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  1. Sign up closed. Ill contact everyone true this forum & steam. Also can anyone unpin this ^^ Thanks alot.
  2. 13 Days left ^^ if anyone still wants to join in. Sign up here : < Sign Up > If you already want to join in just because you like the idea or just wanna grab the cash. you can visit us and sign your self up in this link. http://steamcommunit...tscn=1464378103
  3. Right when a person aranges a tournament and that same name adds you, what would you figger yourself + its the same person as from the same group you joined ...... if you cant figger that out by your self .. just like thows 7 other people did on there own!! Then your realy a Removed. But again as i sed , you wanned to troll around & burn your fingers go ahead i dont mind.
  4. i think uv got it all wrong a proper convo dousnt starts with "what do you want". But hey looks like you need to defend your friend so properly + again if out of 8 people 7 can react nicly and properly , you will get the same respect back. But sinds you + your amigo over here have the same isues , you get the same results. Ow and BTW sinds where talking about propper behavior, i think i need to talk with your mom in propper education, or either your dad is to blame over here.. you deside your self. But again none of thows other 7 people started this convo with what do you want. They politly sed hey good morning aswell and went on with the convo .. So defend your own behavior and that of your friend, coz m8 if this is all what your parents teached you then i wish ya the best luck in life.. And i allready feel sorry for your (Posible) GF.
  5. if i add 8 people on the same day .. respond several hours later (coz people sleep dunno about you). And theres only 1 guy making it harder then it is .. then i rather say goodbye Clearly shows that thows other 7 people are here to enjoy them selfs while gaming. and by gods name that one guy is always there to either troll around or mess things up. how come thows other people dont complaine about there hollidays or there crappy pc's? First of all if your pc broke down BUY A NEW ONE!! or is the problem that you cant effort it huh? and about you going on a holliday i call it bad luck date and time is there for that other tournament , even other people allready told me well that dousnt fits for me, i told them clearly well join in on the nexst one. But no the only thing i see currently is the friend from the guy i started a fight with whos now beeing a jurk. thats all i see. But like i sed to your pall. Trolls belong in Troll Kingdom, not in my tourneys Good Luck and Good Morning.
  6. dude your telling me that youv got problems with me adding you for the upcomming tournament.. + if you wanne copy everything then also copy the whole convo .. sinds iv deleted you again there shud be no problem anymore.
  7. < Concept > We have a skilled Zombie player. The 4 human players will race each other for making the most kills. The person who made the most kills will recieve the reward true steam. < Attention > Only 4 sign up places are open. after we find 4 players the event will start and we close the event. So sign up fast !! < Sign up > Right here in this topic, or click here to sign up on our steam group < Reward > A skin of your choice for Dying Light. Gifted true steam.
  8. UPDATED @ 17/06/2016 More updates will follow soon !!
  9. weekends it is. saturday fine? From now on. ALL UPDATES TO THE CONCEPT WILL BE DONE ON OUR STEAM GROUP. After that i will update it to the website. So if you wanne follow this to the core, you know where to be.
  10. BTW on what day do you guys wanne play? True the week or in the weekends?
  11. Your welcome to join in . just remember this. if you win i can NOT pay you 50€ unless you have an "Active Steam Account" !! But anyone with an Xbox and PS4 is welcome !!
  12. No No No my friend again .. your the one saying Big Mouth stuff now keep your words true. Sinds you think its a bit light as reward for hosting a tournament.. and you say that you easely can do that aswell .. and it isnt like its 5000.. well its also not 500 000.. but sinds your not willingly to keep your words true. I kindly request you to find a difrent Threat to go bother.. No i will not allaw you to participate in any of your events nor tournaments.. Unlees you with your big mouth offer 50 to 5000€ as a reward for this tournament. If not Stay away Pendejo. Nah NVM your banned from everything that we host Bye Bye my lovely friend PS : you can state as much oppinion as you want .. clearly shows you never had human psycologie.. and btw your statement is likewise go figger it out
  13. LOOOOOOOL small price for hosting a tournament.. so you sed 50€ is light ... So are you saying that your trowing in an other 50€ as price money with your big mouth? or going to back off with your tail between your legs? Coz hey its a light amout ... So an other 50 or 500 on your head as pricemoney im up for that !!!!! So again do you agrea with this ? Or is it going to be a NO ? WHAHAHAHAAAAAAA now i do wanne see you putting an other 50€'s as price money !!! And yes someone did ask where the money came from + how im going to get it back .. only that convo was in dutch amigo. Que biene? I start to think that sanjyuubi is a pendejo!! [persona] Que tiene un desarrollo mental inferior al que se considera normal.