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    Too Many Spamming Night Hunters

    Probably a reciplocation to the amount of survivors that spam dodge, overuse medkits and overuse DFA.
  2. Schoolshooter95

    Btz - Why This Mode Never Balance? (For Zb)

    Yes I think you are right . But I doubt they will do anything about it this late in the games life cycle. I think I heard something about a dying light 2 game. The best we can hope for is that they bring back the "be the zombie" in the second game but balance it better. Personally I F****ing hate the drop attack. I hate how survivors exploit it especially when they use the grapple hook with it. The hunter should be immune to drop attacks completely just like most other "high level" zombies think Goon, Demolisher , volatile etc. The drop kick should be blockable just like the hunters tackle. The survivor sense should not show where the hunter is and survivors should rely on hearing the hunters howl to locate it. I love how awhile ago they responded to the complaints by giving us a buff full of useless bullshit. The sense blocking spit that the hunter uses is freaking useless. The only good thing about it is that it lasts a long time if you manage to land it. The UV heal is just insulting in how useless it is. It's almost like the developers of the game put it in as a middle finger to us for all the complaining we have been doing. The only good thing they have put in is the toxic spit and the tendril dash. So how about this? ​Give us a spit that can heal nests! Then make the UV heal and UV shield have separate cool downs.
  3. Schoolshooter95

    Uv Heal Good Or Rubbish.

    Recently I leveled my hunter up enough to use uv heal. I had only heard bad things about it. But then sometimes I hear survivors whining about it. This would suggest that it is actually good. Soooo do you know of any tricks that you can do with uv heal? I heard you can make up for a missed ground pound with it; But I tried it and it failed horribly. (I just got killed)
  4. Schoolshooter95

    How To Defend Nests

    I have played a few games were I have lost, but finished the game with more kills than deaths. So I was a match for the player in terms of fighting skill. But I have difficulty defending nests and looking after myself. Especially when I have ran out of spits and shields.
  5. Schoolshooter95

    Different Ways Of Landing A Spit

    I have noticed that I have become pretty dependent on ground pound to land a spit consistently. This is bad because as soon as I missed I get killed and now missing GP is my main cause of death. So my question is this... How many different ways of landing a spit is there? So far I have tried. Spitting pounce stun: Put up the UV shield, firing the spit near them, pouncing them to hold them in place. Problem: When I fire the spit there is a "cool down" time were I cannot pounce them. By the time I can they have dodged out to far from the spit. Tendril tackle: first fire the spit and then tendril right in front of them and tackle. The idea is the player is held in place by the tackle animation whilst the spit goes of. Problem: I simply have not managed to pull it of yet and it seems to require a more of less flat surface to work. Although I see no reason why this would not work.
  6. Schoolshooter95

    Ideas For Max Level Nh's

    I like some of these idea's: But I seriously doubt Techland will actually add any of these things this late in the games life cycle. I myself would love to see a "zombie heal" spit that creates a puddle. (a bit like the toxic spit, but a different color like red) Any zombie standing in the puddle including the nests/volatile spawn is healed at a constant pace. Or just a way of healing the damage done by the player in general would be handy.
  7. Schoolshooter95

    The Dynamics Of Dodging.

    It's fine. Thanks to both of you for helping I will now mark this topic as answered.
  8. Schoolshooter95

    The Dynamics Of Dodging.

    In the last game I played I used tackle a lot. I had noticed people talking about knocking survivors off roofs and tackling them in mid air. So I gave it a try and it worked 90+% of the time a survivor cannot dodge a tackle if they are air born. The same can be said for tacking them just when they grapple hook onto a roof although it is not as good as the former. My main question is why? I have seen them (incredible idiotically) dodging tackles in mid air. So they should be able to do it when they get knocked off right?
  9. Schoolshooter95

    How To Defend Nests

    Thanks for your effort guys. I guess this might be a hard one to answer due to the MASSIVE lack of power the hunter actually has. In fact I think the goon does more to defend the nests than the night hunters do XD.
  10. Schoolshooter95

    Please Give Apex Hunter A Notice When Spit Has Stuck!

    It definitely does tell you when a spit has stuck. It also tells you the amount of XP you earn from it.
  11. Yes in a way that is already accounted for. Maybe the zombie mutagen could be used to heal nests and zombies. But maybe it could turn virals into volatiles...although developers would never ever do that.
  12. I would like it if the night hunter had a special spit that affects the zombies around him. Let's call it "Zombie mutagen" If you fire it on a biter you can force them to change into a night runner/viral and maybe if you fire it on one that is already turned it will heal them. (but maybe also a way of healing nests!) Just spit that changes your relationship (sounds weird I know) with the other zombies.
  13. Schoolshooter95

    Awesome Job With The Flare Cool Down

    Oh and two handed weapons p*** me the hell off.
  14. Schoolshooter95

    The Merits Of Horde Summon Spit.

    I have heard about people saying that horde summon spit (green spit) is the most important spit in the hunters tool box. But when I do it the survivors simply run for the hills and survive it. Surly the UV spit is the best right?
  15. Schoolshooter95

    Tactics Againist High Level Survivors.

    I would like to start a topic about tactics that are designed to help the night hunter defeat high level players. Baring in mind that these players have been through the mill and know about dodging and UV and all that nonsense. As well as how the advantage is VERY much in their favor. There are a few I would also like to share, some of which may be rubbish. Spit shine= Ground pound+ UV spit (noncharged) + ground pound + pounce. I used this one in the last two matches I played. The first guy and was a f***ing Noob with a capital N. He was also a hacker and in the end I left because I knew I could never win. (the hack granted infinite lives ) He called it a "noob tactic" (because it was working well and he was not good enough to stop it) The second time I was against someone who actually knew what they were doing and he was not a total noob like the last guy. I won with only three deaths and he called me "son of a chupacabra" at the end which is always a good sign. Apart from that I play just like everyone else. Do you have anything that you have managed to have work for you?
  16. Schoolshooter95

    Tactics Againist High Level Survivors.

    I have been thinking about spit combos. Like Horde spit + Sense suppressor spit. I mean you know you are in trouble when you have a horde of exploding zombies chasing you; But you are up to your eye balls in it when they are chasing you AND you and you cannot tell where the night hunter is.
  17. Schoolshooter95

    Awesome Job With The Flare Cool Down

    And give the night hunter the ability to dodge everything.
  18. Last night I found someone who the game said was a good match. But when I played against them they were rubbish and at the end I looked at their rank and it said they were "prey". I tend to only play against people who are a equal match because I feel guilty for fighting a total noob. So what decides the matching? I know it's definitely not rank that for sure. Is it recent games? Or number of wins v losses?
  19. Schoolshooter95

    Tactics Againist High Level Survivors.

    I will defiantly try the Tackle Juke as I have never tried anything like that and it would be great if I could get it to work for me. I have noticed every time I find a tactic that works I get survivors whining. It's like they want a hunter that just gets it's chupacabra kicked without much of a challenge and sometimes I feel as if the NH has been made underpowered on purpose, To reduce it to just another zombie to kill for the survivor. On second note I would highly recommend "browiththefro's" video on the NH. It is one of the first videos that helped me to get better. Although many people have already seen it. There are a few things in there that I have not even tried myself yet.