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    Unfair Things That Both Sides Can Do

    when i said cornered humans I didn't mean GPing them into a corner I ment spaming GP when the humans can't avoid it. ex. gp a human, then tendril away, imediatly return, gp same human, repeat
  2. There's alot being said about BTZ and how either the NH is op or the humans are op and such. I'm both an experianced NH and a high level survivor and to me it seems that both have some cheap tricks or otherwise weird mechanics that people take advatage of. Night Hunter can: spam GP on cornered humans (as we all know) tackle through certain objects and at weird angles pounce through certain objects Humans can: drop kick NH 10ft above them tackle and attack with 2 handed weapon for insta kill spam dodge If you have anything to add or if you disagree, feel free to comment.