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  1. qwop

    Can 250 Legend Humans 1 Shot Us?

    ITT; Kids who dont realize legend levels are balanced for pvp. before when human was maxed a hit from a night hunter, claw or gp, did 40 damage, non level human (100hp) would take 20 damage. NOW with the legend levels humans top out at 275 BUT night hunter damage is scaled so its still 5hits (55dmg/ph) from claw and/or gp. As for the one shot kills, headshots with bow or crossbow do like 90-95% damage using any ammo that has an effect will add damage after impact but i mean if your as dumb as the guy who posted the clip, who was just standing there, then you probably deserve to take that L. Only thing that needs to be fixed in this game are the over the top loser buff welfare that ruins the game for elite players and how easy tackle + gp spamming has become.
  2. qwop

    Hunter Op Means Less Fun

    Funny how the most honest post that isn't a 12 year old whinning because they still are garbage as a hunter has no replies. The Hunter is ridiculous now i shouldn't be wrecking ultimates as a bolter. Sad thing is nothing will change because the majority of people on here are cry babies, and who will they listen to? You guessed it, the majority. This game is dying the gameplay Isn't it fast paced and intense anymore it's one sided with this this no form of loser buff welfare where you can spit smash non stop if you die a few times. Lets not even mention the cutdown in the KO timer to what? like 10 seconds? Humans don't stand a chance anymore and this makes the game more derivative and boring than COD, hmm mayb thats what the devs are shooting for