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  1. ColonelJayce

    Nh Is Far Too Weak Right Now

    Thank you Shockwave, you nailed it. I agree with everything he has said, and yes flares are nearly infinite (Especially so for people who got in on it pre-patch when you could exploit the game and get infinite amounts of them). Why are we, as Night Hunters being hunted down by humans? Do you run at a SWAT zombie like a maniac trying to destroy it with your melee weapon? No, typically when you do that (only tested on nightmare mode) you get destroyed. The swat zombie isn't even in the same league with the night hunter, not by a long shot. So when I see a human player chasing me down the map with a pocket knife and a flashlight, it makes me feel a little bit irritated that I have to leave since he is going to kill me if I do not figure out how to kill this guy. There does indeed need to be a timer, and 6 minutes is very fair. Why go for the objective as the human? Once you kill the NH, he will be gone long enough for you to kill a nest and be halfway to the next one. The logical thing to do as a human player is to simply chase the NH until he inevitably messes up and dies. You see, a mistake on the Night Hunters part means inevitable death, however a human player can make several mistakes without needing to worry about losing everything. ESPECIALLY if there are other players around, if one person makes a simple mistake, the next guy will easily be able to cover for him. Who does the zombie have to help him? A couple under powered exploders... a biter? You know maybe if they would leave the zombies on the map, and just remove the volatile zombies, there wouldn't be so many issues. It doesn't exactly make sense that the zombie horde disappears the moment the Night Hunter moves in.
  2. ColonelJayce

    Nh Is Far Too Weak Right Now

    LOL. Zigzag technique. There is no zigzag technique, unless the survivor has his look sensitivity turned all the way down he will be able to match your movement no matter what you do. You haven't watched me play NH yet, I win 90% of my games, but then again I typically fight noobs who can't play survivor to save their life. The other 10% of good survivor players cannot be beaten under any circumstance that doesn't involve lag or intoxication. Its not that they are better than me, and its not that I'm better than them, its that the game is completely unbalanced and needs some major fixes to make the zombie mode competitive for both parties, and not just one.
  3. ColonelJayce

    Nh Is Far Too Weak Right Now

    I consider myself a good NH, and I've played quite a bit of both sides, it's obvious that the night hunter is at an tremendously extreme disadvantage. The NH defenses have very long cooldowns, using both spits will essentially leave you vulnerable and pathetic for around 90 seconds, this leaves more than enough time to clear a nest. However the humans have no real disadvantages when they use up a defensive ability. Out of UV? Throw a flare. NH trying to ground pound flare? Pull out the gun, take a step back, and blow him away while he tries to recover from his completely under powered and slow ground pound. Night hunter tries to tackle human? HAH! LOL!... LMAO JK. Who gets hit by tackles anyways? It takes a new level of bad to be hit by a NH tackle. Its sad to say that the human is actually faster than the NH on short distance sprints upon taking an extremely common speed potion. This makes it very difficult for a NH to escape a clutch situation, and leaves no room for error, since there is a cast time for tendril locomotion, ground pound, ect. Even with UV immunity. Speaking of which, why can't the NH use melee attacks? Sure sure you are thinking "But Jayce the NH does have melee attacks dur". Yeah? Really? Tell me how many times you have dealt more than 25 damage against a human in a head to head melee brawl. I mean sure the NH shouldn't be better than the human at everything, but at least let him hold his own! I mean really, a runner zombie deals more damage with his melee attacks than a NH. TLDR: My suggestion. Remove both hunter vision, and Zombie sense. OR Add a 15 minute timer to human players so that they cannot just camp a single area until the NH has been killed, and then move up. OR Make the NH more responsive (Faster cast times, better projectile speed, Faster movement, and less ability interruptions) OR My personal favorite. Remove the ability to counter the NH so aggressively. Take away the ability to dodge his tackle, increase NH health so that making a mistake doesn't mean certain death, and make it so that landing yellow spit on the player actually does something useful. I cannot tell you how many times I have done everything right, landed that yellow spit, and remained completely unable to get a kill because there are so many ways to exploit the NH abilities and counter him. Anyways, we all agree that the NH needs a lot of works/buffs. I'm surprised techland hasn't done anything about it yet.