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  1. Well, I did as you said and the errors dissapeared.

    BUT then suddenly my game crashed and now everytime I try to start it it just crashes when it gets to the point of "starting textures loading process" (Or something similiar to that)


    Rabid Squirrel, Did you save my map and its working correctly? Think you can share it with me? I really don´t have time to re-do everything from my last save point. 

  2. I can try creating a new quest and share the map tomorrow.

    You can add me on steam to find it in my workshop (same name as here).


    another thing worth mentioning is that Im working with a friend and we have like been taking turns of building on the map and after each turn we share it on the workshop to eachother so the other can just subscribe to it and then continue building. Maybe somewhere in that process everything chupacabra up.. But that doesnt explain why it wont work when I create a whole new project and creates a quest there..

  3. Yeah I thought the problem was that I was using the same names too but I tried with a different name and it still didnt work.

    And in the "how to" video you linked me before he did use the same names.. 


    This is just really messed up why this is happening, Don´t understand why.. Even if I create a new map it is still the same problem..

  4. My text file is in the path:  Map_shape --> Data

    And my quest file in:   Map_shape --> Data --> Quests --> Map_shape


    The name of the text script is: texts_steam_workshop.scr

    And the name of the .pxsl file is: firstquest.pxsl


    I tried creating a new simple map with a simple Kill quest and it still didn´t work. Same problem keeps appearing. 

  5. Think you can find whats not working?

    Here´s My content:




    string("MyPickaxe_Name", "Welcome, To something..!")

    string("MyPickaxeEpilog_Name", "Epilog")


    string("MyPickaxe_Desc", "first quest in our map")

    string("MyPickaxeEpilog_Desc", "First quest")


    string("MyPickaxe_Take", "Pick up your weapon!")

    string("MyPickaxe_Go", "Swim across the water")

    string("MyPickaxe_Kill", "Kill Mr. Bert")


    string("MyPickaxeEpilog_Go", "Find the Revolver on the mountian")




    QuestsDefinitions -level=map_shape 

        quest MyPickaxe -final=false

            ,take <<take>> QuestLootableItem MyPickaxe -obj=&MyPickaxe_Take& 

            ,goto <<swim>> QuestLootableItem Firstaid -distance=1 -obj=&MyPickaxe_Go&

            ,kill <<kill>> AISpawnBoxNumber bert -obj=&MyPickaxe_Kill&


        quest MyPickaxeEpilog -final=false

            ,goto <<go>> QuestLootableItem MyRevolver -distance=1 -obj=&MyPickaxeEpilog_Go& 

  6. Hello!

    I just created an account here on techland forum cuz I need help, And I need it now..

    I choosed to create my own map on Dying Light in the Dev tools as my degree project and I only got a week left to finish it..


    Anyway... Today I was about to create my own quest so I looked around on some clips to learn more about it and when I was done writing my own quest I got theese wierd errors sying it can´t find the text script I created (It says:"Localized text doesn´t exist" when I write: -obj=(Name of the text Im reffering too in the text script). ) And I just can´t find a solution to the problem. The text script is in the correct folder and I am writing all the names correctly.


    Someone that knows the problem and how I can fix it? it is kinda crucial that I get this to work.. Please help.