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  1. This is a horrible joke at this point. Bad Blood's player count is only around 20-30 players at max recently. It just best to make the game free-to-play at this point. However, there is another issue I would like to address and its the melee combat of Bad Blood. The Combat system, regarding melee weapons, is completely luck based and needs a change. Literally every battle I go into is a game of guessing the right move as when I engage someone I have no idea what he is going to do and vice versa. Is he going Kick, Slice me up, Block, or maybe use one of his utility weapons; there is literally no way to figure out what the player is going to do to where it involves rolling a dice and praying you get lucky. Some players may have obvious patterns, but that still involves guessing the right move and they may suddenly change since all these moves are done in a click what. Considering that this game will feature a "ranked" mode I find it quite insult that guessing is considered skill. For Honor had a better combat system with players being able to react to moves better while being punished properly if they fail to react.
  2. Hank J. Wimbleton

    BtZ: A Proposal/Gift to Developers.

    If you want to try out the mod, and have discord, here's a link to the main Dying Light discord. https://discord.gg/ENTybE There is a special section to trying it out.
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    BtZ: A Proposal/Gift to Developers.

    Absolutely, I would love to see this as an actual update. Ever since day one of this mod you have worked effortlessly each and every single day and the payoff is ten times worth than what the vanilla Dying Light is. Vanilla caters to Night Hunters as the slightest loss makes him regenerate utility faster to where both newbies abuse this in the wrong way and Veterans can exploit this to death. This mod's removal of autobalance makes it so that if I get a kill it is fair. Many weapons and tools have been revamped to the point where everyone has a different load-out instead of players using the same thing over and over. No words can't describe everything else in this mod other than amazing. I would hope that some mechanics from Bad Blood are implemented in regular Dying Light as well. Otherwise keep up the good work.
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    This is why Dying Light developers have failed its players

    You are correct that encountering cheaters so much of the time sucks and I feel you. Techland does need to up their Anti-Cheat to something reasonable in the Dying Light 2. However, as a player who's played this game a long time I would highly suggest that you create a list of these cheaters with their steam profile so that way you can prevent yourself from joining them. I've also heard that blocking these people on Steam prevents them from coming up in your Matchmaking; don't know if it's true or not. However, as a player with so much time on this game I can tell you that there is still enjoyment in BtZ you just have to look harder honestly. Add people who play this game legitimately and check out the Dying Light Discord channel as you can literally ask people to invade you, or you invade them on your respective platform. Trust me there is still fun to be had even with these chupacabra running around.
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    Private Playtest Feedback

    While I am not a fan of Battle Royal games, simply because I don't like the random elements and if you die then that's it, Dying Light Bad Blood is.....okay. Its not amazing, but its okay. Compared to just killing each other there is also an objective that must be met. However there are alot of negatives I have with this game. Guns are OP as they completely invalidate any player progression. Somebody who has no samples can grab a shotgun and completely destroy someone who is level 5 with armor. The UI for switching weapons and equipment is confusing and there is no tutorial how to navigate it. Why change something that isn't broken from the original game? Melee combat, while I did say it was enjoyable when fighting other players, blocking sometimes doesn't register properly and getting hit feels like the enemy player just moved back 5 feet. Melee Weapon range is severely nerfed. Weapons that clearly have a longer range than others have the range of fists which is imbalanced as it creates an illusion that these weapons should be hitting farther, but aren't. I did say guns are OP, but just aiming with a gun or bow is just clunky. I can play Call of Duty, Team Fortress 2, and any other First Person Shooter and my aim feels great. Dying Light however...its aiming system is based around Melee combat not long range weapons (i.e. guns). Please fix it as its an issue in Dying Light in general. Dodging, while okay against other players, is nerfed when it comes to Goons and Demolishers. You are guaranteed to be taking unnecessary damage no matter what because of how short the dodging is. Shield is rather OP as it blocks even explosives when its underneath their feet and much more. I literally spam explosives and shots while a player was holding his shield up in a corner, and I could not touch him. Map is...rather small and there are not many weapons. Of course its an alpha, but I still want to mention this, and hope that it does get bigger. Death-from-Above can chain onto other players even if one is initiating it on another which can make players helpless at times. Molotovs and Grenades are easily avoid, and there is no cook sound for grenades as well. Overall, while I'm not a fan of Battle Royal games I do hope this is improved upon. Other Issues I want to address: Why is blocking added right now? It would've made sense to add it to the original game instead of pressing Mouse 1 and hoping my hit connects to thugs with machetes. Elemental effects work pretty damn well in this game, yet are not implemented,fixed, or worked upon in BTZ? Just....why? It limits variety. Not Bad Blood related, but still something I want to point out.
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    Missing Executable

    I have received a Steam Key for the Bad Blood Beta, yet when I try to play it keeps saying "missing executable". I went to the Bad Blood folder and lo and behold all that is in the the folder is a text document. What I am supposed to do? Please help.
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    Be the Zombie, humans way over powered.

    Wow...just wow. I have alot to say regarding your twitch videos, and to finally have proof of your "Best Hunter" status. The obvious things first. The cheaters...nothing can be said about that. They cheat so its already an unfair fight, but you still managed to win and it's mainly because they don't know how to play good. Not only cause they cheat. Now onto the next thing that I want to talk about more importantly is your play-style. Its predictable; very predictable. You constantly go head-first without any thought and just hope that it works. Your spits are just thrown out instead of having a plan you lack any good aim. You go for tackles constantly by just running/jumping/tendrilling in their face. You constantly tendril back and forth which makes it easy to track you with UV light You don't even retreat to recover health.You also jump alot which is easily punished by Survivors slashing you. As Bub has said it "Why would a "best Hunter" complain about dodge spam?" In fact lets talk about dodge spam. So what else is Survivor suppose to do in order to avoid your attacks? The only two thing he can do is run and grapple both of which are exploited if you remove dodging all together. If we even remove dodging at all tackle would be utterly overpowered. Your idea of having a stamina for dodging was something that was brought up way before, and was neglected and ignored, but let's say if it was implemented. It would be exploited because all you had to do was wait it out and hear how short of breath he was, and then for tackles. You can beat dodging by using tendril sprint, running and using ground pounds or claws; and before you say Tendril Sprint is a glitch it is a thing that the developers added so that Night Hunter can run very quickly on the ground in order to circle Survivors. What to know how?.....ask. The grapple nerf: Grapple how it is, is already fine. If it were nerfed even more than Survivors have no way to avoid The Horde or other attacks. Grapple takes 2-3 charges, and if a Survivor use it smartly, not spam it, he can save more charges. Your UV Light nerf suggestion is going to make so that Survivors have no way to drain the Hunter's energy. Also did you know you can crouch to recover energy faster when you retreat. No?.....maybe you should spend more time looking around for advice instead of angrily say and post "Survivors OP" and give up. All of your comments are just sad and pathetic as all you want to make a game where, judging from your play-style, as barebones as possible and with no thought process to it where you only win. The reason why we use dodge so much is because we don't exactly know what a Night Hunter will do. We need to avoid hits as much as possible and as the people who actually took the time to practice and discover new things Hunter's telegraphed attacks are not as telegraphed and happen much more instantly. The only thing that makes it possible to dodge is how a Hunter's player moves as movement is everything especially since Tendril Sprint is the meta. We are not just simply going to stand there is simply let you hit us for free and easy wins which is what you want. You also seem to quit matches alot when it comes to non-cheaters. It only counts when you win right? The people you fight as well from your twitch clips are all easy, and new. You seem to just hunt down the players that barely have any game sense and call yourself "the best Hunter." No amount of post awards is going to make you a better player. But hey I'm always here playing Dying Light ready to be proven wrong by such "legendary" skill. Let's see the stuff you questioned in this twitch clip: 11:40 - You tendrilled in his direction while he swung his axe. 12:30 - He looked up, turned around, and sliced you. People can slice up to you know. 15:35 - 19:20 - Wow just wow. This is exactly what I'm talking about regarding your predictable play-style. Overall your skill is laughable. The people you fight range from cheaters which apparently you didn't get the message to alt-f4 like how you do to legit players; to people who know what they are doing, and you refusing to learn and resort to the same tactics every time; or players who are new or don't have any game sense and you go for easy kills cause it increases your ego. That is the type of player you are and its absolutely pathetic. Grow up and stop being ignorant and biased. The game has been out for a very long time now and all you do is just stay in your shell. At least I manage to bring out proof from various sources while you constantly write like child. The game is now being discontinued because of Dying Light 2 and the remaining players here are helping each other out instead of moaning and whining. In fact why don't we look at what an actual great Night Hunter is. One who has handled dodge spam, and one who uses Tendril Sprint effectively. Something added by the developers.
  8. Hank J. Wimbleton

    Be the Zombie, humans way over powered.

    No I will continue posting against biased people like yourself. You continue to write with no structure and complain. If you were a "Best Ranked Hunter" as you proclaim why haven't I fought you before? I would have easily recognized you and so would many others. Are they're any recordings of you fighting against top tier Survivors, or even Hunters? Show me some actual proof of your "Status". Any one can here and write as many posts as they want, or they can write a small number of posts. The difference though between writing is whether if a person is biased, stubborn, arrogant, and so close-minded; or a person that analyzes the game thoroughly, looks at all the techniques used whether if it legit or glitched, and make good assumptions so that both sides are balanced. An example of that would be when Hunter could not 180 and if he tried he would immediately stop. This caused outrage for both Survivor and Hunter players because it removed an important key feature for Hunter and that was movement. Another example was Instant Tackle. While some Hunters like this glitch cause it prevented Survivors dealing massive damage or killing you they agreed that it was overpowered and unfair because there were situations where Survivors could not do anything to beat this, and this tactic can literally go on forever. I would also make a guide. It would take time, and effort just to write it all down, get footage, get advice, or whatever else is needed. You want to know why because I do like it when new players get destroyed and feel helpless. I do not like when even players who aren't new, but still struggle feel helpless. Its called giving a damn for the community, and the game. All you have done as now is just whine, complain, and harass others for an opinion. We have not ignored your posts as they are pretty obvious to see. Your posts however, are biased and laughable because we didn't spend out time whining, and complaining. We spent our time figuring out new ways to counter certain styles of play. We spent our time forming a community to help others. All you have done is just give up, and whine. I also did spend the time to make a guide and I am making another so that I can help others rather than resort to crying. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=949125978 As for your videos on cheaters. GOOD. Actual good thing you've done so far so that it tells us not to fight them and avoid them. Now do yourself a favor for your own sanity, and just leave. Leave every single cheater you fight. You literally win by leaving because they want to use their cheats. You deny that you win. As for everything else where is your proof? Where is your status of being a "Top Ranked Hunter" or "Survivor"? Where is it? Please prove me wrong with actual proof. I gave you my profile. Drakorus actually has a community with high-skilled Hunters and Survivors. Vallon is someone I fought against and lost to, and has videos. Renfur is a skilled Hunter with a youtube channel himself, and is making a guide. So where is your proof? Please literally have a match with me in any map you choose. I enjoy being proven wrong because it opens up new things. However, if the best you can do is just whine behind a computer screen without proof; all your posts are considered an actual joke. I will continue to post against your chupacabra as I will not have any game has mechanics or updates that spoon-feed every player who refuse to take the time to actual build up skill, talk with others for advice, and discover new things. The only thing you desire is to win without effort. Click a button and win type deal. How about you actually ask for help, or look up a god-damn guide. Its not hard and you lose nothing. At the most please humor us and try it.
  9. Hank J. Wimbleton

    Be the Zombie, humans way over powered.

    See.....this is why I am worried about people who write like this because it pretty much states that whoever yells like this the hardest, people with barely and structure or experience, seem to garner more attention from the developers. With that said you have no freaking idea what you're talking about, and from what I can tell from your "experience" is that you've either barely played, not take the time to learn, grow, and seek out ways in order to get better, and expect to press the pounce button every time for an easy win; or play so poorly that you are predictable. The recent patches towards Hunter are too good that auto-balance literally gives Hunters, both new and pro, rewards for losing. Fast respawn, more nests and zeds for Survivors, and fast utility regen. Literal "get out of jail free" cards for losing. This isn't even counting on the changes towards 3v1 and 4v1 where spits and shield regen like no tomorrow. If you want to talk about spamming, fight in 3v1 or 4v1 and spam spits and shields to your hearts content. Damage mapping for all versus scenarios is also balanced as well as you don't die in "3 hits" as you portray. Its probably because in team fights they all gang up and slice you to death, which is the god-damn point of a team fight. The dodge spam that you complained about has been complained way before and Hunters found a way to counter it. Its called timing your tackles and ground pounds, and running up to his face and claw him. All of which takes time and practice. The UV Light and Hooks are balanced has the recovery time for the UV light is slow especially if it runs out, and Survivors can only use 2-3 hooks. The way you portray your words, and the things that you desire seem to be wanting braindead gameplay for Hunter that can pretty much one-shot kill with every move; and your "experience" tells me you only played very little and acted very predictably. You desire Survivors to have zero fighting chance when it comes to fighting against the Hunter from your posts in other threads. You complaints are extremely biased and only focus around yourself because of your frustration of playing as a Hunter, and while that is understandable Hunter is not a character that can be played rather easy, the fact that you expect to invade and be a badass 24/7 just shows how "skill" you are. It seems you run in straight lines trying to perform tackles. You pounce predictably, and you don't even try to dodge as its possible to avoid hits, but you seem to go head-first without a plan. Of course spits don't kill they are utility weapons meaning that they help secure a kill easier, and make it difficult for Survivors. If you're not applying pressure its your own damn fault, and the game even states that what spits do. Again the "spam" you mentioned has counters, but you did not take the time to explore counters and just complained. Goons and virals actually do something as they slow the game because either the Survivors focus the nest and risk taking damage or stunned, or they take care of the zombies to avoid as much distractions as possible. Empathicc has also mentioned concerning your "cheater" debacle that you god-damn leave. Literally leaving makes you lose nothing; alt-f4 or just dropping out ensure cheaters don't get a game. In fact dropping out early in the match makes sure it was an abort, and not a defeat if you care about losing. Seriously, make a list of cheaters you encounter its not that hard. The only person forcing you to fight cheaters is yourself by you staying in, and I'm sorry that you have had to fight against cheaters, but simply leaving is a victory because you deny them a game. Flares are also balance because they aren't spammed way back before these updates existed, and they don't "control the map" with flares. Only a small area that they are forced in under certain circumstances, and its can be very easy to scare them off especially with the spit buffs. As for the only glitch you mentioned it is only used in some specific situations, and it seems you are just going to ignore Hunter's glitches as well? No one is forcing you to use these glitches as well. Another game that has used glitches and has garnered success is Super Smash Bros. Melee. Different games yes, but it has a multitude of glitches that are used in competitive play. In summery, you just complain because you don't want to put time in effort in this game. You expect everything to be handed to you on a silver platter expecting easy wins, and complain with so much bias that its not funny. The structure of your words is filled with barely any details regarding your experience other than a short summery saying "Humans are OP plz nerf", and is rushed like hell. There is skill in this game on both sides, and if you can't find the time, and effort to actually learn, improve and explore then you only have yourself to blame. You constantly shame on people for having a different opinion than yours crying out "NO I'M ALWAYS RIGHT AND YOUR WRONG PERIOD". If you still think that both Survivor and Hunter don't require skill well let's see.... Both wouldn't require quick reflexes. map knowledge, aiming, usage of utility, teamwork in 2v1 and above, knowing how to use your arsenal, and especially knowing when to attack. Yup totally no skill involved. Now if I am somehow wrong about all this please write with actual sentence structure and understanding rather than just cry wolf 24/7, and if you think I'm a troll, noob, or whatever poor insult you can come up with I have 2000+ hours in this game. I say all this with experience. Renfur, Vallon, Drakorus, and empathicc have had played this game for a very long time and have experience. With how you write it sounds like you barely have any, and if you think I bull-chupacabra then here's my profile. You can even join me in a fight if you ever so desire. I am sick and tired of people crying "Human OP" and don't even bother to explore solutions, talk with people, or even look up a video or god-damn guide. Here are your two choices: Leave this game if it bothers you so much and actually play something you will enjoy, and wait for Dying Light 2; or actually look for help learning Night Hunter. https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198070630030/
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    Be the Zombie, humans way over powered.

    You know I am sorry for your experience playing Dying Light. I can understand that the pvp is difficult on the Hunter side. Very difficult in fact. Fighting against one person is a chore, but four is rather nuts. However I do have to highly disagree with you Kornchits on your stance that Humans are OP. Your argument on Humans shouldn't be Superheroes; I can see where you're coming from, yet the fact that you want something too realistic is a bit much. Video games were made with the most crazy of ideas and this game is no exception. To say that this game needs to be more realistic....well let me paint a picture. No health bar, and you die in like one or two hits. Every slice, and claw attack severely wounds you, makes you weaker, and deals bleeding. The Grapple Hook functions differently instead of how it works right now. A molotov burns you and a Hunter rather quickly. Toxic waste kills both of ya, and so on and so forth. You get the idea. Again, I get the idea where you come from. Night Hunter is supposed to be an actual terrifying threat, and Survivors should be weaker and fearful of an apex predator. The thing is that...that is already happening. Dying Light is already designed with what it is currently, and if that is something you don't like at all....simply move on to another game. Not trying to sound rude, but if you're not enjoying the experience than this isn't a game for you. Night Hunter has an instant kill attack, even if its easily countered; and a bunch of utility that makes it terrifying to play against. Instant killing bombers, Tackles off rooftops, UV spit, UV heal, etc. The way you use them is depending on how you play and your current surroundings. An example of this would be if a Survivor is on a rooftop you Ground Pound him to knock him off and proceed to tackle so he can't dodge. Enclosed spaces like hallways, or houses are good for spits. Another thing that has to be kept in mind is that all this takes time and practice. Which is where I have a problem with you. You have not stated how good you are at the game. Now to some this may not be important, but in the current state of the game, and...games with Asymmetrical multiplayer in general there are those who are willing to go far and beyond to get better even if the game has to no true Esport value. Players from both Survivor and Hunter side are always getting better. So with that said I don't know how you play at all, and neither do the rest of us, nor how things work on consoles. I've had spent 2000+ hours in this game's PVP, and have fought against some of the best Night Hunters this game has to offer. I have learned, improved, and dealt with this games design, and many updates. I say what I have to say with experience as well. With that said your other issue on Dropkick being OP and you should be able to dodge it sounds rather biased. Dropkick is a move that is hard to land in general with Tendril Sprint being a thing, and if you are running on the ground constantly then yes, you will be dropkicked at some point. However if he misses than that's a huge opening. Also running around and taking the High Ground is a way of dodging it. Jumping, Tendriling around, Tendril Sprint etc. Getting chain Dropkicked however does suck and its unfortunate and the best advice I have for that is Renfur's Instant tackle thing (unless you hate using glitches which is understandable), or just try to recover faster as chaining dropkicks can be difficult from the Survivor's side. A counter to dropkick is literally tackle. An update a while back made it so Tackle overrides dropkick. I don't know the timings, but I have had it happen to me. The whole "Survivors having infinite number of boosters" is an invalid complaint. No seriously, are you going to yell at someone farming legitimately and gaining 99 NH Boosters, which is the legit maximum hold amount, through all his fights? There is no difference between someone who is legit, and someone who duped. The Boosters also have an extremely long cooldown as well so people can't spam them as soon as one ends. Spits and Shields also don't have long cooldowns depending on certain conditions. Conditions being the auto-balance feature, and how many Survivors you are fighting against. Spits also explode much quicker making difficult to hit, but difficult to dodge if used right. If you are fighting in a 4v1 then you have to expect that teamwork will always be a thing, but if that's a problem with you than fight less; its simple even if you have to wait. With all this said I do think, personally, that your initial complaint is very biased. Yes you are entitled to your opinion and I do respect it, but through what is written and how it is written it just sounds rushed, and with alot of frustration, which I can understand. The March update (I think its March) made so that currently PVP is as balanced as it is. I do agree with Drakorus in that not having a fully skilled NH is crippling yourself, but not having an opinion is what I disagree with. However, both sides comments are very chilish with the whole "troll" chupacabra. I didn't come here to bash you Kornchits, I came to say that although its difficult as a NH, its possible to even win 4v1s. The advice you want is look at videos and guides, even if its not in the same platform. Looking at videos from both perspectives can give you can idea of what Survivors are doing right and wrong; and what Hunters are doing right and wrong. Time and practice is also something that separates the good players from the bad ones, even in 4v1s. I did make a guide which I'll link. Might not be helpful or it will as its old, but I'm willing to help. Now if I am wrong about your skill I would like to see a video or something as I enjoy being proven wrong. Again I say what I say with experience not to insult, troll, or bash ya. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=949125978
  11. Hank J. Wimbleton

    BtZ Discussion: Duplication

    This is something that has been in the back of my head for a long time now. It's probably an old discussion, but still want to get it out of my mind. In the beginning of Dying Light’s launch people have managed to discover duplicating items. People have managed to gain an unlimited supply of whatever resource they want, and even going beyond some items max capacity. This glitch was largely game breaking as it removes the need to scavenge, and craft items all together; gaining an infinite amount of every resource and utility item in the game. However, is it truly an issue as many portray? Now for single player any player can do whatever they so choose to do so long as it doesn’t interfere with the multiplayer part of the game. Which is where many people had an issue with; the PVP. Where people took there duped items towards and having flares, med-kits, boosters, etc. My issue with this is…isn’t that the point? To be prepared for every Night Hunter invasion. Scavenging, while a part of the game, can be very time consuming, and tedious seeing as you only gain one amount of each item. Having to be prepared for the next invasion and grinding for item collecting can kind of take away the experience. While it is true that upon death from a Night Hunter you get flares, and Med-kits those initial items are used up rather quickly. People before have claimed this to be equivalent to cheating and have called it the worst thing ever since many people do it. However, what is the difference between someone duping, and someone scavenging for items? Time, and that is it. Every single item whether it’s duped, or not acts and functions the same. A med-kit is a med-kit; a flare is a flare; and a booster is a booster. Of course, there are farming spots, and the recent update made it, so nest spawns now drop crafting items, and ammo. However, these things take time, and time is something most people don’t have considering the distance to get to the next nest, and the autobalance which gives Hunter faster respawns, and utility. I have duped because it has managed me to save time and enjoy invasions so much more. However, what is your opinion on duping after all this time? I do plan to write more discussions like this.
  12. Hank J. Wimbleton

    BtZ Feedback Wanted: 03/21/2018

    I'm extremely late on this topic, but I still want to throw what I have to say. Also what I have to say is mostly around 1v1. WHEN I PLAY AS SURVIVOR #1 thing I like: Using long-range weapons (guns, bow, and crossbow). I am a fan of fps games, and whenever I land shots with either hit-scan, or projectile I feel a sense of satisfaction that through all the time, and practice I put using these weapons; landing hits with them is the most satisfying thing ever. #1 thing that bugs me: While I enjoy using these long-range weapons most are weak, lost important values, or are just buggy. Most guns can't be used because of how little damage they deal, and with Hunter's Tendril Sprint giving him insane movement speed, it makes even trying to land a hit less rewarding. Elemental factors for the Bow and Crossbow don't even exist. What made these arrows, and bolts special was their elemental attribute which gave slightly more damage, and with that removed all that's left are just plain normal arrows, and bolts. Explosive Arrows are too buggy as when trying to shoot at certain angles (behind a wall, peeking a corner, or near a zombie when not aiming at him) they explode in your face, and the explosions don't follow accurately as the multiple explosions might randomly hit your face. Sometimes hitting direct hits with Toxic Bolts doesn't give the toxic effect. Another bug is that switching arrow types sometimes doesn't work as I press/hold the switch button, yet I am not switching arrow types. The headshot mechanic is not rewarding as the Hunter's head hitbox is way too small, and the reward for even landing a hit isn't even that great on top of the fact that the Hunter moves incredibly fast with Tendril Sprint, whereas in the past if you landed a headshot with arrows/bolts you are rewarded for your good aim with massive damage. The Crossbow damage nerf is also a problem as well. I'll admit it is easier to land shots with than the bow, but it is still difficult to land those shots. The bow and Crossbow are both projectile weapons, and it takes skill to land those shots especially when a Hunter is flying, and running around constantly at 200mph. Now if the elemental arrows, and bolts are not going to receive their previous damage abilities at least make it so it does something like gives debuffs against Hunter. An idea that came up was to make the arrows, and bolts give debuffs depending if it was an AoE hit, or direct hit. Examples of this would be that Electricity makes the Hunters movement buggy for a certain amount of time. Another idea I have is make Bolts, or Arrow heads out the Grenades. Freeze grenades could be made into bolts, or arrows and could slow the Hunter, and so that the weapons that don't get much use are actually useful. I mean the Fire arrow is basically a Molotov strapped on. Guns could use a buff as well, and I'm not wanting this to be Call of Duty to make guns overpowered; I just want them to be a viable option. I am not much of a Hunter player, but I'll still say how I feel when playing as one. WHEN I PLAY AS HUNTER #1 thing I like: The damage balance across all versus scenarios, and it feels great to finally have 2v1 get its own damage scaling. #1 thing that bugs me: Movement feels clunky, and not similar to Survivor. Maybe this is just me compared to other high-skilled Hunter players, but I don't feel like I'm in control when playing as a Hunter as it feels slightly clunky. An example would be trying to turn left, or right; or even if I jump I would feel a delay. Whereas when I play as a Survivor my movement is precise, and responds without delay. Another thing that bothers me is how bright UV Light and flares can get, which sometimes blinds me as I can't see clearly where I am going. If there was a way to tone down the brightness of the UV Light and flares that would be nice. Climbing cliffs is also very annoying. OVERALL Tackle needs a nerf. The instance where I am in a high place trying to avoid the horde, or the Hunter, and he manages to Tackle me from a safe place is just unfair. An example of this would be a Survivor hanging on the green walls on the bridges in the Slums, and Countryside. Hunter can reach this height making a safe place obsolete should a fight happen there, and the horde appears. Another issue with tackle is that when a Hunter lands a tackle he can then initiate another one by standing still. As far as I'm concerned tackle doesn't work by standing still. Last issue I have with tackle is how quickly it can be initiated after a failed pounce. Should a Hunter miss his tackle it leaves the Survivor there in the air where he can do a few options of either attacking, or escaping. A Hunter can quickly short-hop, and turn around in order to do another tackle. The issue with this is that the Survivor has no escape option as Tackle's range is very long. Autobalance. It still sucks. The fact that I, when playing as a Survivor, get punished for playing optimally, and receive all these additional chupacabra that I have to deal with; and Hunters get quick regens for spits, shields, and a fast respawn for either making mistakes, or playing poorly is unfair. Inexperienced Hunters can constantly spam spits like no tomorrow until he gets a lucky shot all the while he keeps his distance, and spam shields if his energy is low as well making it next to impossible to even drain his energy as the effectiveness of the UV Light seems to be cut in half feels incredibly annoying, and a chore to deal with. Experienced Hunters can use all this stuff as well as they can do the spam as listed above, but do spit smashes, and UV heals making it hard to kill. Now I understand how important it is to defend a nest, but as a match goes on a Hunter respawning very quickly acts more like an unnecessary handicap as he can just throw his life out there, and spam spits, shields, etc with the additional buffs he receives for losing, and the time to kill a single spawn is exactly the same when respawns, and all this for him dying due to his own mistakes. Survivors have to deal with one more spawn at each nest, buggy zombies, and buggy goons. The zombies, and goons respawn randomly meaning that if I take my time to kill a goon, and dies he'll just suddenly respawn back making me waste more of my time on top of the fact I have to deal with them, or risk taking damage and/or getting stunned. Ghost Claw, a glitch that allows a Hunter to quickly claw down Survivors incredibly fast. When Hunter players use this tactic the Survivor cannot retaliate in anyway as he is constantly stunned by the claw hits. Fix this please.
  13. Hank J. Wimbleton

    Fix Matchmaking

    Every time there is a sale for Dying Light there is a massive influx of new players, and somehow they are being paired against Ultimate Survivors, or against players who have played for a very long time. This shouldn't happen. A Runner should not be up against an Ultimate Survivor ever. This cause demoralization, and sways people away from the game. Please fix this Matching so that players are actually matched according to skill. Also can some one from Techland, or in these forums thoroughly explain how the matchmaking system works? I'm just in shock and awe that I am constantly fighting against new players that the Quickplay option seems to think its okay.
  14. Even I somewhat agree with you here. I thought that this patch at first was a good game changer to balance things out. As time went on however many of us realized that some things in this patch were too much, and did kind of went off negatively in what I said. I can understand if someone dislikes this patch, but at least have some decency to actually explain with details as to why its unbalanced rather than the obligatory, biased "HUNTER/HUMAN OP PLZ NERF, THIS SUCKS" stuff which barely outlines any reasons to their argument. In the case of this thread, this person is willing to use a game breaking patch in order to bypass the current version to their own liking. Now I don't care if someone cheats in single-player, I don't care if someone wants to do this glitch in single-player, I don't care if someone download mods, scripts, or use an auto-crossbow in single-player. I do care when all of this is being used for PVP/BTZ. When you play with this kind of stuff by yourself, or with friends than that's fine. In single-player you can do anything as you please, but when you take all the cheats, glitches, and scripted items to Multiplayer it creates an unbalanced and unfair playing field.. Its not fair that many players who played from the very beginning up to the current version get the short of the stick when some random cheater joins in, and screws them over, and the next one over. Its not fair that people use glitches that have next to no counter for an easy, and unfair win. Many of us care about this game, and to see it succeed even further, but when we see stuff like this it makes the game look very bad. I can understand if someone has no desire to become the god of Dying Light, and just want to play, and have fun. That is fine. I even like your idea of setting custom settings so that people can play with whatever they like as it adds more diversity, and fun similar to Super Smash Bros. where people can play with Fox only, no items, Final Destination, or play with items, and mess around. However, you can't say that bringing a cheat engine, or scripted items to the areas of Multiplayer is fair for "their experience" cause its not. This player right here, despite his frustrations, is choosing the cheap route, and glitch the game to his liking. Yes lets all go back to Day One of The Following where Semi-auto shotguns can 3 shot a Hunter at an insane range, and where we can one shot nests. Lets go back to having the Shield glitch where it deflects stuck spits, and tackle hits like a melee weapon. Let us all have to run cheat engines to run super fast and avoid Hunter spits. This isn't the way to fix things. Instead what this person should've done is discussed his issues with details as to why he dislikes it like how most of us have been doing in the thread above. In regards to cheating being addressed why don't we as players continue to mention it. It was talked about before, but then was suddenly dropped, and somewhat forgotten as an issue here when it shouldn't be. Bad Blood is going to come, and you can bet that there are going to be cheaters, and we should be voicing our concerns with cheating loudly, and continuously. "The only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing" This can't be any more true.
  15. Hank J. Wimbleton

    Be The Zombie Balancing Update - 12/1/2018

    Some things I agree with you with, some I don't. It is human instinct to win as that is pretty much the point of any objective based gamemode. So dirty tricks or tactics that are common should be expect and be played around. I'll be honest when this update was up I was happy as its not a curbstomp when a Hunter is a fighting a Human and loses, yet as time went on we then realized how strong of an update this was towards Hunter. It is very unbalanced. Spits are too easy to uses for low skilled players, and the high skilled players know how to abuse them to the point where you can barely do anything about it. The only way to pretty much be a Hunter is playing in a 2v1 so that the effects of 3v1 and 4v1 are not there. 1v1 is a mess because if you're hit by UV Spit its pretty much a guaranteed death with no way to counter. 3v1 and 4v1 is just way to chaotic as they are spits left and right with barely any safe openings to even engage the Hunter, and on top of the fact that he regenerates spits and shield like no tomorrow makes it even more difficult cause he can just heal back up, run away, or lock you place with the animation of pouncing, or tackle. There is a reason spits have only two charges (depending on which you use), these things are very dangerous as losing you UV Light, or having insta kill bombers appear from the from the map, from the ground, or even goddamn, unfairly teleport to you. These spits before were hard to aim, and I'll admit it was rather disappointing to see a new player miss 24/7 and not learn how to aim, or use them; but with the auto-balance mechanic and with this update it makes it that something that is this dangerous is now easy to use for all skill levels of players. We might as well go back to spamming flares again for this kind of chupacabra. The Shield still does work, but its just bad to use in general. It leaves you open for tackles, GPs, and pounces since the shield can't block them; even if someone manages to block the spit they have to wait out its animation which leaves you unable to do anything (i.e. switch weapons, equipment, move around, etc). Some people are don't have that much experience, and are of course whining, but there are others here who have spent the time and effort into this game which we enjoy, and put our opinions not for whining, but to help make this game balance overall. Stats are also important because it allows us to see many variables with this game. Unfortunately we have no way to see who does what with anything, only Techland knows. I think this video helps alot with this stuff, and it is a different game, but the same concept should apply:
  16. Hank J. Wimbleton

    Be The Zombie Balancing Update - 12/1/2018

    After playing many games even I'm starting to believe that this is a bit too much. Inexperienced/new Hunters get way too much leeway with the new spit mechanics which encourages spam, little effort, and little thought. Combine that with the Auto-Balance, which is still broken and unfair, makes it even more tedious to fight a Hunter. Here is a scenario when fighting a new/inexperienced Hunter: Hunter engages; realizes he can't pounce easily; starts spitting and misses ALOT; runs away to recharge; then proceeds to either wait for spits or attack in utter failure; after the human kills the first or second nest auto-balance kicks in and gives Hunter too much forgiveness as he can now spam spits to his hearts content with, again little effort and little thought; which leads to a very tedious and frustrating stalling match where all he needs to do is spit and run for the next 10-15 minutes in a match. All the while he gets to run away freely with no consequence, and even if you do kill him if the Survivor has a spit on him it will last on him when the Hunter respawns and engages the Survivor again because Auto-Balance is allows him to respawn insanely fast and continue to stall, and the spits effects last way to long. Against an Experienced player however, its a whole different story. Animation abuse to lock players in place with either the UV Shield-Pounce trick or using Tackle making it 100% guaranteed for the spit to land unless his aim is bad, or mis-predicts. The fact narrow places or areas that offer little room to maneuver favor these new spits makes it more difficult as all the Hunter has to do is wait for the right time to engage, or literally use Tendril Sprint to dash around rooftops and fake his engages in order to drain the UV Light. UV Heal also makes it that if you are hit with a UV Spit you're 100% dead with no chance to even toss a flare. Killing him doesn't help either because once he respawns he's already loaded and has that second UV Shield and UV Spit ready if he manages to kill a Survivor. Also I don't know if its just me but I think the spits are recharging way too fast in 1v1 when the Hunter is winning, and that the UV Light seems to drain much faster when using it. Lastly there is some glitch or something involving Ground Pound where even after the auto-aim was patched some Hunters manage to still lock on perfectly. I don't know if its because of this Pre-Patch glitch I keep hearing or something else. One last thing to note is that when hit by a UV Spit and when its effect wears off, the UV Light has a chance to make Survivors start with very little battery which is rather unfair. Now another problem that rises is the fact that before this patch spits were very easy to dodge. Literally anyone can dodge them unless some of the broken techniques from above were used, the Hunter lands a Tackle, has god-like aim, or manages to get a spit to hit in very specific situations. I personally don't know a solution, but it is something to note. If there is one thing I can say its that please REMOVE THE AUTO-BALANCE. Seriously Survivors get a penalty for winning while Hunters get a buff for losing. That is seriously broken and is a horrible incentive. Survivor Scenario: He gets to a nest at the start and it has two broods. Kills them, and then proceeds to have to do longer stuff which somewhat stalls the game, but helps he Hunter. The second a Survivor is winning his next nest will have 3 broods, one or two goons and more zombies to deal with in order to avoid getting grabbed, taking damage, or stunned. This is all on top of a player controlled Hunter. The goons are by far the worst of them because even if you kill them or are about to they suddenly respawn and thus its more work for the Survivor, and its just time waster for Hunter to respawn quicker. In summery, after playing many matches (mostly 1v1) it does feel rather unfair because of how little effort is made to land spits with the use of broken tactics, and leads to Survivors dying easily. The UV Light flickering can be something real big as Hunters can fake their engages to waste battery, and have to save battery the hunter is not within line of sight.
  17. So you're basically going to cheat over a patch that you deem unfair because you're incapable of adapting and finding new ways to play? Well you do you I guess; just shows how much of a "player" you are.
  18. This whole thing just comes off as biased and and ill-informed. The blinking was a rather broken thing way before this patch. It allowed a Survivor to pretty much catch up to a drained Hunter without any consequence whatsoever. DFA was also broken especially in a 4v1 setting because of its height requirements and the fact that its an instant kill move. All it takes is one person to initiate it so a nerf was needed. Spits are rather iffy, but this is a step in the right direction because of how easy it was to dodge them. Basically all you did in this post was just whine and complain with a biased mindset as to why you dislike this update. All you pretty much said was "Wahhh I can't do anything, Hunter OP wahh!!." Wording like this pretty much tells me that you are either inexperienced, haven't taken actual time(and not just one match or a goddamn day) to get used to these changes and figure out new ways to avoid things, or both.
  19. Hank J. Wimbleton

    Be The Zombie Balancing Update - 12/1/2018

    Guess I'll share how I feel about this update. (This is all in a 1v1 perspective) Drop Attack: I loved this move very much as it was satisfying to pull off (especially on cheaters), but it does feel fair now. No longer I can just easily go on top of a van or short roof and pull this off. I actually have to do it in specific areas which is good. UV Light: At first I thought this was going to be very horrible, but instead it feels right. The distance feels very right as I can't just UV a Hunter who is on top of a really high roof. The flicking is okay. The Cooldown is okay as well, but maybe just decrease it a little bit in a 1v1 setting. Spits: I have mixed feelings for these. On one hand its great cause I can still dodge them if I move accordingly, but the Explosion radius and delay means that the UV Shield-UV Spit-Pounce combo is just as effective and can be pretty unfair. The duration of the effects are okay, but for UV Spit it can be pretty harsh at times. Plus I still feel the auto-balance at times making these new spits way too forgiving for new players who do nothing, but spam spits. Overall they are fine for the time being. Survivor Sense: This is just annoying. I mean its fine and I think its a good thing, but it feels annoying to press the Sense button literally 24/7. At least making the Hunter appear for 2 or 3 seconds then poof. Misc: Auto-Balanced still feels unfair. Plus Goons suck. Overall these changes are great. It is a good step in the right direction for Hunter and I really hope more patches, bug fixes, updates etc. happen more in future. Is there going to be any changes to Survivors by any chance James?
  20. Hank J. Wimbleton

    Gun Silencer available now

    This DLC is just very disappointing. Between Content Drop #1 and to now this was the best that can be thought of? Now I am not saying that the inclusion of a suppressor isn't a bad thing, but the final product just...sucks. Just finding ammo for this gun is a severe pain as it's just too rare to find. You'll run out of ammo for these guns before you can even have fun with it. The Bow and Crossbow are better silent killers overall than these guns as ammo isn't something someone should worry about. The design of the suppressor sucks hard. It is a neat idea that its looks like something crafted in order to make a makeshift suppressor, but you can't even accurately aim down with the gun as the size of it blocks most of your view. Please redesign it. Also a craftable Suppressor would be nice as well so that you would have to take either using alot of resource for stealth, or other things. Also why can't other guns have a suppressor to? Why is it just the pistols? Really doesn't make sense, and what kills it even further is the fact during the story Crane does mention a suppressor for the gunsmith mission and this would've a been perfect place to put these blueprints along with the Angle Sword blueprint. There is also a bug that when you find subsonic ammo in police vans, the vans that you found them in no longer give items. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AGz1FklPwzk
  21. Hank J. Wimbleton

    Be the Zombie Balancing - We Want Your Feedback

    I guess I'll have a stab at this discussion. Humans Increase: 1: Gun Damage - Guns feels like peashooters when up against a hunter as they deal tiny amounts of damage. It really shouldn't make sense that a revolver should deal 6 damage, or even an assault rifle. Even shotguns at close-to-medium range are terrible. Now I don't want it to become like Call of Duty, or have the Semi-Auto shotgun act like it was when it was first released, but buffing guns to their respective type would be nice. 2:Unused Equipment - Equipment such as the shield lost became unusable after the following dlc came out and patched it. Its more of a hindrance seeing as it leaves you incredibly vulnerable to tackles, ground pounds, and even pounces. You can't even dodge with this thing and it is very easy to manipulate a shield user. Molotovs also suffered the same fate as they were exploitable, but having a huge nerf to where the there is a massive cooldown for each molotov and having it do no damage is not the right way to balance things. All this plus Grenades, all throwing stars and firecrackers, would be nice if they were tweaked to be usable as well. I'm a person that likes variety instead of having to use the same things 24/7. 3: Crossbow - Now I do believe I am biased on this (please call me out), but I think the Crossbow should be buffed and the Impact bolts deal its normal damage from before. Having to shoot a hunter who uses tendril sprint 24/7 is difficult considering its a projectile weapon, and with the Hunter now has it makes it not an ideal weapon to even use against Hunters, and the headshot "bonus" is not even worth it in the long run and should be reverted back to normal. Landing a headshot before meant dealing a massive amount of damage as it took skill hit a tiny hit-box. Now two solutions I had in mind is revert the crossbow back to normal 1/3rd it dealt in 1v1, but anything past 1v1 will decrease its damage. Solution two is have it deal damage depending on how far the bolt has traveled. Lastly to remove the range limit for the bolts. The Crossbow bolts travel to about 50 meters before completely disappearing whereas the Bow travels infinitely and you can still collect the arrows from 300 meters. Decrease/Nerf: 1: Drop Attack - I love this move alot. It is incredibly satisfying to pull off, but even I can admit the BS with this move, and agree with everyone else to increase the range of when this move triggers. I should not be able to sit upon one of the short houses in Slums or even a Van in order to pull this move. That is pretty much it for humans for me. I rarely ever play with people so I can't think of anything else, especially on team fights :/. Hunter (This is mostly from a 1v1 perspective as, again, I rarely play with people as Survivor. I'm just by myself) As it stands I think Hunter is fine as it is and I honestly can't think of nothing to increase except maybe his respawn time. It does feel like a bit long minus the autobalance. As for decreasing I would slightly nerf the range of tackle as there are times where the range gets ridiculous. Things I want Fixed and Added Telebombers - this has been an issue for a very long time and has not been resolved. I do not understand why as it is pretty unfair for something like that to happen as it gives a clear advantage. Also there are times where bombers can climb when it clearly states they can't so a fix for that would be nice. AutoBalance - Everyone here has pretty much said it; its broken and unfair. The respawn times can get ridiculous as just as a Survivor is winning and kills a spawn the Hunter gets back. Spamming spits and uv shields is poor way to influence Night Hunter gameplay as its pretty much "Oh I can spam until I get lucky, and his UV light only cuts my energy to half." Another issue with autobalance is the amount of zombies to deal with. In a 1v1 its too much for one person to have a goon, a bunch of virals, and a Night Hunter to worry about. Goons and virals can stun the Survivors which can lead to unfair kills. Just remove autobalance and the goons. Matchmaking - I don't know if its just me, but I am paired with players who just started the game or are not equal to my rank. There are also times where there is no one to find at all between the thousands of players in the Night Hunter matchmaking. Fixing this would be nice. Remove the Tendril-Claw - I understand that the healing is unfair, but doing this is even more so as it does alot of damage, and makes the player unable to attack at all. https://youtu.be/X3yOEMH4STY?t=840 At this time the Hunter engages two players and manages to tackle one of them, and immediately does a second tackle. That is unfair since there is nothing he can do. From what I know this happens when the Survivor is tackle up against a wall and the Hunter is still in his face. Adding a huge amount of resources to the reward pool would be nice. The limited time rankings should be a permanent thing and added. Something like Overwatch where their ranks continue. Lastly I just have one question. Is it possible for you to issue game bans to cheaters? Many of us here can record and provide screenshots, and have mentioned cheaters before with links to their profiles with screenshot and/or video proof. I would not mind sending information about cheaters, but is the point if they get to roam free without gamebans. Overall thank you James for taking the time to talk with us and listening.
  22. Hank J. Wimbleton

    Should Instant Tackle be brought back?

    So yeah as the question states should this tactic/glitch, whatever you want to call it return? I've asked some friends of mine since its removable, and playing without it for a while now; and some say it should stayed removed while others say it should be brought back. Now personally I hated this tactic. The fact its a free tackle for just missing pretty much says "I can be an idiot, and just tackle as I please since I know I'll be fine and/or get a free hit." Survivors dodged a tackle and the reward of that is getting hit by another tackle, and its even worse if spikes or high places are involved. Yes there was a way to counter this, especially with another glitch, but people should not be able to counter glitches with more glitches. Also this ability when done near walls is borderline broken as there is literally no way to avoid it at all and thus leads to unfair gameplay, and the fact that it can be done with no energy left. Now an argument that can be made about this is the fact that it stops potential two-handed attacks and DFAs. Before this was discovered it was 90% of time in where a Survivor dodges a tackle they immediately switch totheir Two-Handed weapons for an easy finish due to the insane damage it does. Even if a Hunter were to recover quickly it still had a good chance of ending him early. DFAs are also rather to execute especially in teams where people can just wait on high places and wait for the perfect opportunity. That being said, Pete did mention that if you see people up high you focus those first instead playing to their bait strategy. Of course it is easy for players to switch roles and situations to be changed on the fly that can still lead to DFAs. Of course it all depends. However, I think we can all agree that DFAs can be done pretty much anywhere and the height in order to execute a DFA is rather short. A solution I would bring to the table is allow for Hunters to recover much more quickly from failed Tackles, or nerf Two-Handed weapon damage. Of course an important question that we should ask is "Is this fair?" So what do you all think: Should Instant Tackle be brought back? Should it stay removed forever? Should a different solution or idea be brought to the table?
  23. Hank J. Wimbleton

    Guns, Bows, and Elemental damage

    Another thing that is also on my mind and want to discuss with all of you. I've always felt that guns were always under-powered, and I am pretty sure most of you agree, but to being this under-powered feels.....wrong, if I had to pick a word. The damage it does to Hunter is just incredibly mediocre especially weapons such as the assault rifles, shotguns, and revolvers; and this could be for balancing sake as they are means to be finishers, but even so the guns are just so very weak. When you think of a Revolver you think of a really powerful gun that has devastating power and/or pierces enemies; yet the revolvers in this game act like pea-shooters towards the Hunter along side with the regular pistols. Shotguns, close-ranged weapons that destroy enemies, yet doesn't do a considerable amount of damage to the Hunter even at point-blank. Assault Rifles, reliable and good damage over all, and once more it acts like a pea-shooter. Even SMGs are just pathetic. Now I completely understand that Dying Light focuses mostly on Melee combat, and for its PVP as well, but the guns just do so little damage. When The Following revealed Revolvers I was excited that revolvers are coming, and that it can be used in PVP as well I thought of a weapon that could do a good amount of damage with at the cost of six rounds and slow reloading. Sounds fair. Except the damage is just pathetic. Again I'm not asking for this to become Call of Duty, but maybe some damage buffs with the guns to fit their nature would be nice. The Bow and Crossbow; while I feel the Bow damage wise is alright the Crossbow should deserve the same treatment, but first the bow. The bow is alright again damage wise, but why was the elemental properties removed against the Hunter. It makes no sense. The point of the Electric, and Fire arrows is to deal said Electric and/or Fire damage as well whether or not the initial hit lands and if he is near the Electricity or Fire. The Explosive Arrows are just goddamn mess. If it lands, yay, it deals added damage along with first hit, but the explosions are just messed up. If I were to hit a Hunter the explosion would follow him and not do additional damage along with the explosions, and there times where it doesn't hit him and the three explosions that happen somehow follow him. Second is the fact that when near enemies the thing just goes off right in your face, or when you are aiming down from a rooftop. The Crossbow, as discussed in another thread, I feel is under-powered. Yes Toxic Bolts are back, but what about Impact? Of course it was the mostly used Bolt out of all of them before the nerf, but it doesn't make sense to remove its elemental property (the additional damage) it had. Also the damage the Crossbow does just feels weak. It does 1/4 of damage, but it just feels like it doesn't matter even if a Two-Handed weapon is in play. Also, again the fact aiming at the Hunter's head to deal the original 1/3 of damage is a complete insult. Before the nerf, aiming at the Hunter's head dealt a massive amount of damage or instantly kills a Hunter which took skill considering that the Hunter moves too damn fast for a headshot to land nearly all the time. It was actually rewarding, and if the hunter decided to stand still it was his fault. Now it just doesn't matter with the damage that is set in place now. A problem that arises is the fact that one person can wield up to three crossbows in their Weapon Slots which leads to quick switching between the crossbows to deal stupid amounts of damage, but a solution to that would be to limit the amount of crossbows to be used in the Weapon Slots to just one. Also LucasK's solution to damage balancing in another thread is also not a bad idea. Lastly the Elemental Properties. Why was this removed? Again, I don't understand. There are many blueprints, and equipment such as the Molotovs and elemental grenades that we have at our disposal. Now they useless as all hell. I understand that the Molotovs were broken considering the tactic that was used with them, but there are other ways around fixing it rather than straight up nerfing it to the point of being unused forever. Only elements that can be used are the ones filled with toxic, and explosives. All those blueprints we found around the maps to make our weapons more powerful and dish out fire, electricity, bleeding, etc are now worthless. This was used against the nests, but still the fact elemental damage was removed against just makes the point of blueprints worthless besides against zombies. Also the fact the some of the elemental arrows and bolts have lost their properties doesn't make sense at all. So yeah more opinions of mine that wish to discuss as well. What do you all think as I would like to hear your opinions, and I do enjoy being proven wrong to my opinions. Opens up alot of things.
  24. Hank J. Wimbleton

    Should the Reward System Be Modified?

    I was thinking that maybe would could put regular items and/or craftable items (Medkits, electronics, Grenades, etc) in the reward system, but in much larger quantities. Another thing that could be changed is for every weapon to have a chance at being gold and having more variety of weapons as well. I am sick and tired of getting another Battle Axe, Skullmace, or any other goddamn fantasy weapon for the 10,000th time (Happens only PC, I don't know about Console). They were nice at the very beginning, but lose value incredibly fast and only serve to be sold or tossed at enemies. Having every single other weapon to have the possibility to be gold would be a nice incentive and maybe even have them for equipment weapons (UV Light, Hook) and for guns would be also nice as it adds an official value to it instead of getting a scripted one with stupid, infinite ammo or some other BS. I would also like to mention that some weapons are just impossible to obtain anymore since the Legend Rank has been introduced (Dark Machetes, Dark Sickles, etc) plus some other weird and cool looking weapons; it would be nice to see those in the reward pool as well.
  25. Hank J. Wimbleton

    Should Instant Tackle be brought back?

    So on your list of three things the third one caught my eye mostly. So what exactly tells you, regarding the third choice, everything about all the matches that have been played? The maps/team sizes/skill ratings/ etc. Is every single match that everyone plays across all platforms recorded without our knowing or.....what is it exactly that determines everything that happens in a match from your end? I am genuinely curious about this. Do you guys exactly know what weapons and equipment are used at any given time; how everyone was moving, and know if someone cheats? How exactly do you and your team know all this?