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  1. ToxicShark

    Co-Op Issue/connection Problems

    Is there a known fix for xbox one? glad to see someone else is experiencing this as all the forums i have found are 6 moths old or older..I have 5 brothers who play and none of us can connect...troubling that the developers havent acknowledged the problem
  2. ToxicShark

    Co-Op Issue/connection Problems

    These same issues are reacurring today and for the past 4 anyone else having issues...was working fine but now I cant connect to any of my friends list message reads "the game you are trying to join is no longer in session" although we are all on and trying
  3. after being able to play with all 5 of my brothers...the game has for the past 3-4 days said "cant connect the session is no longer available" but we are all sharing same settings all in a chat but cant connect together please is anyone else recently experiencing this