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    Bozak Bow Vs The Following Bow

    Actually the bow is very good, I got consecutive headshots with, it does around 5000+ damage when upgraded with a Clicker/King Upgrade. It's useful for single player but I wouldn't reccomend it for NH- use a Rifle instead.
  2. Cynder_Dragonborn

    Be The Zombie Hacker (Proof)

    Justice my chupacabra. I do play Night hunter so I am somewhat happy this is patched- (I do play my survivor often as well so it would have been useful.), but making yourself unkillable vs OHK-ing nests. I think I see the clear winner here. Being unkillable makes the game 20x more difficult for the survivors- or Night Hunter depending on who uses it, meanwhile OHK-ing nests makes things like 5x harder for the Night Hunter. This is exaggeration of course but that's beside the point. Now I do agree that they should have stopped before he activated god-mode, because that would have saved them the trouble and the match would have been fair. But these people did not cheat, they used something that was in the game, something that was removed quickly to make things more fair.
  3. I took me weeks to get myself back to contender. It sucked, but it was sooo worth it in the end.
  4. Yeah, I should have. I'm gonna backup my game now actually, I'm not going to start the journey back up again.
  5. Cynder_Dragonborn


    Yeah, I've died a few times from a few failed DfA's. I shouted for a few seconds but I got over it pretty fast.
  6. Cynder_Dragonborn

    I Suffer So Much When I Watch These Trailer

    Techland, please. This sounds like too much fun to not be implemented.
  7. Oh my gosh, finally someone is having this glitch too! I'm not saying it's good your ranks were reset, but I am saying that it's good to know other people are experiencing this glitch as well so Techland will know about it. I was Contender when I reset, I was pissed and it took me weeks to get back up there. Hell, I just got Contender back today.
  8. Cynder_Dragonborn

    There Should Be No Instant Healing Medpacks For Survivors On Normal

    Yeah, I was starting to figure that out on my own. I think I've said my piece here. At least about him. I agree with most of this. I don't agree with the medkit HoT thing but that's just my opinion. (HoT = Heal over Time.))
  9. Cynder_Dragonborn

    Your Prefered Spits And Tactics That Involve With Them

    UV Suppressor Spit, especially when the survivor is hiding in as small space and has nowhere to go. Easy pounce.
  10. Cynder_Dragonborn

    There Should Be No Instant Healing Medpacks For Survivors On Normal

    Or better yet, we don't give you one. I've beaten Night Hunter's on hard. But I'm not a chupacabra tryhard- I play the game for fun. Not to prove myself to people who think I'm pathetic. If anyone here is pathetic its you. If you want to fight survivors who don't insta-heal so badly then ask for a difficulty search parameter in the matchmaking system instead of making everyone else play the way you want them too.
  11. Cynder_Dragonborn

    Post Any Btz Bugs/exploits Here

    I seriously hope this is a bug. It makes Night Hunter matches a lot harder. It's become almost impossible to revive a downed player in time. Especially when the Night Hunter is nearby. I hope it gets set back to 30, but 25 is good as well.
  12. Cynder_Dragonborn

    There Should Be No Instant Healing Medpacks For Survivors On Normal

    This just made me facepalm so hard... First: What this guy said made sense. To me and probably a good many people who read it. So saying someone doesn't possess intelligence of any kind for posting something that is opposite of what you think is dumb. Calling him ignorant is equally stupid. and Second: It's normal mode, there is no cheap advantage with people using the game's intended mechanics. Not everyone is looking for a challenge. Some people want to play the game for fun. Don't bash people because they don't want to give you an advantage. I play Normal Mode all the time because I feel like it, (This includes NH). Night hunter is plenty challenging the way it is. Especially with the recent buffs.
  13. Cynder_Dragonborn

    Post Any Btz Bugs/exploits Here

    The critical state timer for the survivors has become 14 seconds, instead of the usual 30. I keep getting OHK as a downed survivor. Is this a bug or a change?