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    Dying Light - Black Pixel Box Glitch

    Any idea about? Does Techland Support take more than 5 days to reply a ticket?
  2. Hi there, I've purchased game recently and I see in the right half part of my screen a quite big bunch of pixels which increases when I am running or jumping. It only happens when I am playing at 2K resolution, graphic options in every setting tried, only happen when game is loaded, not in main screen. Last AMD drivers and beta one tried. Running Windows 8.1 Specs: Intel i5 3570K AsRock Z77 Pro4 8GB RAM Corsair Vengeance 1600 Sapphire AMD R9 290 TriX Asus Xonar DGX 5.1 Samsung 850 EVO Acer XG270HU, 2K res AMD FreeSync