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  1. GodOfThunder23

    Xbox One Lookin For New Traders And Slayers

    Hey bro read ur post...I usually play solo because other players piss me off and have the time they r young kids that I'm not even gonna mess with. I'm 31 yrs old. Seasoned vet on Xbox and dying light is my current obsession. I have been playing Dying Light for awhile now. My callsign us GodOfThunder23 on Xbox one. But I hear what ur saying and I think we would play and get along well. Peace.
  2. GodOfThunder23

    Dying Light Update Testers Wanted

    I have been on the path of making video games a career for me. Even started to go to school for game design. If you guys ever need a tester for consoles in the US. I will be at your service. It is not easy trying to get in the industry and I have been trying forever.
  3. I recently saw a video where a player had a gold grappling hook with a freeze mod and they also had a gold UV light. Does anyone know how to get them. And techland I give u guys props. This is my favorite game. If you guys added running take downs that would be amazing. And why doesn't Crane do any other takedowns. I know there is a few but there should be more. And how cool would it be to be able to craft armor and have some type of system for armor. And I know it said with the enhanced edition it said new parkour moves. What r they I can't figure it out.