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  1. Oztington

    Hellraid's Combat Is Not Looking Good.

    Directional combat is fun for pvp but i don't think it is necessary for Hellraid pve. Of course it gives you a different playstyle depending on the weapon instead of looking at stats and say well this weapon does more dmg than the one i have so it is better. A lot of games have this kind of depth, dark souls, chivalry and even reign of kings have it. Mostly i think people want from a weapon is is an arc swing attack, a thrust attack and power attack to break the guard of an enemy. Spells could get the same treatment i suppose. Regular cast, charged up cast, maybe even combining different elements with 1 spell in each hand or maybe 2 players casting a spell in a area which would combine the 2. Of course if those changes requires the delay for the game it would suck. A lot of us are waiting for this game. All i care about is a furfilling singleplayer experience that i can share in coop. I loved dying light, it was very well done with a lot of polish so i hope hellraid has the same kind of excellence.
  2. Oztington

    Ideas And Feature Requests For Hellraid Developers.

    1. No weapon durability loss/degradation. Its very annoying to have your weapon break on you in the middle of the fight and i don't think having 6 weapons on you like it was with Dead Island is a good idea. 2. Lots of cool bosses. Killing a bunch of normal dudes repeatidly is boring, we need something to challenge ourselves and get a chance of loot from. 3. A chance of losing. In Dead Island, no matter how many times you died, you kept repawning over and over. It removes the challenge of the game somewhat, so i hope theres some kind of ''funnier' way to deal with death. Hardcore mode maybe? 4. At least a a couple different classes. Warrior, mage, war cleric, ranger, rogue are all we need for class diversification. 5. Make the single player like Heretic/Hexen. A lot of different looking zones to explore, puzzles and great locations. 6. More than 1 spell per class. You want to have some options while playing, charging,leaping for a warrior, ice shards, electricity for mage, life leech and cleasing fire for the cleric