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  1. EMtriX

    Be The Zombie Balancing Update - 12/1/2018

    There is nothing wrong in playing games daily as long as you keep balance in your life, games are good for practicing steel nerves, reflex, decision making, problem solving and so on. Think about chess or playing an instruments, newbies are complaining about things being hard, but after spending for example 1000-2000 hours they are starting to realise that there are solutions to the "unsolvable" problems. Imagine guy playing piano for ten minutes and complaining about "too large" or "too heavy keys" and claiming that piano should be build differently so he doesnt have to learn about piano technique because it is too hard, requires too much intelligence and skill, he paid and bla bla bla. (Chickenninja i cant wait for you another marxist comment overturning all basic rules in life) For a guy who spent 1000 hours it will sound like a nonsense. People like Survivor are not used to one basic rule in life, to compete with other people you have to outsmart them, not change the rules so you can win without thought and skill. It is like complaining about gravity... it exists, deal with it, you want jump 5 meters high on a plain ground. To overcome it you have to use your brain, attach spring to your legs or something, but you just dont want to do it, you just want to change the gravity lol Sorry for my nerdy comparisons.
  2. EMtriX

    Night Hunter Needs A Buff

    Hi m8, there is so much false and illogic in your post. I doubt someone will treat it seriously :(. Delete it, rethink it and post it again. But if your intention is to make people laugh... then i want to congratulate you. Your post is hilarious.
  3. EMtriX

    Should Instant Tackle be brought back?

    Funny thing about guys like you is that it doesn't matter for you when i beat you 4-5 times in a row in a serious match, You see only this one time when my friend called me to play CS:GO and i rushed to play another game and i didn't really care, i was playing my 40-50 % yesterday, I gave you one free nest because i was AFK while i was talking through the phone. Go on, upload your win XD. Everyone will clearly notice that i am not attacking you for a significant amount of time to get a free nest. Later I was just rushing you without any tactic. I can give you a real 1v1 if you want :). Do You really think that yesterday you were good enough to beat me ? Haha, go on, live in your sweet lies if you want. Good joke, man. Haven't you noticed that in previous matches i played differently and more sensibly ? In regard to your weak mean joke about winning against decent survivors my overall win ratio is sth like 80%. I lose 1v1 only with absolute top players like LucasK. I upload only a small fraction of my gameplay. Another funny thing is that you are rubbing my nose in dirt for being cheap but you can't upload even one decent match as a hunter to prove your statements. Most of your god hunters cant even take 4-5 lives from Vallon. But they are first to dislike me for being noob. You mentioned about my cheap routine, but look at yours lol. You are doing the same tedious thing over and over again.Dodge + slice. I encourage you to upload your gameplay and show your "skillz".
  4. EMtriX

    Should Instant Tackle be brought back?

    I would not count on another mutation, it sounds surreal to me. But i have some idea. For example: -sense spit disables dropkick for the duration of a spit -Death from Above from low height objects is disabled for the duration of a spit. ( I mean objects like cars). It would still work from high buildings. Finally it would be useful. I was thinking about changing its name to disabling spit or constricting spit. It could do more things, but the idea behind this spit is to not disable crucial survivor moves like running or tackling but only certain moves, which in DL community's opinion are unfair in 2,3,4v1 scenarios. This is just my proposition, i would like to see some feedback from community. I have very little knowledge about UNITY's engine tweaking capabilities so i don't know if it would be hard for devs to tweak things like that.
  5. EMtriX

    Should Instant Tackle be brought back?

    I agree that players have to think before tackling. Some players were using it to overcome other imbalances, that is why they want it back so badly. In my opinion disabling iTackle is a step in right direction. Balance should come from conscious design decisions, not from weird exploits. By the way i am really curious what do you think Pete about people using explosive arrows very excessively in 3,4v1. They are shooting even under their feets when hunter gets close. They are sacrificing each other to get a kill on a hunter. I am perfectly fine with people trying new ways to kill hunter but.... they should think before using it. How is this fair when people are killing each other and shooting explosive arrows at me everytime when i get close and when they finally kill me they can revive each other. This was not the problem earlier, now i see more and more teams using this tactic which takes almost 0 skill. My solution to this problem is: disable reviving for players killed by explosives. "Spam" will end and people will be thinking twice before sending you a cannonade of explosives under their feet everytime you try to claw them or do a ground pound. Explosive arrows are very powerful because they are exploding multiple times and they deal area damage ! I am really keen to hear what do you guys think about it. I would also like to add that this is problem only when people are using explosive arrows when hunter is fully comitted to attack. I was trying to bait players into explosives and wait for some friendly fire kill to put a toxic but it doesn't work when players are patient and are waiting for example for successful ground pound or successful tackle because it locks you in animation for a while. This short moment is enough to send you a ... let's say 2 arrows. Only 2 arrows you may think but each arrow does multiple explosions. In my opinion this is GAME BREAKING exploit.
  6. EMtriX

    BTZ Tuning -07/26/2017 - Content drop #0 (PC)

    Hi Pete, thanks for the latest patch, it pushed the game slightly in a right direction. Changes are good in my opinion. -Quicker uv heal helps a bit. Before releasing a new patch i would like to add some notes: -People are complaining about double or triple claw glitch (shown in the video above), i am spamming it like crazy because other moves are just not working. What would you say to those people ? I would fix it by: increasing the claw knockback to humans, it would remove the problem in open areas. ( It would also remove pole campers problem). -Reviving humans should take more time ( maybe 3-5 seconds ? What do you think). I would like to see reaction of the community. -Make hunter immune to dropkick for 1 second after being dropkicked or decrease the damage after just being dropkicked to not allow players for cheap dropkick chains which cannot be countered One dropkick means death and is very easy to do or let hunter regain control quicker after being dropkicked. (there are plenty of situations on countryside when one player dropkicks you and the other finishes you with 2 handed weapon before you get up. -Fix fire + explosive damage combo to nests glitch, it ruins the experience. That is all for now.
  7. EMtriX

    Night hunter need a potential buff

    you are right mikroni. Human can make a couple of mistakes and still destroy the nests. Hunter can play perfectly and take 6-7 lives from human, then autobalance kicks in and one mistake equals 2 destroyed nests Because by the time you respawn human will destroy one nest and is very close to the next. UV is so ridiculously strong that hunter can't even get close to human without losing energy which allows human for destroying another nest. If you are playing good for the first 10 minutes and take 6-7 lifes from humans, you can't put your guard off because of the autobalance. You have to be even more cautious because even smallest mistakes are leading to death and lost nest. Human can just chill out and destroy you xD. Who i do I still play this game
  8. EMtriX

    BTZ Tuning -07/26/2017 - Content drop #0 (PC)

    I have to agree with Vallon, playing hunter requires near perfection to ....... have chances for winning. Because horde AI often ignores humans completely and humans instead of running away from hunter are uving him to zero energy and finishing him with dropkicks or slices which is just girlishly easy. (dropkick chains guys, you know them ). Random telebombers are helping sometimes. But usually horde AI is random to the point that humans are not caring about horde. They are targeted and instead of hurrying up to the roofs they are chasing you. Even if you tackle climbing human you are DFA'd. This is just horrible. Just look how hard it is to get some kills now. But after 2017\06 update when humans can make 10 times more mistakes than hunter and still win, they can finally feel that they are good at something lol.
  9. EMtriX

    1v1 is it dead? Discussion.

    As always you wrote in a lot of text. In this case your words taken as a whole don't make much sense. So let me explain how i see this topic. 1v1 is not for faint-hearted people. If you want chill you can play 2,3,4v1 modes whcih are super easy for humans. When someone plays 1v1 it means he wants a challenge, he is willing to learn new tactics, he treats game like an intellectual puzzle, considering both players are equal in dexterity and reaction time. 1v1 should show who is better player, not please casuals who just want to win without any effort. If you are designing a pvp experience you shouldn't take into consideration what an average players think because average player doesn't know how to play, if he wants to win against experienced players he should get better, not change the other side's abilities so he can have an easy win. Remember people complaining about gp+spit ? With some imagination players managed to figure out how to avoid them, but casual players with lack of imagination were complaining to the point that developer disabled this combo lol Casuals will destroy everything.
  10. EMtriX

    1v1 is it dead? Discussion.

    Hi CartierC, if you are playing on PC, dont even bother playing on a controller. Use mouse and keyboard. Playing with a controller on a PC is like playing football with one leg. Insta tackle can be avoided, just use grapple and cancel immediately after first tackle or go above hunter. Press forward after first tackle and try to land on the other side of the hunter trying to insta tackle you, it works very often. Average player shouldn't speak about balance, Average player should lose with pro player, margin should be even larger, but due to stupid autoabalance mechanic average players still can kill 2 or 3 nests in my opinion. Those best survivors you are thinking of are not that best. (mr. freeman for example - very average). If you want good survivors look for vallon, lucasK, they were hard to beat even before patch when gp spit was doable. Average player who just wants to win can't enjoy a match with a very good hunter player. Instead of learning new tactics he complains that other side is OP. Hunter can't really spam anything, he is indded very limited in his attacks comparing to human. Human can spam dodge, hunter can only spam tendril... lol, everything else is limited. You said that dodging first tackle is pointless, it is up to you to decide what will bring you the better result, dodging or getting hit. When i play as a hunter there are many situations when my successful tackle with 90 hp left leads to my 100% death so i am not doing it. You have to make a decision, not spam dodge without thinking. You can't deal with average hunter because they just got better, there are many vidoes on youtube presenting how to kill and avoid attacks like a pro.
  11. EMtriX

    ***BTZ tuning 06/08/2017***

    Hi Pete, wha do you think about this
  12. EMtriX

    ***BTZ tuning 06/08/2017***

  13. hahaha. I am so glad I dropped the game some time ago. When i read these posts i feel very sorry for all those addicted players who are cursing techland for what they have done with this game. Instead of fixing couple of problems Pete Donelly created more :). Advice from me Pete. If you want to tune this game wisely you need to play regularily for a couple of months, you need to gain a LOT of experience with top-notch players, human and hunter both. See for yourself what is the real problem and then do a patch, otherwise if you are just casual player or you are playing from time to time for a couple of minutes, dont even try to make changes, You will only make it worse. Vallon explained everything very clear, he is devoted to game, he knows sth about game balance and can create coherent sentences, sth. that 1% of the Dying Light players are capable of. Some people are giving you good advices but i think you do have some kind of superiority complex and you dont want to do things "our" way and try to circumvent problems in "your" ways. Just my opinion. Another thing worth mentioning !!! In this specific situation you mention, it's up to the Hunter to recognize what's happening and attack the "crows" instead of the "bait" I'm not convinced DFA needs further tuning right now. It's been nerfed a couple times already. Humans can't pull you out of a successful animation...they can time it perfectly and grab you as soon as it ends though. It seems so smart and convincing for readers, but if you are playing with 4 players, jumping and grappling hook allows "bait" and "crows" to switch roles in a matter of seconds. You should play to understand this problem better. If you want to switch focus from "bait to crows" you can expect a couple of bolts in your face and people waiting with charged attacks spamming dodge all the time so good luck haha. Putting toxic on the poles and roofs or clawing is good but you have only 2 toxic spits, You could increase the recharge ratio for toxic separately so hunter can turf out humans from DFA positions. By nerfing crossbow you have made the 1v1 mode too hard for human while making 4v1 more balanced. I lost my hope when Pete said he can't tune things like flare cooldown separately for 1v1 and 2,3,4v1. Balancing an assymetric pvp game is complicated as calibrating good old CRT displays, Changing one factor may seemingly fix one problem, but in wrong hands it will create other problems somewhere lese. In order to create good pvp experience, devs have to know all glitches, exploits, how to use them in a PVP,, have some common sense about balance and gain a lot of experience in PVP.
  14. EMtriX

    ***BTZ tuning 06/08/2017***

    NIGHTHUNTER Increased duration of Sense Suppress Spit (good one) Increased damage and duration of Toxic Spit (good one in 2,3,4v1, in 1v1 horrible idea, human dies too quickly) Increased NightHunters energy regen speed while ducking (great idea in 2,3,4v1, in 1v1 horrible) Increased NightHunters knockback impulse from melee attack (great idea) Reduced Elemental damage on NightHunter (redundant, completely bad idea, some smart tactics in 1v1 are useless now) Reduced Arrow and Crossbow damage to NightHunter body (BODY:5 hits, HEAD:3 hits) (in 1v1 joke, in 2,3,4v1 excellent idea) HUMAN Increased Human respawn times in 3v1 and 4v1 (great idea) Gift "Zaid Flares" on respawn in BTZ (redundant, because all players have 99999 zaid flares nowadays, but not bad idea) Changed Flare cost and cooldown (2 flares thrown within 10 secs will incur a 30 cooldown) (we will see if it is good, seems good but practice will show) Added cooldown to Molotovs (in 1v1 5-7 seconds cooldown would be good, everything higher would be a joke, in 2,3,4v1 there should be 1 minute cooldown, in 2v1 game is very easy for humans) Increased cooldown on Potions (in 1v1 was good, in 2,3,4v1 great idea) Reduced damage from charged melee attacks on nests (stupid idea, totally redundant) Reduced elemental damage on Nests (it was good as it was, only thing to fix was fire+explosive glitch) Added 3 second cooldown to nightsense pulse (redundant... who complained about this xd) GENERAL Reduced damage while in PVP paired anim states (NightHunter and Human) (in 1v1 stupid idea, no logic at all, when hunter misses the attack he should get the full damage not a chunk. In 2,3,4 v 1 it is good but doesnt addresses the problem when humans can do dropkicks to hunter multiple times before he can even regain control..... it allows noobs to do a "chain of dropkicks", hunter eventually has to get close to human, when he got dropkicked at least one time it usually means a death to him. Another thing techland should fix is getting killed from DFA while pouncing other players.... this is a bad joke from the day one) hunter should be immune to DFA while paire anim states because in 4v1 even best hunters are getting killed by noobs who are just waiting for hunter to be defenseless when hunter does tackle or Ground Pound to other player).