, a Tendril GP is coming. The most he can do is fake outs, converting a GP to Tackle, but that's on you to decide, and even if you get hit by that Tackle, not only can half its damage be negated by an active medkit, but the Hunter is also restrained in the flare for the animation, taking off around half his energy, resetting the fight when you drop another flare. This is what a UV Suppressed Survivor vs a Hunter that's looking to destroy his flare has always been like - mind games, seeing who can guess their opponent better, which one will be outwitted. You're complaining about stuff that has been in the game since day 1. There is no way I can say this without sounding arrogant, but oh well: I've beaten every top Hunter there is on PC, the platform where by far the best DL players are, at least once in a 1v1, everyone except for Visceral, who left the game before I had the chance to play a single 1v1 against him. I have more hours on my Survivor than on my Hunter, I've almost always found Survivor *slightly* more fun to play, especially now, and I won a PC tournament as Survivor, undefeated in all my matches with him. So you, a random console player most likely, coming here and assuming me being a Hunter-only player plus advising me to play both sides is kinda... ehh. It's also kinda funny how you seem to think I like boasting, even though that's not what my replies are in nature and it's always someone else that says something like: ''You only play Hunter'', ''You have no skill without spits'', ''I'm pretty sure players who wanted this patch were just noobs who can't play right''. So, I have to disprove that, not because my skill or anything irrelevant like that is questioned, but because my credibility and neutral stance is. I don't advocate for either side unless they need it. All I want is for both sides to be as equal as possible. Nothing more, nothing less.
  13. Vallon

    Be The Zombie Balancing Update - 12/1/2018

    These suggestions are, to put it mildly, absolute nonsense. Someone talked about Hunters lacking skill earlier, imagine writing something like this and believing it will balance the game, doesn't make you seem especially experienced or unbiased. Stop playing with fists only, as if the game, its developers and its community is forced to pander to your gimping, and start getting better. Game is totally fine in 1v1s and 2v1s, and once they tone down the spits with maybe a few more minor tweaks, 3v1s and 4v1s will be fine as well.
  14. Vallon

    Zombie horde

    The amount of people that actually got baited... Lmao.
  15. Vallon

    Btz bugs and glitches

    I don't think Tackles through solid structure is a bug. Or at the very least few players look at it that way. Anyway, you can still evade most clip Tackles no problem. It's the same as evading a regular Tackle, just aim at him and dodge/jump. I say ''most'' because sometimes the height difference between you and the Hunter is too large for an evade to trigger, so try to fight on equal ground.