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  1. Joluk

    Outfit customization in main game

    Your post is in the wrong section. „Developer Tools“ is about the tool to make your own game with the developer tools available on steam. But I believe it is very unlikely that your idea will be implemented in the current 5 year old game. But since your idea was mentioned many many times before there is a chance that there will be outfit customization in Dying Light 2. Still there is a very small chance that they add it in the upcoming dlc Hellraid.
  2. Joluk

    Dev Tools assistance

    Please watch it and use the area classes mentioned in the video. Your sound should appear in those. Otherwise you probably did something wrong.
  3. Joluk

    Dev Tools assistance

    Maybe this is the wrong way to integrate the music. Search for „Dying Light Developer Tools Tutorial“ on Youtube and you will find some useful tutorials by the devs. This will answer many questions.
  4. Joluk

    Dev Tools assistance

    Adding custom audio assets requires the OGG audio file format. Copy all your OGG audio files directly to your project's data directory. If you have your Dying Light Developer Tools application already running, use Refresh File System from the Refresh menu. Before you use your new audio assets, create an audio bank. To do so, use the Build Audio Bank option from the Validate And Build menu.
  5. Joluk

    Dev Tools Glitch

    Usualy stairs have the class „ModelObject“. Only ladders need a different class. If the you can‘t walk up the normal stairs thats sounds like a glitch. Make sure that the stairs are not bigger than normal. In that case the charakter could get stuck on every step. What „type“ did you change for the stairs?
  6. Joluk

    Dev Tools assistance

    Yes there is. Press shift while dragging, scaling or rotating and you will copy any selected object.
  7. Joluk

    Zombie Patrol

    Hey Dying Light community, working with NPC movement I tried to let the zombies (especially volatiles) follow a specific path until they see the player. The lifegraph does not work (after my first tries at least) with zombies. Any ideas I could try or maybe there is already a solution? Joluk
  8. Yes I have the same problem too since today... Edit: Going back to an older version of windows helped
  9. Joluk

    i need help pls pls

    @doomguy the error just says that "Dying Light dosn't work anymore. This Program has stopped working because of a problem....". The normal Windows Error. Anderfalls kann ich dir nur empfehlen was doomguy schon sagte. Die Datein auf fehler zu überprüfen geht schnell und falls du nicht weißt wie das geht kann man das schnell googeln. Ein Pc neustart kann auch helfen, falls du noch keinen nach dem Installieren des spiels gemacht hast. Komplett neu downloaden und installieren sollte die letzte Option sein. Viel Erfolg
  10. Joluk

    Volatile nest

    Hello community, I just wanted to ask really quick if already someone tried to reproduce the Volatile nests and knows how to create them + if it's possible to use self-made Ais. Thank you
  11. Joluk

    Navmesh doesn't want to be generated!

    I'm not at home until monday next week. But you should find the log files somewhere in the "out" foulder of your map. The map is located in the Dying Light foulder of steam. If you don't find it I will send you the exact path monday.
  12. To change the time always work with the script. As doomguy already said ,set_day_time _ is the way to go. If you want to change time slowly and not within a milisecond you can add for example -interpolate=10 at the end and it will take 10 sec to change the current time to your wanted time. To change the weather there is no good way to do that with the script. It looks like the phase does not work. And I never saw anyone changing the weather in his map. I'm working on this problem too. If I find anything out I will post it here.
  13. Joluk

    Navmesh doesn't want to be generated!

    Hm this is bad. You could check if there is anything wrong with your tools by validating you game files in steam. You could also look if a log file is created. Do you have any errors in your map?
  14. Joluk

    wall run

    So this "Developer Tools" Forum is for the Dying Light MAP makers. Not for the developers. But if you are interested: Techland planned to make the wallrun but took it out of the game befor release. There was a mod on nexus mod that enabled the wall run but I'm not sure if this mod is up to date. Maybe we will see the wall run in an upcoming dlc or in Dying Light 2
  15. Joluk

    Barriers are kind of broken.

    No they are working as intended. They only disable one side. So make sure your barriers are facing in the right direction.