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  1. I have played through most of DL with 2 friends. I am generally the better player and tend to out level them both over time. We used the disaster relief packages to equalize our survival levels originally (all going up to the next survival level at the same time) with them using more packages than I did. Then we did the same with Legend Levels. As of this patch, I can no longer give them my disaster relief packages. They had been using theirs until they ran out and then were going to use mine (I haven't used many). I have 43 packages saved up and suddenly today I can't give them to my friends. If I use them I will get 6 or 7 levels more ahead of them than I already am. We can still trade weapons, but when I drop a relief package on the ground They can not pick it up. Is this intentional? If so it's really lame. there really isn't a reason to stop the swap of relief packages among friends.
  2. I have gotten several gold weapons mostly from BTZ encounters. Loco, Rune hammer, Gonuaba Blade of order Pretty sure those are the only 4 you can get, and none of them come close to the orange weapons you can periodically buy in the shops or find. The blade of order has a decent base damage, but there is no blueprint you can add to it that matches a orange machete or cleaver. You can put a Toxic Reaper on either of those for almost twice the damage bonus as anything you can add to the blade of order ( The boltor poison is the closest). there are no medium/medium blueprints that can be applied to the blade of order, and almost no blueprints at all. The gold reward weapons have been underwhelming as far as actual use in game. 1 more repair and higher durability just means you will be using a worse weapon longer.
  3. The way I understand it, and correct me if I am wrong, the higher level your survivor rank is from BTZ, the higher your chance of finding gold weapons from chests in the normal game (or from Bozak dockets or whatnot). This is really an intolerable situation. I played Dying light + the following all the way through. In that time I played a bunch of BTZ. I got my rank up to 1 down from Ulttimate survivor. Then I started a New game + after completing both games. My friends and I decided to play though the game moving only at night to see if we could do that way for more of a challenge. We used a mod to lengthen the nighttime timescale (otherwise you can't get anything done). So we are getting no invasions. However I just did a BTZ match with a friend and was promoted to casualty. Apparently the New game + RESET my survivor rank. Now I have no rank and would have to play side games to rank up BTZ, but I can't because my group has played together since day 1 and we agreed not to get side exp (legend levels) so i'd have to be careful not to get any extra xp while doing BTZ. Why in the world is anything in the single player mode tied to finding games against other people to play in BTZ? I'm not relegated to sitting down one day iwth my buddies and invading each others games and quitting after one nest to raise our rank back up. Can't this drop chance be tied to steam based achievement by account with 10 lvls or what not and achieve it once and keep it? I don't want to have to raise my survivor rank every time i want to replay the game.....
  4. Shockwave

    Buggy Beeping Wont Stop

    My buggy started beeping for no reason that I can find, all of my parts were in good condition. I let a few run down and repair them, but it is still beeping. I changed them all out for new ones, still beeping. I changed them all out for new ones and exited the game, rebooted the machine and restarted and it is still beeping. Nothing will stop the infernal beeping/light flashing.
  5. I can't find anywhere where I can see my survivor rank. NH lists it when you click Play the Zombie and select the game, but for the normal game it's not listed in any of the stats on that screen.. Is there a place where you can see level progression of survivor? How many points you need to get to next level, how far away you are, etc? I just like seeing my progress and not having to recall what level I am (not that I can find a list of levels anywhere in game anyway).
  6. Shockwave

    Hunter Join Flag

    Can we get a join on/off for the hunter? The hunter should be able to set an allow join, so that once the game is under way new players can not join the game. Why does the player control the number of people in the game? As a hunter I should be able to choose to take on 3 or 4 players or stick to 1:1 matches. For example, recently I mutated my hunter, back to no skills. So i log into a 1:1 game in the slums, having a pretty good match with a newbie She gets a nest and I kill her a couple times, I start to see her pattern and on nest 2 I kill her three times. So she's down 5 lives I'm down 1 Nest. If she gets my new pattern that may turn again, I have limited skills to work with. after death 5 shes sits in the safe zone on pause (menu). Then 3 people join. All french like her, all taking in chat. Clearly she was going to lose, and got 3 more friends to come in and help out. Now i'm 4:1 with a low level hunter and my win instantly turns to a loss as they start hunting me down. When my hunter is fully upgraded I'll take on 2 or 3, but I should be able to take on just 1 when it's low. Sorry but the NH should have a join flag and only if BOTH players allow joins shoudl they be allowed while the NH is active.
  7. Shockwave

    Hunter Join Flag

    I guess that's a solution, someone joins, you can ask them to leave or do a DC and abort, just looking for a reasonable non-cheese way to do it officially. No reason one should join a 1V1 game and then be forced to play a 1V4 game.
  8. Shockwave

    So, What Do We Do Now?

    Then why play any game? Why play a game of Basketball with your friends, (or a pickup game with strangers)? Win or lose there are no new things to get from playing basketball with your friends/strangers. Isn't the point of playing a game... to have fun doing it and to win? If you win that game of basketball do you get a cool basketball +1 to 3 pointers to play with next time? No. You just play (maybe you get better at Basketball, but that's it). When you do something as the hunter your reason is.... to kill people. That's why you do it. That is the hunter's motivation. To win. Maybe you get better at playing the Hunter, but that's it. When did every game become about getting "something" You don't get a reward when you play a game with friends... you just have fun. I swear the "everyone gets a trophy" generation's demand's that games reward them for everything they do is getting out of hand.
  9. Shockwave

    Improving The Ranking System For Nh's

    actually he didn't. A response doesn't always mean a valid answer. If your argument is the NH is too weak then simply buff the NH. Again, my argument is that tying it to RANK in NH (games won) doesn't really matter because you can win all the games you want (2 friends can fight each other, win 50% of the matches each, and rank up to Ult Sur and Apex respectively). Survivors get things for playing that help them in the real game, and that's fine (again based on participation, not rank). Nothing Recee said makes an argument for granting abilities at NH ranks over granting those abilities in general. The only people you hurt by granting them over ranks is the newbie NH. You can not balance the NH VS survivor if you HAVE to be APEX to kill anything (get the bonus). Again, this will only lead to everyone being Apex artificially and then prevent actual skill matching between hunters and survivors. To have good skill matching that "skill" rank needs to carry ZERO incentives to increase it. No bonuses, etc. This rank should be free of all that. Who cares if NH gets anything for the rank (they get it for levels), you can't take it into the real game. Once you have "everything" under this systems you're done anyway, no incentive to play once you are Apex... (and losing means you LOSE your buffs, so disincentive to play 2v1, 3v1, 4v1). Play the NH because it's fun... if it's not fun, no reward will make it fun.
  10. Shockwave

    Hunter Join Flag

    then allow a loss free abort for the NH option when someone joins.... that's not too much to ask. give them a pop up to leave then or accept the outcome later.
  11. Shockwave

    Improving The Ranking System For Nh's

    ranking systems based on wins is flawed anyway. too easy to win vs friends. I actually hate the fact that survivors get gold weapons and a better chance of finding gold weapons in game (especially this part) due to their BTZ rank. This is pure incentive to rank yourself up (vs dummy/friends) to ultimate survivor and stay there. Lose a couple rounds while playing, no problem, jack it back up before your rank goes down. It's easy to maintain ultimate surivior and apex without any skill at all. If Techland want's people to PLAY BTZ then reward people for PARTICIPATING (win or lose) in BTZ matches. Win/oss can up your "rank" but don't tie "rank" to gold weapons, tie matches played to gold weapons. and gold weapon find chance.You can even take away 1 match played every few days so to keep your gold weapon "status" up you have to keep playing BTZ (again if the intention is to promote it). Leave the win/loss for actually matching up skill levels. with no reason to artificially boost it, it should create fun BTZ games. Back to the topic fo this thread, add bonuses tot he NH for rank and everyone will be apex predator, it's easy to jack your rank artificially.
  12. Shockwave

    Damage Lower Is Insane

    Originally I thought the nerf was too far, but playing with it since the patch, i like it. Guns are still useful (and I'm only LL 55) and not super Over powered like they were, killing demolishers in 1 hit. I still kill demolishers in 2 shots to the head, and I have 15 levels of gun to go. What more do people want?
  13. Shockwave

    Hunter Join Flag

    um, well no not really when you have no tackle, no UV shield, and have just a pounce a 1 spit.... That's the point, a newly mutated hunter looking to do a couple 1:1 matches should be able to do that. There is no reason at all that can't be coded and coded easily. Um of COURSE they can. This would be very very easy to code. When the NH joins, the Host reads information from the NH's game (clearly it reads what powers the NH has for instance). Sending over 1 addition flag (allow join / not allow join) would not be much. There would be no conflict. Join would be allowed if Host Flag = yes AND NH flag = yes. Otherwise human coop is set to "no" for the duration of the NH encounter. This only stops joins DURING the NH encounter, so if people want to play with friends they can, if they are playing together when the NH joins, at least everyone knows whats up, if they are playing alone when the NH joins then clearly they were playing alone and stopping joins isn't a big deal.
  14. Shockwave

    Nh Is Far Too Weak Right Now

    One other suggestion is to make the NH appear very close the active nest. Right now the spawning is very imbalanced. If I horde spit a player and then fight him to keep him on the ground with tackles and ground pound and he kills me and then dies to the horde (which was the goal). He kills my nest. He spawns practically on the nest and I spawn half a map away. By the time i get there the nest is gone. Spawn the humans farther from the nest and the hunter right near it. This would also have a good side effect of chasing the hunter. Sure you can chase him, but if you chase him too far, then kill the NH he will be back at the nest waiting for you before you get back. This would create a kind of escape route for the hunter, drawing the humans away from the nest would be a tactic. They would have to call off the pursuit when getting too far away from the nest.
  15. Shockwave


    Um, how do you complete this challenge? haybales can't be moved as far as i can tell. The car even gently nudging them destroys them. You can't seem to pick them up, or kick them. I tried pushing the big roles of hay under a windmill but that didn't do anything. The wording is very vague on this one.
  16. I play with 2 friends and played all through DL with them. We're in the following now, almost done. We love NH mode even though we generally lose (my friends are casual players). Still fun. The less fun part is losing our legend levels EVERY SINGLE TIME we come out of NH and die. This happens for several reason. 1) monsters appear. Upon killing the last hive and getting back into regular mode, Goons drop on your head. This happened. A goon literally dropped down from the sky on one of us and then based us all (we were all hacking at the last nest after killing the NH so were in a group). Can we get a delay of monster spawn? 2) Dying to the NH after the mode. Anyone "Down" when the mode ends, stays "Down". Thus of the horde spit takes down 1 team mate, and the other dies to the Hunter as the last death, the "downed teammate enters regular mode as "down" and nobody close enough to raise them... so they die. NH mode should be NH mode, shouldn't have to worry about losing millions of points in transition. All players should have their deaths counted as in NH mode (no penalty) and appear Alive back in the game, at least. 3) The menu GOD THE MENU. The menu pops up asking if you want to keep invasion on... but it pops for ALL 3 of us. And while it's up on your screen you can DIE TO ZOMBIES while not being able to move. It only goes away after ALL 3 players have clicked it, so if one of us is just slightly lagged from the others we stand there dying while the invasion screen question is up. this is what ends up killing us the most. Sometimes i click the menu and both my buddies click it and it pops back up for all three of us, and we all have to click it again, once it popped up no less than 5 times. Once we had to Cntl alt del the game to get rid of it. Of course the longer it's up the more likely death is to happen while it is. PLEASE get rid of this entirely. People can toggle it off. if they want from their menu screens.
  17. Shockwave

    Nh Is Far Too Weak Right Now

    Yes the NH is severely under powered when facing a survivor of equal skill. The survivors simply hunt the night hunter down and kill it,especially if there is more than one human player NH against 2 or 3 humans is simply impossible (unless they are really bad). Even one human hunting down the NH is enough to keep them occupied while firends kill the nest. Here are the main problems: 1) The nighthunter isn't tough. In a 1:1 match up the night hunter should be be much tougher, BUT should heal much slower, so it has a good health pool but can be whittled over time. This allows the NH to hit and run and get away. but each time it does os it gets weaker, unless it spends alot of time healing (this is the time the humans use to kill nests), so it's not a question of dead NH, but wounded one, so the humans have to kill nests while still under some fear of the NH. 2) Flares. flare spam is just impossible. Some humans have 1000s of flares. They can just walk in and throw down a ring of flares to kill nests. especially with friends, one just keeps the flares on while the other kills nests, no possibility of pouncing, at all, because you must pass through the ring of flares. Flares can be insta spammed any time UV spit hits (without even changing equipment) making UV spit of little use unless you really catch them off guard). A simply macro of change to flare, throw flare, change to UV light means a 1 button push to chuck flares as much as you want. 3) Dodge. NH doesn't have it, so can't dodge drop kicks and death from above, but humans do and it leaves the NH vulnerable. Missed pounce, missed tackle, missed ground pound = instead death. Humans with 250 levels, gold weapons etc will kill you instantly on a miss. One guy i played just dodged, and shot explosive arrows boom, insta death before you can move. 4) NH can not escape humans with a speed potion (endless supply) they can just chase you down. Use UV chase, use UV chase, even if the NH uses shield the human will catch you before your shield recharges. It ends up to be a relentless chance across the map. until the NH is dead. In almost every game against good players the NH is the prey. So here is what I think needs to be done. 1) 6 minute timer per nest (humans have to kill each nest on a 6 minute timer) that is 30 minute matches, which is a good length. Prevents humans from camping and drawing out the time. there is no motivator to destroy nests while the NH is out there. Humans have every incentive to hunt the NH first. Timer would make it a choice between hunting the NH and killing nests and you'd be losing time chasing the NH across the map, this would give the NH some ability to get away as long as they went far enough. 2) Flare limit. There should simply be a limit on the number of flares the humans can use per encounter. Use them all up, and you are at a serious disadvantage. Flares should be per team. (so more humans split the flares) Not sure what the number would be, but allowing humans to have flares going constantly the whole map is a bit much. 3) Prevent the use of the grappling hook AND the UV light at the same time. This is a no brainier, as it is supremely unrealistic, the GH should require both arms to use (or one would get torn out of it's socket). One equipment in use at a time, that you can throw the GH, switch to UV and beam UV to your destination is too much. humans should be vulnerable on the GH. This would make humans think twice about all out pursuit of the NH. or if they see the NH up on a roof, prevent them from just charging in. Creates more of a waiting game. Two hunters would have to cover each other on the GH. 4) reduce the period of downtime on missed (dodged) attacks by the NH or keep more momentum going so they can escape afterwards. They will still get UVed to death, but it wont result in insta death against any good player. 5) do away with the mutation reset. Most players in Dying light are already well leveled and equipped. resetting the NH to 0 just to get a couple more spits and such is alot of tedious work and not really fun. The game really shoudl be about the hunter stalking the humans, not the other way round.
  18. Does the legend level unarmed combat increase the damage of finishers? I notice that on nightmare my finishers don't always kill a zombie, just wondering if the unarmed boost would up this.
  19. I fee like I'm about to end the original game, and I can't seem to find information on what happens with the following. Do I take all my equipment with me into the following? I have some kings saved up that I wanted to use on a gold weapon (which I have yet to find), and I have disaster releif packages I haven't turned in yet. Will these be there when I start the following? Will items on my person be there, items in my bag, or neither?
  20. Shockwave

    Damage Lower Is Insane

    I think a nerf was definitely needed. 1 shotting demolishers with a shotgun to the head even at low legend levels was a bit much, but yes, I think they dropping it down a bit too much, they should push it back up 50% more than what it is now perhaps.