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    Joluk got a reaction from enes07101 in i need help pls pls   
    @doomguy the error just says that "Dying Light dosn't work anymore. This Program has stopped working because of a problem....". The normal Windows Error.
    Anderfalls kann ich dir nur empfehlen was doomguy schon sagte. Die Datein auf fehler zu überprüfen geht schnell und falls du nicht weißt wie das geht kann man das schnell googeln. Ein Pc neustart kann auch helfen, falls du noch keinen nach dem Installieren des spiels gemacht hast. Komplett neu downloaden und installieren sollte die letzte Option sein. 
    Viel Erfolg
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    Joluk reacted to Cabozzl in Volatile nest   
    I've made a short tutorial about this last year:
    ^ Click on the title to view the post.
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    Joluk reacted to Cabozzl in How To Attack Hive Volatile?   
    Hey Doomguy,

    To create a hive:

    1) In the Assets window, go to the Data folder and type in hive
    2) Place hive.df2 on the map
    3) Select the hive and press 2 to open the Attributes window
    4) Make sure the Type is set to Default
    5) Change the ConflictSide to CounterPlayer
        Of course the hive can't attack the player, but it's essential for spawning
    6) Select the difficulty (Easy, Medium or Hard)
    7) Check the box IsTutorial
    8) Set the hive health in the TutorialHealth field. Test it in-game for balancing the health.
        I usually start with 1000 and then scale it up.

    There a various hive-related classes, but most of them seem not to work or are used for Btz mode.
    This is the only way I found to make it functional as stand-alone hive.
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    Joluk got a reaction from cr1m3 in Carryable Objects   
    ,fill-area _ -req_count=1 -pause=1 -class=SensorAreaHelper -area=test
        ,sensor_area_helper SensorAreaHelper test
        ,spawner-ho HeavyObjectsSpawner test_01
    This works. This is the same phase used in the bozak horde.
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    Joluk reacted to cr1m3 in Custom Hints   
    Try to locate those strings in the full game data with agent ransack.
    make a full copy of the game folder
    somewhere and extract all data0.1.2.pak
    with a zip archive extractor (merge all data
    then type some loading screen text you ´ve seen in agent ransack and you may found where it is located in the game folders.
    also look inside data speech folders.
    ( i mean the data pl, data de, data fr... localized language folders and paks)
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    Joluk got a reaction from cr1m3 in Carryable Objects   
    ,fill-area _ -req_count=1 -pause=1 -class=SensorAreaHelper -area=test
        ,sensor_area_helper SensorAreaHelper test
        ,spawner-ho HeavyObjectsSpawner test_01
    This works. This is the same phase used in the bozak horde.
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    Joluk got a reaction from cr1m3 in Respawn Problems   
    After trying for hours, I finally found out how respawnpoints are working and what my problem was.

    I used Spawnpoints for this with the flag “Respawn”

    It looks like that respawnpoints only enable when you come close to them. I don't know how close you have to get to enable them. But when they are enabled you will respawn always there. So there is no problem in having more than one spawnpoint in one big area. If you have one enabled and get close to another one the new respawn will automatically be enabled. (IMPORTAND: This works completely without quest phases!) The easiest way to do this is to make the respawn point the same spawnpoint as you used in the goto phase, so the player gets automatically close to a new respawn.

    The phase, checkpoint could be used to set a respawnpoint as your new respawnpoint without having to go to this point. But I didn't test this, its only a presumption.

    My Problem was, that I disabled my last respawn and enabled a new one, but the new one was a bit far away so when the player died without going close to this new spawnpoint first, the games didn't find a respawnpoint and I respawned at 0/0/0.

    If you have any questions, comment down below.

    Best regards

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    Joluk got a reaction from cr1m3 in Carryable Objects   
    ,fill-area _ -req_count=1 -pause=1 -class=SensorAreaHelper -area=test
        ,sensor_area_helper SensorAreaHelper test
        ,spawner-ho HeavyObjectsSpawner test_01
    This works. This is the same phase used in the bozak horde.
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    Joluk reacted to MattDL in Bow Without Dlc?   
    Hi ! Yes they can't use it but you can add in your equipment when the map start like started items , weapons...
    For example i can't use or drag weapons of some dlc's.
    Hope that will help you little..
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    Joluk reacted to cr1m3 in Custom NPC   
    Also i saw your comment on youtube,
    i don ´t know if you saw my answer so.
    There should be a presets folder in your 
    project/data/presets and the "HumanAI.pre" 
    (the script that control npc presets).
    But if you don ´t have it in your map,
    maybe the map was created before the devs added this script or maybe the latest
    update removed it, anyway, you can copy the presets folder under :
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Dying Light Developer Tools\Template\data\presets
    then, paste it in your project/data folder.
    Make sure it is not under read only in file properties.
    Also that windows folder options settings are showing file extentions.
    Cause the HumanAI.pre have a "pre" extention but it is a readable scripting language.
    Also you can edit it manually by browsing all strings and figure out all Variables and methods with changeable
    Also (easier) , you can use the devtool's preset tool window to edit this script via buttons.
    But just reading the script while using the presets tool gives you all stuff.
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    Joluk reacted to cr1m3 in Decisions And Reactions In Movies   
    I know you can use à movieActionExecutor class box object to trigger live actions during the movie.
    Add this box to movie actors and add some new filter
    Keys called javaMethodKeys.
    Now add some actions in the movieActionExecutor actions list.
    Then type Execute in the javaMethodKeys settings.
    Execute = first action in the movieActionExecutor actions list and Execute1 = second action Execute2...
    Now to create actions, double click on action field and choose what you want.(there ´s a limited choice of actions).
    Now for quick time events, i saw this somewhere,
    Maybe inside physicalswitches trigger types or in some
    Sensor or object class but can't remember where.
    Let me know if you find it.
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    Joluk reacted to cr1m3 in Custom NPC   
    It seems that it is controlled by the quest
    code ´s ,kill phase associated with a boss
    to kill.
    but now for objects i don ´t know.
    there ´s the damagerecievier class
    who can check object damage but it seems that melee and guns can ´t affect it.
    I saw some generator turned off when you shoot on near gas cylinders,
    when the player shoot the can, it explodes
    and turn the generator off.
    i saw this in Darkness below custom map
    on this video:
    It is at 3 minutes 15 sec in the video,
    maybe you ´ll find it useful.
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    Joluk reacted to cr1m3 in Flashlight   
    Yeah, inside your project there ´s only the inventory_gen_workshop.scr but you need to take the game files into your project.
    So find the dying light /dw/data0.pak and extract it somewhere with 7zip then, copy the data/scripts/inventory
    Folder into your project folder.
    Then find the inventory.scr and edit the first flashlight in the script (Flashlight_Basic)and change the light angle and range.
    But the game ´s scripts folder is full of files that the mod
    Don ´t need.
    I already made the beta mod but i need to remove all files
    That don't affect the flashlight to keep the project directory
    As clean as possible.
    I modified those lines into the Inventory.scr
         FullLightAngle(15.0);         DimLightAngle(15.0);         FullLightRange(15.0);         DimLightRange(25.0); There's the link for the mod i made:!09BGSB5T!Av5Mob3pIfHdxxDBLCo201KWrFQC-iqCUcRrF20MuOs4
    (this is a beta mod so it needs to be cleaned until there's only needed files in it)
    Look inside red dead planet, how techland devs added
    The gravity mod during their gamejam because the map creators asked them to apply the mod in custom maps.
    They added the whole odephysics folder (odephysics game folder) inside the project/data folder of the custom map
    Then they edited the physicsWalkfly.scr or some script.
    I mean there ´s only one or two files they modified for the mod but the files are linked with some methods or include
    And import functions .
    This is why modding custom maps need all the files that are linked to be applied in the map.
    Not just one file like in game mods cause game mods
    Are installed in the game path where all the game files are stored.
    I mean that we can mod custom maps and add any file we want to modify anything but we need to add all related files
    That will link our mod to the game or the custom map
    Player will read the data0.pak files instead of our mod
    And this will not work when you test.
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    Joluk got a reaction from doomguy in What's Invoke And What's This Message?   
    You can use the Invokes to jump inside of the quest. I don't know why but it doesn't work in this window shown in your picture. But if you right click in your quest you can choose "Invoke here" and jump inside your quest back and forth if your game is opened and if you make something like this:

    ,goto <> SpawnPoint Spawnpoint1 -distance=3
        ,debugpos SpawnPoint Spawnpoint1

    You will also jump to the point where the spawnpoint is located and not only the current phase.
    So my question is: Is there a possibility to go back to a specific phase of the quest after the player dies? So for example a movie starts all over again after the death of the player? I never found a phase to invoke to a specific point in my quest. Maybe someone else already found out.
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    Joluk reacted to cr1m3 in Respawn Problems   
    Check respawn and uncheck m_QEnableState
    Inside all questHub respawners except for the mapStart spawnpoint (disable mapStart once player reaches next
    Goto destination).
    Now after each important goto destination
    Enable a new spawn, disable the old one.
    Make sure there ´s always some spawn enabled
    Or it could make serious issues.
    Personally i do it this way cause i never figured
    How checkpoint works out.
    It makes some extra code but it is easy to
    Debug as long as you place a sensor goto
    (NEVER use sensor goto object if you disabled the minimap hud
    because the orange point or objective destination will be invisible
    and sensor goto will have the orange point in the center of the box
    so the player will miss objectives often as the hud is hided.
    And the whole quest will be broken.)
    (Instead of sensor goto, use a marker object or any model object in your map
    then, set the ,goto's quest code phase to use the marker so that
    you can add distance parameter (sensor goto does not have distance parameter).
    You can use the distance counter tool to check distances in the world.
    In a strategic place.
    Also to enable new spawn and disable old one after goto phase
    So that your code is clear and it divide your
    Map with chapters and each chapter have its own
    ,goto _ sensor_goto first_respawn_on_tower ,wait _ 0.1 ,enable _ QuestHub respawn_on_tower ,wait _ 0.1 ,disable _ QuestHub old_respawner_on_bridge
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    Joluk reacted to cr1m3 in What's Invoke And What's This Message?   
    My invokes window is always empty.But such a function will be helpful for debugging long quests. (Thx Joluk)
    Is there some invoke script in projects folders or you can
    Create one?
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    Joluk reacted to cr1m3 in Devtools Useful Tips & Tricks   
    Text tutorial ´s list:

    Safezone and Uv light burn volatile

    Pvp spawnpoints fix

    Interior disable fog and wind

    Focus zoom on object

    Automatic door

    Workshop embed logo or gif or images

    Unlockable doors and boxobjectenabler

    Dialog tutorials

    FBX model import

    Reflective Puddles (Floors?)

    Zombie spawns delay

    Package sharing and audio import
    And pvp maps

    Card reader

    One time character animation

    Exploding AI

    Number of meshes

    Searchable area

    Portal to another map


    Zombie activator

    Viewport fix

    Grouping objects

    Give weapon to player


    Envprobe fix


    Assets previews


    Animated spawners

    Quest phase examples

    Map migration

    Custom loot and credits

    Third person view

    Waves quest scripting

    Meconv Freezes

    Drop attack on zombie spawners:
    Npc animation:
    Npc weapon:
    Objects visibility distance:
    Make a small hole in terrain:
    Searchable trash can (second post):
    Rendering menu:
    Remove huds (last post):
    AiDeadBodySpawnBoxAuto info(second post):
    Fix old maps brushes(old tools version):
    Floating trees when buggy touch it:
    Advanced quest with choices tutorial:
    Coop items for one player only:
    Zombie jump through windows:
    Multiple envprobes:
    Techland akademia basic tutorial:
    Sensor varlist post processing:
    BBCode guide for techland and steam forums:
    Change ai conflict side:
    Ai cover points:
    Thanks to Cabozzl, Joluk, Rickmetalster,
    DonSpike,Rick Grimes, Rabid Squirell
    And all the others who help the community.
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    Joluk reacted to Rabid Squirrel in Is It Possible To Have No Fog Inside A Building?   
    Hey Joluk,
    I am busy trawling through the scripts and such built into the Developer Tools to see if I can find them, I'll keep you posted if I do.
    Here is what I have found so far and I am by no means an expert, here is what I think they do (I haven't tested them):
    f_engine_simrange_fx - Simulation Range for FX, eg: VarFloat("f_engine_simrange_fx", 110.00000000000000000000) f_engine_visrange_fx - Visual Range for FX , eg: VarFloat("f_engine_visrange_fx", 100.00000000000000000000) f_distance_fog_near - Modifies Fog Visibility close to you, eg: VarFloat("f_distance_fog_near", 0.0000) f_distance_fog_far - Modifies Fog Visibility far from you, eg:VarFloat("f_distance_fog_far", 100.0000) f_map_player_toxic - On Screen Toxic Effect, eg: VarFloat("f_map_player_toxic", 0.55) f_game_time - Sets the time of Day, eg: VarFloat("f_game_time", 0.00000000000000000000) f_game_player_gre - Gives you the GRE effect, eg: VarFloat("f_game_player_gre", 1.0) f_game_player_flashbang - Flashbang effect, eg: VarFloat("f_game_player_flashbang ", 1.0000000000000000000)
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    Joluk reacted to Cabozzl in Bugs Spotted With Recent Tools Update   
    I can confirm the brush issue as well.
    After the recent DevTools update I'm also missing these meshes as listed below:
        bridge_wall_b.msh     decal_debris_big.msh     desert_bush_c.msh     slums_antenna_buildterrain_78.msh     slums_demolition_buildterrain_85.msh     slums_demolition_buildterrain_99.msh     slums_demolition_buildterrain_117.msh Screenshot:

    Unfortunately several skins are missing too.
    My current skins of the WaterCurrent are not listed in the Skins tab, except for the "default" one.
    This also applies to the DummyBox.
    When creating a new map by using the Example Map, these same errors are indicated as well.


    An other issue:
    Regarding the new assets of The Following DLC: I assume not all of them are implemented yet.
    While digging into the game files, I noticed some meshes are missing in the DevTools.
    For example: ezgi.msh, jasir.msh, orlando.msh (Bilal), mother.msh and probably many more.
    I can't find the new AI such as the Giant Freaks, Viral Jumpers and new Volatiles either.

    Unfortunately a complete re-install of both Dying Light and Developer Tools didn't solve the problem.
    Hopefully a fix gets out soon! Thanks in advance.
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    Joluk reacted to PiZle_ in Event Trigger By Looking At A Spezific Point Or Direction   
    Hey Joluk,
    --The "SensorLookAt" is used to direct the player's line-of-sight. It's a zone where the player's attention will be focused on one item. It should be used to point-out items of interest or dramatic map elements. It's used to make Crane auto-look at air-drops, ya dig?
    It's implemented like soooooo....
    Place HubZone and scale to area where you want your player's focus to be controlled by the game. Swap HubZone class to "SensorLookAt"in attributes, and then choose the item of focus in "m_Target <ModelObject> from the object list (dead body, blood stain, weapon, whatever).Set s_EditorTest to "true" and toggle the sensor's natural state; (m_LE is disabled when controlled by logical on-map trigger. m_QE is unchecked when controlled by your quest script or both enabled when you want the zone to be active all the time.) Give the sensor a special name we can reference later.... for this we'll use "SLATrigger".
    To enable in quest script:
    ",goto _ SensorLookAt SLATrigger -distance=-1" ...adjust distance to suit your purpose. and use ,enable/,disable to set it's active window.
    I think what you're looking for is a sensor that monitors your character's vision and I'm not sure that's something that's processed by the engine. You could use the SensorLookAt and trigger an event off that, but it would still require the player to enter the sensor's zone of influence... which you could just scale to the size of your whole map... maybe??? If you make any discoveries on some sort of vision-triggered sensor, let us know!
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    Joluk reacted to Lord Calamari in Question For The Developers - Saving In Custom Maps   
    Hi, to the developers. Is there a chance we will be seeing a save feature in custom maps. For example, I would like to build a massive world full of places to explore, side quests, a long, main quest line but players would most likely not have enough time to get through this in one go and would have to start again if they quit the map. Is it possible to add a save feature so players could save their progress in larger maps and come back to them later?
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    Joluk reacted to Kazi in Pursuit Breakers? (Uv Traps, Car Alarms, Bombs, Electric Fences Etc Etc.)   
    Hello Rafal,
    I no longer experience crashing anymore since yesterday, but I still cannot figure out how to make pursuit breakers. Do you guys have a tutorial somewhere that shows us how to make them? And if not then is there an explanation somewhere on how to make these?
    EDIT: However for what it is worth, the game was crashing when I attempted to test the map.
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    Joluk reacted to Rabid Squirrel in Adding Soundfiles   
    Hey man,
 - That tells you exactly how to do it.
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    Joluk reacted to Delta9 in Night Time In Devtools   
    I have this in my quest script,
    ,set_day_time <<Morning>> -day_time=07.00 -day_stage=morning -interpolate_time=00.33     ,debugpos SpawnPoint Spawn_Start ,weather <<Slight Rain>> -weather_type=rain -wanted_weather=0.66 -duration=-1 -interpolation=00.33 right under my starting quest and it seems to work with both the time and weather.