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  1. Hey guys, I created a Dying Light custom map and I would love to receive feedback from other developers within the Dying Light Community. The map is called "Darkness Below" and is available in the Steam Workshop. It should come up in the front page. I hope you guys enjoy it and leave me some feedback / comments regarding the level design! It may also be beneficial to people just starting out in this editor. Deconstructing people's maps is how I learned the quickest. I left pseudo's in my scripts so you guys can see exactly what I did for every little event. I hope you guys enjoy it! Here's a direct link to Darkness Below through Steam Workshop: Please give it a thumbs up if you enjoyed it!
  2. Hi, I am working on a series of boss battles for a class assignment and I am trying to script the battle to where it has an enrage timer, scripted events at certain times, etc. Due to the nature of bosses resetting in an MMO sense, I am also trying to make this boss battle a side quest and on death, the fight resets? Is it possible to do this in Dying Light? If not, any ideas on how to fake this to get the effect that I mentioned above? Thank you!