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  1. Oceanian

    ***BTZ tuning 06/08/2017***

    Looks like the devs still don't get it post-patch. Would be a miracle if our ideas ever got implemented lol which is not going to happen anytime soon apparently.
  2. Oceanian

    ***BTZ tuning 06/08/2017***

    Pete, you confuse correlation with causation. It doesn't take long for a human to figure out the do's and dont's in this mode, so it should not be contributing to the VAST MAJORITY of games won by the NH. 1 or 2% at most. The only reason hunters win the vast majority of the games is also not because the game is/was balanced yet, but they had to perfect their approach to the smallest detail. One mistake on the hunters' side equals 1 lost nest. The NH with bad habits will gradually see his winrate decline until he faces the newbies again. After that, he climbs uphill only to see the big rock again, which he couldn't get out of the way last time. The rock went downhill on his path, set him back to square one. Rinse and repeat. Then one day it hit (pun intended) him. He has to find a completely new method to deal with the rock. As a result, the rock was cleared out of the way and he could go further uphill again. The hunter, having faced severe punishment by humans who knew what they were doing, unleashes his perfected approach on unsuspecting, less-experienced humans, which finally explains why the winrate is tipped to the NH's favour. This is my theory, which I believe is the leading factor of the winrate issue, or lack thereof. Everyone would most likely come up with the same conclusion with a little bit of common sense. It is most definitely not your 'trial by fire' that caused this.
  3. Oceanian

    ***BTZ tuning 06/08/2017***

    First of all, I'd like to thank you so much for finally adding changes to the BtZ situation. It took you guys a year to figure it out but I'm glad you're working on it. Your changes so far have been great, however I do not agree with three of them: -The sense suppressor spit needs a complete rework, and we most likely need to go as far as fully removing it, as it is still a hit or miss, completely situational depending on who you're facing. A newbie would obviously face tons of problems and die instantly, but a semi-experienced human just listens closely to his earphones, searching for hunter footsteps which happen to be very loud. The human proceeds to drop a flare and camps out a nest. I believe we need an applicable camouflage, rendering survivor sense completely useless for a very short duration (around the 3 seconds), giving the hunter a chance to actually make them feel like prey, instead of the sense spit. It would also fit his character better. -The survivor sense needs to be a panic button instead of part of the survivors' main toolkit. Primarily they should rely on their senses such as listening to the loud footsteps of the hunter, and when he believes he is close, he could press Q to reveal his general location for a short period (2 seconds) before having a massive 10-20 second cooldown. I think this would be fair. -Now defending the humans, I believe the crossbow/bow has been nerfed way too hard for 1v1's. Now it's completely understandable how every nighthunter including myself got arrow spammed to death in a 1v4, in a 1v1 however, a lucky shot should feel rewarding. Headshotting a speeding monster is no easy task. In a 1v1 it should guarantee an insta-kill for punishing the hunter for standing still or it should drop him down to 5 HP. Body shots would require 3 at most. The damage should be scaled accordingly to the amount of humans in a game. That is all I have to say for now, again thanks for willing to balance a 2 year old game.
  4. Oceanian

    Was Btz A Good Idea Ultimately?

    Exactly. I as a serious gamer, tried to enjoy BTZ too. The imbalances were too much, and I started addressing the list of issues on this forum. Like you said, I got the door slammed in my face, by the devs and other players alike, who tell me to 'git gud'. Since 3 months ago, I have given up.
  5. Heel irritant ja, ik verstond er bijna niks van. Natuurlijk willen wij spelen, dus start die competitie nou maar. Trouwens hoe verdien jij je geld eigenlijk terug?
  6. *said *vacation *want to *doesn't, to give a few corrections. I'm sorry but I get really frustrated by incorrect spelling. I'm not even a native english speaker myself, and I live in the Netherlands, but I've ruled out my spelling mistakes. I think that is really important in internet communication.
  7. Oceanian

    Techland Please Balance 'be The Zombie' Mode!

    Can you tell me when this update was released? I couldn't find the log anywhere! Also, is it 5 hit with the short knife or 5 hit with the bat for example (the stronger one handed weapon)? Because if it's a 5 hit with the short knife, then it's still the same as first.
  8. No, by playing good as the human too, you decrease the chances that the current zombie will perform best.
  9. Consider me an interested person. I love this idea, and I live in western europe, if timezone matters.
  10. Oceanian

    Techland Please Balance 'be The Zombie' Mode!

    HOLY chupacabra?!?!! Is this for real???? I haven't played this game for 2 months, is it the most recent update? Thanks for sharing!
  11. Oceanian

    To Pete

    Pete, again, with all due respect, are you actually considering the ideas? You've ignored RaceyStorm3124 question as well.
  12. Oceanian

    To Pete

    That's a great idea! The devs should really take this one into consideration.
  13. Oceanian

    Techland Please Balance 'be The Zombie' Mode!

    "removed" Mindless insults isn't going to get you anywhere, especially coming from an ignorance. If you call those 'buffs', then you might as well go play CoD yourself. And it isn't about us deserving a video or not, it's about if you want to prove your own words true or not. If you are unable to post a video, then you just admit talking Kurczak.
  14. Oceanian

    To Pete

    Hahahahaha shots fired