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  1. Halorules45

    Need Some Advice From Fellow Night Hunters.

    Thanks for the stategy gonna be nice knowing how hunters work now and we can counter your spam ground pounds.
  2. Halorules45


    Honestly I don't think 1v1 favors the night hunter at all unless the night hunter spams chupacabra ground pound but that's about it. They can TRY to spam tackle but it can be dodged pretty easily.
  3. Halorules45

    Only 1 Flare? Techland, U Kidding Me?

    The hunters just spam their tackles and ground pounds now no coordination is used at all anymore. Smh humans can't really spam anything.
  4. Yeah I'm here myself right now and I went in camouflage to see what happened. 1st the virals all seemed to be occupants of the bus. You will see one or two runner virals leaning against walls and or the bus. One viral will be holding its chest in pain. It seems that the bus crashed at night presumably and the car behind it was following it. You can see about 3 virals inside the walls and a broken door. The virals may have tried to escape and turned there or other zombies broke down the door. Also there is dead zombies on the floor. Kinda spooky but the scene tells a story....