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  1. Thanks for the info. At least being able to set the wind animation, and not having to worry about animating it myself helps, even if that limits things.
  2. Is it possible to import animated objects? Objects like the ingame outdoor umbrellas that flap in the wind. Looking for info on file format and import/export settings, rather than the artistic side of creating assets.
  3. LyndsW

    Animated Objects

    Thanks for the info.
  4. LyndsW

    Moving The Buggy

    *bump* Anybody have any ideas on this topic?
  5. LyndsW

    Animated Objects

    Do the dev tools support importing animated models? Or is there a way to modify a dev tool project to incorporate such an object? How about movies? Can they be made in a way that's not dependent waiting for the movie to end before a quest can continue? Is there another way to animate an object?
  6. LyndsW

    Envprobe Not Darkening

    I've had bad terrain blocks cause this. Unlocking and relocking them can help. Sometimes they're bad enough that they need to be deleted and recreated because they always crash the editor. Winding paths and patches of terrain have also caused problems. Filling in the unused terrain areas and then removing unseen vertices with the Remove Vertices tool have helped.
  7. LyndsW

    Expand Navmesh?

    On the navmesh tab, I've used the helpers (mostly +NavMechHelper and +NavMeshEnforcer) when the compile process seems to be stuck and doesn't properly create it.
  8. LyndsW

    Ai Acting Weirdly?

    Sounds like maybe the navmesh needs to be rebuilt. It's available from the window menu. Also, some terrain blocks may have errors. They can be revealed by unlocking and relocking them.
  9. LyndsW

    Terrain Resolution

    Something else to keep in mind, is the terrain height and trees. For some if not all users, driving the buggy close by will cause trees and bushes to warp in a glitchy way, if the terrain height is between about -8 and +8.
  10. LyndsW

    Normal Maps For Imported Meshes

    Thanks to both of you for the help. Here's the settings I've found that work right. (using NVidia's photoshop plugins) .DDS, DTX5_NM XY 8bpp DTX5 Now the normal map shadows follow the object shadows.
  11. LyndsW

    Normal Maps For Imported Meshes

    I've got proper textures too. Removed, and created the arrow normal map for testing.
  12. LyndsW

    Normal Maps For Imported Meshes

    Thanks for the suggestion. Yes, the Y-axis from the picture is actually inverted from the default settings. The editor and game properly interpret however it's set. The thing is that the X-axis seems to be completely ignored. example: the mid section of the arrow isn't shown and the circle doesn't ever point to the sides. Since the first post, I've also tried a few image file formats, and the normals still all behave the same.
  13. LyndsW

    Road Tool?

    I'd love to have this tool too. Please consider this Techland
  14. Anyone know what's going on here? My imported normal maps are only showing information along the arrow, but not perpendicular to it. The green channel is read properly. Swapping the red and blue channels doesn't seem to fix this.
  15. LyndsW

    Terrain Resolution

    I've had trouble with the terrain since the update that added the buggy. Unlocking and locking terrain blocks can reveal blocks with problems, and sometimes fix glitches. Saving often, making only a few changes between saves / toggling the block locks, and restarting the editor after short periods of terrain editing seem to reduce the number of glitches. Same goes with painting the terrain.