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  1. TGsDonReady

    Why Have Nests On Rooftops?

    Nests on rooftops is a NH's wet dream. More challenging for survivors. That's why I love invading on Old Town
  2. TGsDonReady

    Ground Pound Miss...death Sentence

    9 times out of 10 there is lag or latency issues. Also, I really do enjoy a bigger game. 1v3 or 1v4. The 1v2 has become a survivor standing on light post while the other shines ya to death. I've actually practiced trying to GP on top of a streetlight. Not the easiest to master. More gameplay options would be nice. Change up the style.
  3. TGsDonReady

    Ground Pound Miss...death Sentence

    I don't know, I have complained about other things on the NH side and especially the survivors side, but I've made my peace with all the BS, found ways to work around the flares, time the UV shield perfectly, I've even started baiting people into draining their lights, then hitting em with a surprise spit smash (if I'm quick enough). I just haven't seen this one topic discussed, to my knowledge.
  4. TGsDonReady

    Ground Pound Miss...death Sentence

    I cannot be the only one on here who thinks that maybe, just maybe, shaving a second, or even half a second, off the recovery time for a missed ground pound would be a bad thing. As all NH players know, a missed GP is a certain death sentence. Quite honestly, this would be the only major thing in my opinion that I would actually change. Let the survivors keep their 9000 flares and medkits. Spam dodge all you want, UV all you want, I don't care. The GP is the NH's main attack for almost anything. But one miss, and it's open season on NH. Now I have trained myself to try to be more conservative and more aware of when a GP is needed. However, it has become a necessity. And I won't lie, I do spam the hell out of it on occasion because that's the only thing that may work from time to time. Opinions? Thoughts? Is this not an issue with other avid NH players?
  5. TGsDonReady

    Post Your Btz Matches!

    I'm gonna tell you something, making spits land or stick on console is a pain. Sticking em requires a successful GP then quick spit, or a sprint and quick spit right as you're in the survivors face. And even then you don't land em.
  6. TGsDonReady

    Post Your Btz Matches!

    I don't know man, I've played 1v1's and have had trouble. I've also played 1v1's and been bored with the lack of experience of the survivor. I guess it depends on the player. And again not saying anyone "sucks", wouldn't wanna start a revolution on here. And I'm on console. Xone. And yes in a 1v2 plus, the GP could use a little more "arse" behind it. That's when I start using spit smash. Disable that GD UV lighg.
  7. TGsDonReady

    Post Your Btz Matches!

    If you're having trouble as a survivor, at this point and time there's something wrong with your style of play. Or something. I'm not saying all survivor players suck, but with the UV light, flares, dashes back and sideways, dropkicks, and DFA, you shouldn't have that much trouble with a hunter. Survivors can dodge GP and tackle. One quick flash with a light that pounce is ruined. The GP is the main line of defense for the hunter when missing a pounce of other form of attack. It's stated in the game, GP is a good way to escape a foul up on the NH part. I use the GP all the time cus that's the only thing that seems to work consistently. That and spit smash. I played a match against three ultimate survivors in the countryside and barely won that thanks to GP and spit smash. By the by, each one of those so called ultimate survivors threw over 80 flares a piece and never let up on the UV. Thank god for the GP.
  8. TGsDonReady

    Why Can Humans Rain Death While Hunter Is Swimming

    Just stay the hell out of the water. I'm never in the water in Old Town. And the humans are never above me.
  9. TGsDonReady

    Btz Imbalance Fix

    Why is nothing being suggested to something so simple as flares per match. Each survivor gets a set number of flares per match. You only use em when you need em. Once you throw all your allowed for that match, guess what, should've been more conservative. I just played a match 3v1, each survivor threw 80 plus flares. That's over 240 flares for that match. That's unbalanced. How I won, it's a miracle.
  10. TGsDonReady

    Ok, I Need Help.

    Well, as for buildings, me personally I always try to stay higher than the survivors. It gives you a vantage point and allows for planning. As for tactics or strategy in general, the hunter has tools at his disposal. One thing you can try, while approaching survivors, try this, in this order, UV block...spit smash with UV suspessor spit (don't miss)...pounce. When I perform this maneuver it's usually high up with the survivor already attacking a nest. This way they're preoccupied and I'll nail that spit smash. You just have to be able to come up with creative ways to kill.
  11. TGsDonReady

    Opinions Please! Fixing The Nh Gamemode

    Why can't the night hunter throw cars??
  12. TGsDonReady

    Btz Imbalance Fix

    I agree. What should they be? May as well get it started. In regards to the NH, if you think about it, really, isn't the NH in a rudimentary sense supposed to be OP? Maybe not god like, but it seems to me he should be. I mean he's a freak of nature! Look at em. You would expect something like that to be OP. No??
  13. TGsDonReady

    Dying Light Pvp Needs A Serious Fix.

    I've been a 2nd mutation for a bit now and have been determining with myself whether to mutate or not. The way that I see it, the only thing that I would be missing is the UV heal. And honestly, I've been playing since day one, and have only ever seen one hunter actually use it. And with the way things have been going in the hunter mode, it's pretty pointless to put myself thru the aggravation of regaining the same chupacabra I've had just to gain something I'll never use.