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  1. nokaut

    Come back Hellraid

    Please Techland, revive Hellraid from death. It's amazing game and I think have a great potencial to be a big success like Dying Light. Unfortunately I changed my girlfriend(ex on perfil's photo) , but do not worry, I will never change my favorite company, just ask you not to forget about Hellraid. Thank you
  2. nokaut

    Game Still A Thing?

    Hellraid still alive?
  3. Sometimes the Molotov not burning zombies. It occurs mainly when there are many zombies in the scene. I was playing in cooperative mode. This bug already occurred several times in random areas, but always with many monsters. Another bug I noticed today was at the gas station, during a mission to close a valve. Only at the gas station area the flickering textures (zombies, players, weapons and some objects in the scene) and it was pretty constant. When I distanced myself from the area the bug disappeared. Had visited this area outside the mission before the first patch is released and this did not occur, but was playing alone. Excuse my English, I used the google translator. Using Notebook Windows 8.1 Intel i7-4700MQ 2.4GHz Memory 8GB Nvidia 770M
  4. nokaut

    Ideas And Feature Requests For Hellraid Developers.

    time to healing potion drinking is very important, i think that without this will be very easy avoid the death if the player has many potions. Another point is (when the player is next the windmill), the lighting staff animation that need of improvements, the rays that come out of weapon are very static. Sorry my english