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  1. < Tournament Concept > < Date & Time > < Rules > < Sign Up > If you already want to join in just because you like the idea or just wanna grab the cash. you can visit us and sign your self up in this link. http://steamcommunity.com/groups/TheUndergroundTournaments/discussions/12/357287304417596504/?tscn=1464378103 < Steam Group > http://steamcommunity.com/groups/TheUndergroundTournaments < Introduction Movies >
  2. Sign up closed. Ill contact everyone true this forum & steam. Also can anyone unpin this ^^ Thanks alot.
  3. 13 Days left ^^ if anyone still wants to join in. Sign up here : < Sign Up > If you already want to join in just because you like the idea or just wanna grab the cash. you can visit us and sign your self up in this link. http://steamcommunit...tscn=1464378103
  4. < Concept > We have a skilled Zombie player. The 4 human players will race each other for making the most kills. The person who made the most kills will recieve the reward true steam. < Attention > Only 4 sign up places are open. after we find 4 players the event will start and we close the event. So sign up fast !! < Sign up > Right here in this topic, or click here to sign up on our steam group < Reward > A skin of your choice for Dying Light. Gifted true steam.
  5. Right when a person aranges a tournament and that same name adds you, what would you figger yourself + its the same person as from the same group you joined ...... if you cant figger that out by your self .. just like thows 7 other people did on there own!! Then your realy a Removed. But again as i sed , you wanned to troll around & burn your fingers go ahead i dont mind.
  6. i think uv got it all wrong a proper convo dousnt starts with "what do you want". But hey looks like you need to defend your friend so properly + again if out of 8 people 7 can react nicly and properly , you will get the same respect back. But sinds you + your amigo over here have the same isues , you get the same results. Ow and BTW sinds where talking about propper behavior, i think i need to talk with your mom in propper education, or either your dad is to blame over here.. you deside your self. But again none of thows other 7 people started this convo with what do you want. They politly sed hey good morning aswell and went on with the convo .. So defend your own behavior and that of your friend, coz m8 if this is all what your parents teached you then i wish ya the best luck in life.. And i allready feel sorry for your (Posible) GF.
  7. if i add 8 people on the same day .. respond several hours later (coz people sleep dunno about you). And theres only 1 guy making it harder then it is .. then i rather say goodbye Clearly shows that thows other 7 people are here to enjoy them selfs while gaming. and by gods name that one guy is always there to either troll around or mess things up. how come thows other people dont complaine about there hollidays or there crappy pc's? First of all if your pc broke down BUY A NEW ONE!! or is the problem that you cant effort it huh? and about you going on a holliday i call it bad luck date and time is there for that other tournament , even other people allready told me well that dousnt fits for me, i told them clearly well join in on the nexst one. But no the only thing i see currently is the friend from the guy i started a fight with whos now beeing a jurk. thats all i see. But like i sed to your pall. Trolls belong in Troll Kingdom, not in my tourneys Good Luck and Good Morning.
  8. dude your telling me that youv got problems with me adding you for the upcomming tournament.. + if you wanne copy everything then also copy the whole convo .. sinds iv deleted you again there shud be no problem anymore.
  9. UPDATED @ 17/06/2016 More updates will follow soon !!
  10. weekends it is. saturday fine? From now on. ALL UPDATES TO THE CONCEPT WILL BE DONE ON OUR STEAM GROUP. After that i will update it to the website. So if you wanne follow this to the core, you know where to be.
  11. BTW on what day do you guys wanne play? True the week or in the weekends?
  12. Your welcome to join in . just remember this. if you win i can NOT pay you 50€ unless you have an "Active Steam Account" !! But anyone with an Xbox and PS4 is welcome !!
  13. No No No my friend again .. your the one saying Big Mouth stuff now keep your words true. Sinds you think its a bit light as reward for hosting a tournament.. and you say that you easely can do that aswell .. and it isnt like its 5000.. well its also not 500 000.. but sinds your not willingly to keep your words true. I kindly request you to find a difrent Threat to go bother.. No i will not allaw you to participate in any of your events nor tournaments.. Unlees you with your big mouth offer 50 to 5000€ as a reward for this tournament. If not Stay away Pendejo. Nah NVM your banned from everything that we host Bye Bye my lovely friend PS : you can state as much oppinion as you want .. clearly shows you never had human psycologie.. and btw your statement is likewise go figger it out
  14. LOOOOOOOL small price for hosting a tournament.. so you sed 50€ is light ... So are you saying that your trowing in an other 50€ as price money with your big mouth? or going to back off with your tail between your legs? Coz hey its a light amout ... So an other 50 or 500 on your head as pricemoney im up for that !!!!! So again do you agrea with this ? Or is it going to be a NO ? WHAHAHAHAAAAAAA now i do wanne see you putting an other 50€'s as price money !!! And yes someone did ask where the money came from + how im going to get it back .. only that convo was in dutch amigo. Que biene? I start to think that sanjyuubi is a pendejo!! [persona] Que tiene un desarrollo mental inferior al que se considera normal.
  15. Ach ja, how i earn my money back ?Euhm dude you miss the point read true everything what iv sed .. Coz its there in one of my previeus post. But to give you a clear answer!! im not a DEV nor am i a part of a gaming company. But i do fund certain games .. in redesigning or offering funds for a new game that they wanne make .. I offer them cash so they can do what they need to do.. And i will get my cash back + the agread % on the duration opf time. So who is Funding the UT Arena WX-42? well ME. I pay people from my crew to fight you guys .. thats why i also offer sponsored gaming . For thows few sellected. And true doing that i can filter out if there wurth it or not .. If they are , then they get my position in this Project and they continue what iv started.. Any more questions not regarding to the game?
  16. Has nothing to do with that my friend .. its just pure siple for me. im not here to be your friend.. im here to offer you a tournament .. all side whining is irralevant for me .. and if you guys rather chat .. then i guess im art at the wrong door.
  17. But anyways , it starts looking like this community is only intrested in pointing out where problems are. Keeping them selfs more busy with Personal preferences like how i type and so on.. So yeah here we come to this point.. Coz im getting tired of all the WHINING you guys can only do.. Befor i cancel everything Because of your intrest about everything besides the tournament. im asking you guys .. are we here to judge and whine ? or for having a blast as a community? Coz i can happely walk away from this whole idea and you guys can whine against the walls about what i do and dont do .. as i sed iv got a short fuse that your going to notice Now. Dus kerel nu gade gij mij zegge omda gij uw eige intresseert in talen en perfectie in uw sterkste punte.. Dan ga ik u nu ook vragen om zoals mij 110meter boven de grond te komen werke .. als ge dan nog alles perfect en zonder problemen chupacabra .. moogde gij uw bakkes open trekke tegen mij. Vooral eer da ge da bewijst kunde gij is mooi een boomhut bouwe en benji gaan springe.. Stoort da u ook dak overal de "n" weg laat en da inplaats van dat? want anders zou ik u zegge "Get A Life" my friend.. zoals ik al zij ist leven nie wa te kort om u te moeie mee ander en zou het nie toffer zen als ge gewoon plezier maakt ? Sorry for the Dutch needed to point out some thing. So here is my final question to all you haters and whiners.. DO YOU WANNE PLAY OR NOT ? if so stop beeing complicated and make fun. if not im gladly to walk away ...choice is up to yo
  18. From the moment i get payed to write that correctly i will do the effort.. for aslong as im doing this out of fun.. + place my own money in it ill type as i please but thank you for pointing out:p I personaly dont care that much about what other people do wrong first ill look at my self and make sure im prefect befor i judge an other Enne sinds da ge mij dan toch versta ik typ ook int NL mee dialect .. hoop da ge mij da ook nie kwalijk neemt !! PS : BTW dousnt means if i clean up Poo as a job .. that everyone needs to do it .. ???
  19. Lissen i to have a very short fuse in alot of things and to sum up everything you try to point out.your making yourself sic with wurries you shuddnt wurrie about.im here to offer you an event that you can partisipate. Im not here to lissen how you make yourself sic with ideas and opinions. As iv sed the concept and idea is simple and easy regardless of all the negative vieu and complainings. You aither join in and have fun. Or ignore this post.. All the negative wurrying that you do is on your personal preference. If you dislike the idea. Dont play along.and about the streaming and video making.. Dont wurrie about that. I do that as a living so as i sed... Iv done this multiple times in the past stop wurrying everything is coverd.. From hosting profesional tournaments to making videos everything regarding The Underground Tournaments arena wx-42 is coverd and arranged up in front. You currently see me alone.. But iv got a whole crew working with me for 7 years allready so again to answer most things your making head troubles about. Dont. Iv done this befor, just wait untill the concept is made then ill answer everything you wanne know. And also you will see that your going to like it.never had did we had anyone regretting playing in our tournaments. Just remind your self on our slogan. "All are welcome, not all will survive." Sorry if i sounded rude but i get frustrated when people make big problems out of simple things when im home ill re check this post and my respond. For now with my quick over look this is my respond Aye now that im home. Regarding what i sed here above. For starting as you can see im well formilliar with this forum. Sinds alot a games use this one. (This dousnt means my english is perfect sinds i live in Belgium) If i offended someone, im very sorry wasnt my intention in the first place. What i was trying to say is.. Stop wurrying about things coz if you search for them, u'll find many to brake your head over. But regardless of all this understand that i wont host a tournament that isnt fair for everyone !! Nor is this my first tournament. With this bin sed understand aswell that with "The Underground Tournaments : Arena WX-42®" comes a complete "theme". This means that we provide our own "Sponsors", "Animated videos" for aswell the tournaments and anything els,"Tournament hosting" we have our own full working concepts what work in any game regarding a certain few rules that the game needs to have.., "UT CREW" we have our own crew we work with. This dousnt means that we cant use any help. Everyone is welcome. With this bin sed. I understand that we can come across alot of problems. - To start off with the concept i described is suitable more or less. - Players that dont wanne play as human or zombie. - Players will be bad losers. - Nation and timezone. - How to contact? - Please if you can come op with some valid problems state them down below. To answer some of the questions discribed here above. - If you dont wanne play as a Human or a Zombie..??!! Then why or you even intrested in this? coz the game actualy exzists in Co-ops and invade a co-ops... - Bad Losers are everywhere.. By the nexst tournament they forgot about it and will try again.. and even make it if the do better and more effort.. - Nation & Timezones. Now this is one to wurry about. Why most RU players dont wanne speak ENG nor any EU language. But hey its the same for every ENG speaking person.. and we as EU people where inbetween trying to do damage controle... Same with time zones .. same principal.. everyone loves a good game in the evening but dousnt wants to wake up early to play his match.. seen this all to often !! So we just need to see from what continent we have the most players and base our tournament on that. - How to contact. Simple if needed you can have my phone number, whats app, skype, steam.. Anything of social media that you prefer. Now what are "Side Problems" ? "Side Problems" are the ones we just described here above. They start with personal prefference. example : But i think. Owww No but what if. I dislike that. I dont want to. But there with more. And so on. Now i understand all these questions.. dont get me wrong. When you ask yourself as a "Tournament Host", how do i make a good concept. You dont look at what people will like and dislike. You look at what concept works, and what is suited with this game. After that you can still look at some on the "Side Problems" but if you need to lissen to all of them it will end up in a complicated mess where no one is allawed anything and no one will have fun. This same principle counts when your a DEV and your making a game. Yes you do lissen and read EVERYTHING !! But responding and lissening is hard to do if you need to lissen to everything and everyone. Coz in the end you will fail and no one is happy. So there for let us start with a Stable and Basic Concept that anyone can enjoy.. And if you lose ?? No wurries if this turns out to be Fun & a Blast like i intended. I will surely do this more often. Now in what "Fase" are we currently in desinging the "concept"? "Fase" - Gathering People - When this is done im going to work on the concept. When will this start? - When im back from my vakation, that is the 10th June of 2016 - After that (when im back) i will strait away post a "Semi Full Concept" where we then still can look to some of the "Side Problems" to make the concept more intresting or better. Again if im "offending" ? And that is posible !! Sinds im a man that values honor, respect , loyalty and so on.. Some people call me a Tyrant, some call me a God or the Devil. I call my self simple and strict. A is A and B is B. So again sorry if i did sound rude or was offending in any way. All i intend is a Fun Tournament for All !!
  20. Awesome comment thank you, cuddnt sed it better my self. Very well. Some people complaine about "OOooooow No I Need To Play As a Human?" Answer "Yes". Reason : Simple .. if you are chupacabra as a human and even thow your good as a zombie.. by playing bad as a human you give the other people the better hand in making a better score then you. So yes "Both" playing as a zombie and human is required. But only the SCORE OF BEEING A ZOMBIE COUNTS !! i prefer playing the game as intended why? if you have friends that you dedicated play with. you might wanne sign up as a team in also seeing who is the better zombie. as in protecting each other.Althow you have a fair point a 1vs1 is a good plan. (dont get me wrong) aslong as we dont have to many people we can see what the concept will be and switch it to a 1vs1 and a team mode. This all depends on how many people you have. coz imagion if you have 100 players all signed up in a 1vs1 !! U'll be busy a whole weekend from friday untill sunday , repeating matches from the morning untill the evening + count the lost time in trying to contact everyone and waiting for thows who have real life interruptions. And dont forget the potty brakes.. when your hosting a tournament a stress releave full pause never hurts!! But as i sed we have no Fixed Concept yet. But i am happy to see so many people that are intrested allready !! Thank you guys for your support !! + dont you guys think the devs shud join us 2 ? Depending on how well they are... they can do a match independent of our tournament just so we can live stream it + If you guys as devs play, iv got a bonus supprice for each one of you guys (if you have a steam account ofcorz)
  21. awesome & thank you for the pinning of this tourney. well as i sed i managed to host tournaments for aswell the ENG - EU and RU community at the same time where everyone could participate on more or less a desent time.i generaly work with UTC+1 time zone, but depending on who played we will arrange the tournaments full discription + as we noticed in the pased a counter counting down to the day it starts helps alot. you can check regardless your timezone (fits always) if you would like to see some previeus work iv done, here are some links: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/TheUndergroundTournaments/discussions/12/ http://scut.forumotion.com/h6-star-conflict-youtube-playlist
  22. Well iv got the game for a while but never came up with the idea to host a tournament in this game. So i dont know this guy "yet". But if you guys can grab him that would be nice !!
  23. Just give me time, in the mean while. Grab a chair some drinks & chips or popcorne and enjoy the show PS: wud you play bad as a human so an other zombie has it easyer ? I wuddnt, im a very competitive person