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    Post Any Btz Bugs/exploits Here

    I heard it was a tad faster cause of the 4th slot allowing you to up the handling by 1 more king.
  2. Wiggelz

    Camo/camo Pots Vs Firecrackers

    Yes, very true but they will not be focused on you. This makes it exceptionally tough in countryside cause a lot of survivirs are now choosing UV safe house and car alarm for thier buggy perks.
  3. Wiggelz

    Camo/camo Pots Vs Firecrackers

    Yeah, I hate to see them used because I rely on my fellow horde to do some work out there... not rave out around noise.
  4. So I'd like to think I have a good grasp on being a night hunter. I don't play the human side at all. I win most of my matches but when I get into a game with survivors that are really good I find it impossible to even get a kill. Here are some of my issues. The better survivors have huge duped inventories and can switch items quickly. This means that when I do finally get a spit hit, UV or Horde, they simply throw flares or use cloak potion. This makes my spit that I worked so hard for to get useless. Even if I get a UV spit they will have their UV light on my a lot with flares peppered around them or their buddy will interrupt me. The other issue is that since tackles and pounces will be avoided 98% of the time the only other option is claw and ground pound. This isn't good either because in the time it takes to swing your claw and ready ground pound the survivor was able to dodge backwards 2-3 times. A failed ground pound leaves me open for an alternating dropkick lock that leads to my death. A missed dropkick for them isn't punishable. They stand within 1 second and take reduced damage while down. Why do we have a move that is punishable with death and leads to a whole nest lost but a survivor doesn't? Lastly... the UV light has such a long range and drains me super quickly. Even with UV block I'm required to constantly hit and run and still end up getting caught fully drained. When this happens I just turn around and hope to ground pound. The better players will just switch to a gun or bow and there is no stopping them cause somehow they're able to hold the button on a flashlight while pulling back a bow. I'm hoping for some good pointers on this and not tge typical 'get better' comment. I even try the UV spit with a tackle (evaded but spit hits) and then try to pounce but the other survivor is far enough away to not get hit and then interrupts my pounce and the spit/block were wasted and now the ground has 4-5 flares down which are far enough apart to not be ground pounded.
  5. Wiggelz

    Camo/camo Pots Vs Firecrackers

    I have played survivor very minimum but I've noticed that firecrackers are great cause not only can you avert attention from yourself when hit but you can use them when a friend gets hit with it and is being pestered by the NH.
  6. In the video of the infamous jonnyallen3 he is able to ground pound spam over and over without using the claw attack before. I don't want to use it to spam like this but it would be nice to use this as you enter a group to ground pound them before they all dodge away.
  7. Wiggelz

    Different Ways Of Landing A Spit

    The spit tackle is one of my favorite and can be easy once you get used to it. The one issue I've found though is if you spit abd then go for tackle it's better uf they dodge it. I have connected my tackles and knocked then away from it.
  8. Wiggelz

    Uv Heal Good Or Rubbish.

    It's not a bad skill in our bag. I usually use mine if I'm below 40% and have 1 UV block and the second one at least half way charged. It's great for bothering humans at a nest and being able to get right back in there. Some survivors will assume you're gone when you escape with low HP. There is a chance for a angled pounce if moving quick. I've also used it to keep me alive on a failed ground pound. If you miss a ground pound and you're around 60% hp, activate it right away and hold it. I've had survivors hit me 4-5 times but heal kept me up and was able to escape. If it doesn't work... well.... you were dead anyways. I've even had humans stop attacking after 2 swings cause they didn't expect it and I leave at full HP. This also fills stamina.
  9. Agreed and it's unfortunate because I don't play any of the human side anymore. I'm only on strictly as a hunter until I get frustrated and switch to a new game.
  10. I myself don't have too much of an issue with the duped inventories either. I have more of an issue with the infinite dodge spam by survivors and latency for the night hunter. I have been close enough to humans to ground pound only to hit the ground and watch them dodge away, ready the weapon annnnnnnnnnd dead hunter, good bye nest.
  11. Vezocams, a great survivor, has been doing a "limited items" challenge. He is only putting in his inventory any weapon setup along with 10 medkits, 20 zaids flares, 5 boosters, grappling hook, and uv flashlight. He is still able to beat hunters with a couple deaths. This is also on console, which I feel is harder as a hunter than PC. I think this would be a happy median to allowing survivora to dupe thier items and continue playing while keeping the hunters entertained knowing they can have a chance against higher end humans. Although I'm sure this is never going to happen, it's nice to see humans still adding challenges for themselves.
  12. Wiggelz

    New Update

    Is anything being looked at with the night hunter randomly grabbing a ledge and jumping like it's a roof?
  13. Wiggelz

    Pro Humans Should Still Have A Hard Time

    I honestly love the idea of a stamina bar. Yes, hunters can run forever without exhaustion UNTIL UV light is introduced at which point we watch snails fly by us. But humans can dodge forever and the dodge button is the same button for tackle evade. This makes it even worse. I think a reasonable fix aside from a stamina bar would be to make the tackle evade button something else. This would reduce the chance if those "lucky" evades where they didn't even see you coming but were spamming away so they avoid it. Not everything mentioned here has to be implemented in dying light but if a sequal were to be in the making then ideas could be grabbed from here. Most of the people that come in here trash talking people that want changes for hunters don't even play as one. Most posts here are about the hunter tips tricks and changes. People that play survivor only just like to have the upper hand.
  14. Wiggelz

    Pro Humans Should Still Have A Hard Time

    Hehe, I wasn't trying to be harsh by saying a good NH is a nerd. I think of myself as a nerd and I still struggle immensly against ultimate survivors. Especially when it 1v2+.
  15. Wiggelz

    Post Any Btz Bugs/exploits Here

    I know one thing survivors are doing now is after being ground pounded off a roof they will grapple back and instantly cancel it which will allow them to dodge a tackle while floating. I've been in a 1v1 game with a friend to test this. I hope this is all your talking about DrPurr cause if there is a glitch now to avoid other mid-air tackles I just might never tackle again....
  16. Wiggelz

    Pro Humans Should Still Have A Hard Time

    The biggest thing about the hunter is that you have to be a nerd to be good. The learning curve is immense. Like stated... a missed ground pound to super dodging humans is an instant death. 80% of tackles will be avoided cause of dodge spam and latency so you will take damage most of the time there. Claw is useless if humans are above 50% health. The better survivors will even pre-swing before you get near them with no penalty if they miss timing. And our last move is pounce which can get lucky breaks but with flares, long range flashlights, and buggy stadium lights our stamina is seldom full. The unfortunate part about NH is you have to play a certain way and even more so on console. On PC you can hop around and aim tackles from above. Most of the videos I've seen of the higher end NH on console use GP spam because it's really the only option or tendril speed which can be tough in slums and old town.
  17. Wiggelz

    Pete/// And Hunters Please Read

    I wanna say that in playing with someone that used a smoke they were able to dodge my GP cause the smoke acted like a wall. Now this could've been a pebble they were standing on causing them to me a centimeter higher than me allowing a miss.
  18. Wiggelz

    For Pete And Dev's

    I love this concept. I do this same thing with friends where we take turns doing a 1v1 but if the way to get them was a pounce kill then noone can revive them.
  19. Wiggelz

    Post Any Btz Bugs/exploits Here

    I'm not using console gameplay as a shield. I know mistakes can be made on console but it's much harder to use tge tendril speed with high sensativity and move off the joystick to hit tackle button and hope we're in a spot they can't avoid it. This also makes it near impossible for me to get out of rooms or tight alleys when trying to be fast. I know I'm not the best and can barely win any matches that say 5 bars matching. I jusr know I could maneuver better with a mouse.
  20. Been in a couple games now with these guys and it seems like I die in a blink or an eye in any melee confrontation. At most 2 hits are killing me but most just seem like 1.
  21. Wiggelz

    Post Any Btz Bugs/exploits Here

    It's kind of annoying how humans can be guaranteed hits for avoiding tackles and ground pounds. The more skill survivors will even hit you in the ground pound. These are all instand deaths on high end survivors because they will almost always tackle-2H or throw 1H-grapple. I hear all this talk about humans having it tough but on console it is very had to beat veteran survivors. Even with 1 flare they will kill you on 1 mistake or 1 random ledge you jump over trying to manuever on flat ground. The controls can be very clunky on console.
  22. Wiggelz

    Post Any Btz Bugs/exploits Here

    Oh yeah.... this is something I have struggled with a lot. Dodging tackles in mid air, from the side, from behind and now humans can use grappling hook and cancel and be able to dodge a tackle while floating 5 stories up..... but we can't dodge a dropkick.
  23. Wiggelz

    Awesome Job With The Flare Cool Down

    And only if you have time/space to sprint and tackle up or have uv block on and 100% stamina to pounce. This is near impossible on console. The ground pound plane of hitting is kinda lame with this. I have ground pounded other humans and had one instantly get me in DFA. (Meaning: the were in close enough range just above me but was immune cause of height.) I have also missed ground pound to humans standing next to me on a small shoe box. It looks like there is a shockwave... no?
  24. Wiggelz

    [Bug/glitch] Can't Out This Zone

    I'm assuming this is same spot. Warehouse in the Following with three semi trucks. No doors were open and the was an invisible ceiling preventing me from getting back up. Fell through a crack on the roof with sprint and was down before I knew it. I waited as survivors finished 4 more nests.
  25. Wiggelz

    Post Any Btz Bugs/exploits Here

    Pete, is this all that is in the new patch? Didn't notice any changes but only played zombie side today.