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  1. Unexpected patch seeing as there hasn't been any news etc for dying light in months, so as title what was it for?
  2. Pinger

    Dying Light Merchandise Christmas Sale

    rather buy some DLC aka whats on other side of the tunnel the twins went through
  3. Pinger

    Why Is This A Thing?!

    nothing to do with techland, report the post in steam and delete your link
  4. Pinger

    New Dlc

    It mentioned weapons and new buggy so guessing its a Bozak copy but for The following. and they are the new Dungeon master for it.
  5. Pinger

    New Dlc

    It got removed from steam, guess they didn't mean the page to go live yet
  6. Pinger

    New Dlc

    @Techland will this mean there will be a new season pass? or will season one still count for this DLC?
  7. Pinger

    Mysterious Rocks @badassadam interactive map with the rock locations
  8. I have to admit I never saw it until someone mentioned the buggy event in a stream I watch. But I do check steams news tab and forum fairly regularly and it was never there. So you could do with using the news section on steam and pinned topics in the steam forum to get more notice to us, as where ever you advertised it I don't frequent.
  9. Pinger

    Ok So I Lost The Gold Buggie ?

    You just had to be in solo mode to get it, not techlands fault you didn't choose solo and run over one zombie to get credited
  10. Then you selected the wrong mission to be active, don't have it on Cuisine and Cargo or Bozak Horde, try Stuffed Turtle that is in the slums
  11. enter the game and change the active mission to a non DLC mission then try again
  12. Feature I was wanting my self, but nope not possible. I had hoped today's patch would add it, but it didn't
  13. Looking like every one got shortchanged on this event, same buggy skin but my weapon was orange
  14. A number on steam have A skin but not the golden skin, I got one weapon docket and The Rising Sun skin. Either they added a hidden requirement to kill to get the golden skin or its bugged
  15. No word on steam yet of any one getting the code for the site or if its just ingame