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  1. ChaseOfSpades

    Mind Games As The Night Hunter

    I actually play on PC with an xbox 360 controller, so I have both of those things working against me. What is chupacabra?
  2. ChaseOfSpades

    Mind Games As The Night Hunter

    Based on my experience playing as NH, if the Survivor plays perfectly, I can't do anything to him. Some may complain about this, but I like it. It means you have to present situations he isn't prepared to deal with. You have to get into his head. You have to make him think you are doing one move, provoke his reaction to that move, and punish him for it. For example, One thing I like to do is to start sprinting towards him, signaling a tackle. Seeing this and knowing what is coming, he will start hopping around to dodge it. I could then get a couple of claw attacks in, or if he is jumping backward, stick him with something. What are some mind games that you guys like to play with the survivor?