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  1. Visceral

    Should Instant Tackle be brought back?

    Vallon I don't know who you 'heard' those details from, but in no way did I quit playing DL because the competition was getting too tough. That's quite possibly the dumbest thing I've ever seen. I welcomed the competition of great survivor game play. All of my friends knew this and so did the people I played against on a frequent basis. Please enlighten me on who the thin wristed nerd is who told you that when you get the chance. I stopped playing because the cheating and abuse of the triple crossbow load-out was just becoming stupid and obnoxious at that point. I stopped because of all the modded gear, the incessant use of infinite UV and infinite hook charges. No longer was I getting beat legitimately and the cheating was boring to me and outright awful. Skill no longer played a factor in the PVP and I was getting cheesed to the nth degree in games so it was just time to call it quits. The game lost its touch and people would no longer play for the thrill of the competition but just to squeeze out a win by any means necessary. When I left (from what I remember) the insta-tackle thing was just starting to become a popular tactic. Something I tried to test myself against Assassin one time about 12-15 months ago when I accidentally did it against her because I lagged. I later tried to do it but it required me to have a seriously high mouse sensitivity and I just didn't think it was worth it so I didn't try to further test it. So seeing as how I have no real experience with it, I can't possibly have an opinion on its usefulness. Every time I played the night hunter though, it was always important to never tackle just to tackle. The smartest way to go about that to me was to always assume the tackle will fail and position yourself so you can escape if it misses. Never take it for granted and never use it unless you knew you could escape if you were to miss. As far as the whole gp+spit thing, that was honestly initiated from when I started a new hunter. Just a little under 2 years ago I realized that not upgrading your ground pound was effectively stronger and made it so that spits could stick almost 99% of the time. That was obviously never intended by the devs because in a game where you can unlock all skills, when does one NOT want to unlock all skills available? It was just a slight oversight by the devs that I snagged and essentially it was nearly impossible to land a gp+spit with a fully upgraded skill tree. I'd like to return and see what the competition is like now, but I can't imagine its so bad that night hunters stand no chance. I don't believe that for a second. As with any game goes in DL PVP, the best chance at victory with me (And I still believe this to this day) is highly dependent on where nests spawn for the night hunter. This is the most crucial thing in BTZ to me and makes such a hellishly important difference in the game. You've got to find ways to adapt. That's how DL BTZ has always been. P.S. chickenninja you make some very good points by the way.
  2. Visceral

    Pete/// And Hunters Please Read

    They aren't that big of a threat honestly. They're easy to see and they aren't fooling anybody. But I definitely agree lets get them taken out, yeah?
  3. Visceral

    Post Your Btz Matches!

    I don't like to spam ground pound or continuous claws to get my kills. I like quality kills. Probably my Achilles heel when it comes to certain games I play. But against some of the more superior players I'll definitely finish my kills off. I need to since they will definitely cut me no slack before winning their games. I use arrow keys to play along with mostly mouse binds for my night hunter actions. Sorry I declined your invitation. Didn't know who you were. Welcome to PC.
  4. Spinoza is probably one of the best night hunters out there and he lost to sokojik in a 1v1 post nerf with 5 lives remaining. It's still possible to win, people. Just adapt.
  5. Visceral

    Post Your Btz Matches!

    That's easy. I ground pounded him after tackle, but sometimes if you are pushing so many attacks at once, the animation can't catch up with the latency. So the ground pound animation never took place, but the effect of it did. They definitely do ignore non-horded people in PC as well, but if you get in their way or close line of sight of them, they'll blow up on you.
  6. Visceral

    Post Your Btz Matches!

    Sure... The guys in this video have had their fair share of victories against me, though. And as far as me being the best, that's easily up for debate. Plenty of people out there just as good as me.
  7. Visceral

    Post Your Btz Matches!

    I don't want to waste people's time with 15-20 minute gameplay videos. You want to watch gameplay, come to my broadcast.
  8. Visceral

    Post Your Btz Matches!

    My second night hunter compilation. I'm a forum noob, so I apologize if there is no thumbnail.