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  1. So I love what techland has done with the NH and for the most part, 90%, I think it's quite balanced. I see a lot of complaints on here but most are just personnal stuff. One thing I notice is people want more for BTZ than just the one playstyle. I would love to see a mode available for 2 NH to join. The one thing I love about the normal human side if the game is the teamwork and I'd love to have that on the zombie side. It's just a fact that if you're alone you'll tend to be slower and more cautious whereas if you have a buddy you're willing to jump in the fray more and be able to talk to someone. I know this would be tough to balance but Techland is a smart bunch of people and I think they'd like the challenge but let's start up this thread to give some ideas. Here are some thoughts I have: - Allow humans to choose if they want to be invaded by only 1 hunter or 2. - Add a class system to zombies. (This allows different methods of teamwork and gives the humans a challenge of different combos of NH) + Stealth Hunter: Has an ability, similar to a cloak potion, that allows the hunter to go invisible to survivor sense for a short time. + Brute Hunter: Focused on raw melee power. Better ground pound and tackles. Can enrage to run faster and only stagger when hit by buggies. + Toad Hunter: Weaker melee hits but has an arsenol of spits. Better at range and has actual damaging spits. - Weaken the NH when 2 join. Only allow 2v4, 2v3 or 2v2 while adjusting damage to suit the opponents. The main thing I'd like to see this implemented is to introduce the NH system to the weaker PvP players. It can be EXTREMELY intimidating to try the NH alone and get discouraged by being alone and getting beat up and end up stop playing BTZ. This would give them incentive to at least try and learn or have a friend help them learn and have the confidence to play alone sometimes.
  2. Wiggelz

    Would Love To See A 2Nd Zombie Added.

    Thank you Chicken. It couldn't of been said any better. I have nothing to add. I do think there are imbalaces but I'm not here to complain about them. I started this thread to 'add' another fun feature to BTZ rather than fixing it. I personally don't think there is a super imbalance to it now and like you said... the imbalances are opinions. Does dodge/flare spam suck? Yes, but there are ways to combat it. You just need to understand that there are people that are good at playing and be able to admit some are better than yourself. Those matches are where you improve the most. I enjoy losing sometimes because I learn the areas I'm weak in as a NH. I mainly get frustrated at lagg issues.
  3. Wiggelz

    Would Love To See A 2Nd Zombie Added.

    I'd be happy with it in Dying Light 2 if that does happen. Putting a bit more effort into BTZ wouldn't be a bad thing. The PvP is what keeps the gane interesting. How many people enjoy running around killing CPU zombies that run on a track based code that only let's them do and act a certain way while a NH has decisions and changing playstyles, always keeping humans on thier toes. That is.... until they learn to exploit dodge/flares. This is where the next level would come in. Fighting 2 NH with at least 1 friend. This coule simply be another DLC that doesn't have to be as big as The Following. Be the Zombie mode is one of the only things keeping a lot of fans into the game.
  4. Wiggelz

    Would Love To See A 2Nd Zombie Added.

    It seems that you're very cinical in this whole situation jcks. Whether they get the funding to do this or they focus something else or whatever. They have the ability to take BTZ to a big part of the game. To say they've tried to preserve it is a stretch. How was adding buggies and bows/crossbows and other means of killing a NH keeping the game normal. Add a function to not allow others to join once a game starts cause I also dislike being in a 2v1 and another human joins 2 nests in that's 250 and the game I had a chance in is now pointless. You're focusing so much on what people will exploit, having friends join as NH and sit there. How can you base a game mode on that? These small things can easily be countered.
  5. Wiggelz

    Would Love To See A 2Nd Zombie Added.

    It looks liike the biggest complaint would be to join a match with another NH who is a noob and failing. This is the same on the human side already. If you wanted this option you could opt in to only see 1 NH games and not the 2 NH. As mentioned.... they now allow humans to get to 275 hp, 150 medkits, one hit crossbow bolts, 2h melee power, duping for infinite flares/medkits, and buggies that we can't stop at full speed unless super lucky with GP. When I play against 3-4 humans, legend 250, it is already a burden to get a spit stuck and even when it does they work together to negate it anyways. This won't become a team death match cause it's not about K/D on both side. Also, for the times you do get stuck with the noob hunter partner you will also get an awesome partner. It is inevitable that one comes your way. On the PS4 we can search matches so I almost always know what the fight is going to be aside from skill level.
  6. As it states, I'm having trouble ground pounding a human off a roof and following up with a quick tackle. I can't sprint and tackle before they drop down. Has this been patched since the videos I've watched of Doctor Purrington doing so with grace? Is there a sneaky trick I'm just missing?
  7. Wiggelz

    Would Love To See A 2Nd Zombie Added.

    I find it's mixed. I join some fames and wreck as 1 huntet abd I join some games with experianced 250 legend that flare spam and get maybe 2 kills. The tough matches would be bearable if they had to worry about a 2nd NH but when 2 good players focus you and flare/dodge spam it's very tough. I've also had matches where 1 good person will focus the hunter while others kill nests.
  8. Wiggelz

    Can 250 Legend Humans 1 Shot Us?

    Another thing I've noticed too is how some legend 250 humans can live through a horde explosion or a good GP-tackle combo off a roof. And I feel that a 1h weapon will hit me for 75 plus damage in 1 swing allowing for 2 hit kills.
  9. I'm still struggling to get it. I had it once but was funky. Not sure if the timing has to be super perfect.
  10. Wiggelz

    Would Love To See A 2Nd Zombie Added.

    I do like the event idea but I think that should be for addition things. I think having a friend would allow people who would otherwise be too timid to play a PVP match, not only alone but outnumbered, can be intimidating. This means that a good percentage of people try the NH gameplay, get owned or can't do anything, then pack it up and never play that again. I enjoy the human gameplay, campaign and invasions, 1000 times more with a friend to talk to rather than alone.
  11. Wiggelz

    What Is Your Preferred Weapon?

    I like to think that I play a unique playstyle for this game. I run with this setup nearly all the time: Weapons: Bozak Bow 1H Axe Accessories: Grappling Hook Freezing Stars Fabulous Stars (1081 dmg) Firecrackers I always have the bow out and only switch to melee when I'm overwhelmed and pretty sure I'm dead. It is a tough playstyle but fun if quick and accurate with shots. Very good at stealth.
  12. So, I'm receantly coming back to Dying Light and I notice they added a bow. I'm just curious if the Bozak Bow that I spent hours trying to unlock the day it was released is any better than the following bow, aside from just appearance. I'd love to see some numbers on damage and speed possibly to give me a concrete idea on the comparison. If there is a thread somewhere on this also please direct me because I cannot seem to find it.
  13. Wiggelz

    Bozak Bow Vs The Following Bow

    So the arrows will over penetrate if you're aiming down the sights with the bow vertical? Allowing you to control when arrows pass through? I also don't use the auto aim feature and don't have any problems with arrow locking to chest. I've noticed that the arrows have a decent hit box that allows for some error while still hitting the target. Just to throw some numbers I've gathere it looks like the bozak bow with 2 clickers in it has a damage of 450. Placing legend points into bows will increase your damage by 1000% cause you to shoot for 4950. From what I've noticed so far the wooden bow has half the damage but that's without mods. Does the wooden bow have 2 sockets or even any at all?
  14. Wiggelz

    Bozak Bow Vs The Following Bow

    No, I see they added a wooden longbow that mimics the bozak bow. It looks like it will also shoot the special tipped arrows.