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  1. Arcade_boss

    Post Any Btz Bugs/exploits Here

    I found a weird thing i don't know whether it is an easter egg or glitch. me and a couple of friends were messing around and one of my friends died, he spawned back underneath the world on a concrete block, with 4 cars next to him in a line, they all had statues on it except the first one. ive never came across this and i spawned there when i done what he did. i dont know if anyone has seen this but it was weird, pls reply. Iv'e also got some pictures.
  2. Arcade_boss

    Glitches And Eaaster Eggs

    so this is weird, i was messing around with a couple of my friends on dying light, and my friend died, when he spawned back he was underneath the world on a car, on this car there was a statue, and the same next to him expanding to 4 cars idk what this is i was jsut wondering has anybody else seen this? ive got some pics also This is weird because i did what he did and i ended up in the same place