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    Cheater Caught On Tape Starts at 3:05 Don't know where else to report this kind of game ruining occurrances, so I'm putting it here. Feels like reporting players from their steam accounts don't help much, but I might be wrong? The cheater's steam profile:
  2. Amberg22

    Effect Level 4?

    I got a gold weapon from a random guy that helped me with Korek Machete v2 blueprint, and it has a toxic effect level 4 on it. Do these exist or was I given a modded wep? Will I get banned from VAC games just for having used it for 10 minutes?
  3. Amberg22

    Opinions Please! Fixing The Nh Gamemode

    That was indeed a typo from my side. I meant that it would be nearly impossible for Night Hunters to lose at high ranks, IMO. At 12:45 I personally didn't think the guy on the bus would get hit from a ground-level Gas-Tank, and you might talk about beginner mistakes but I'm sure we both learned something new from that. Landing a spit that doesn't lead to a kill is never wasted in my opinion. The one reason for using Horde Spit on maps like Old Town is that the affected's vision gets slightly worse, and it forces them to put focus on not falling off of rooftops. This results in focus put elsewhere than on the Night Hunter. Don't know how it could have ever been about stealthing when Survivor Sense makes that impossible. I get why someone would see this as a problem if stealthing played a big role in advertisements. But like most multiplayer games it's impossible to know beforehand how the meta will evolve, and adapting to eachothers playstyle has lead us to where we are today. Have to be up close to do damage and not just rely on landing pounces to get kills. Risk-taking is another factor that's always been there since I started. Going for a Tackle or GP or even pouncing is risks that you have to take - some are gonna succeed, some fail. I don't see that this has never been the case. I don't see the need of buffing the NH for close encounters when I (personally) do well as it is. Spit Mine is an interesting suggestion that could bring more fun into the games, but as earlier stated, this falls into risk-taking in the sense that you consume a spit charge that could end up doing nothing. I think if they put mines into the game they would have to have their own charges and cooldown. Cause as I think about now, I wouldn't dare to waste a Horde or UV spit charge. But hey, that's just me and how my playstyle looks. I'm comfortable with the current meta. The one time I think I'd use a Spit Mine would be on Old Town where the roof surfaces would make a trap harder to fail with. Guess it wouldn't be hard to hit any other spit either if put near nests on any map, but then I wonder how Humans are gonna counter them. Will they forever go range against nests when they can expect a Spit Mine? Will mines be disarmed by throwing/shooting explosives at the planted location? I also missed 3 kills: 1. At 4:40 where I throw a Horde Spit instead of Toxic Spit, and then going for a Tackle at 4:46 on a guy that is moving away from the dying body, followed by badly placed Tendrils that hinders me from stopping the revive process. 2. at 6:13 where I do the exact same mistake with badly placed Tendrils when I could have simply ran towards him with a Claw attack (or placed Tendril closer to the middle of the distance between us) 3 (and possibly 4). At 11:49 where I jump and fail to hold RMB for a 2nd Ground Pound. What you see is me flapping my arms repeatedly in mid-air. When I die you see a Gas-Tank coming in right behind his chupacabra. The player at 2:35 could have never done anything that would have helped the other two from dying (and for reference this was a very low ranked player). I had UV Shield, so had he put out his bow I would not have stood still and I'd probably let go off the charging spit as well. This isn't my first time playing against these players, and even most of the Ultimate Survivors that I play against dont go for nests until they kill me. Having one go for nests usually makes that person an easy target for spits, so I understand where this is coming from. One explanation for them going for me instead of nests was discovered in another thread: you can hear Crossbow glitch at 1:37 and 6:55. Furthermore, talking about time lost, they don't know the cooldowns of my abilities. We can't know for certain why they, as you describe, "wasted" time on going for me instead of the nest. I think it rather shows how viable the NH is in any situation you find yourself in. It wasn't a necessity, but rather my choice of action to secure a kill. Had he jumped in a way that would have made GP impossible for me to hit, I wouldn't have gone for it. The reason I land most of my GP's is because I cancel those that I think won't lead to a hit. This is just another example that shows how you have to adapt to the current situation you find yourself in, and most importantly, the current meta - the meta you find many problems within that I don't. Added a new video where I play 1v2 on Old Town against an Ultimate Survivor and a Fighter. This map is my least favourite as Horde Spit doesn't help much more than doing what I explained above about slightly worse vision and the amount of focus they have to put on not falling of roofs instead of on the NH.
  4. Amberg22

    Post Your Btz Matches!

    I thought humans were a bit OP too until I started using the strat I listed above, so I understand where you're coming from.
  5. Amberg22

    Post Your Btz Matches!

    I don't think it's fair to say they are a$$holes for taking advantage of the mechanics that the game is providing. I get a lot of hate for the strats I'm using; strats that I think makes PvP pretty balanced. In the end, both sides are a$$holes for spamming dodge, GP, flares, tackle. It'd be pretty unbalanced if only one side could be an a$$hole Good find! You can hear it as soon as at 1:40. That could very well be what they/he's using, unless they are lining up their arrow shots perfectly with eachother, which is unlikely.
  6. Amberg22

    Post Your Btz Matches!

    To counter everything: Use UV shield -> spit towards an enemy when close -> pounce/tackle -> get rekt Jump and spam GP if that's a possibility. Notice how I'm extremely far from playing perfect and still end up winning decisively
  7. Amberg22

    Opinions Please! Fixing The Nh Gamemode

    I like your ideas and you absolutely list valid complaints. But I'm interested to hear what kind of players these changes are aimed for - casuals or "veterans"? My first game of today was against 3 ultimate survivors, and I played really bad compared to my usual matches. Lost with 3 lives left. I can't help to feel that the changes you suggest would make it nearly impossible for Humans Night Hunters at a high rank to lose against highly ranked Humans. Here's a video I managed to record from 4 days ago against an Ultimate Survivor and a Dominant (previously Ultimate Survivor). And as you'll see I'm playing FAR from perfect. Hitting spits aren't that difficult if you follow up with a pounce or tackle that forces them to stay at a position.
  8. Amberg22

    Cheater Caught On Tape

    No idea about the Crossbow, but I've played against a guy who had unlimited UV lightning (PC), and apparently he got a golden UV Flashlight from another player that I assume changed its variables somehow. Perhaps he's using some modified weapon in this case as well. How easy is it to "create" or modify items outside of the game and put them into a characters stash? Or to buy them off a vendor as I just found out was possible Are players like this one punished? How should "hackers" be reported for actions to be taken against them? Thanx