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    Killing infected as a human by day..Eating brains as infected by night.
  1. Dyingshadow

    Brecken's Personal Message To The Dying Light Developers!

    Oh come on techland! How could you say no to that headwound? Bring back crane!
  2. Dyingshadow

    People Still Saying Night Hunter Needs To Be Buffed.

    Well glad i had at least one decent idea. I mean who's ever heard of a talking zombie!? ...Don't look into that by the way.
  3. Dyingshadow

    People Still Saying Night Hunter Needs To Be Buffed.

    Enemies should never have chit chat with each other. Having the survivor/night hunter bad mouth you really throws you off your game or just makes some people upset to the point where they don't wanna play. Should add an option to hide chat or remove chat all together.
  4. Dyingshadow

    People Still Saying Night Hunter Needs To Be Buffed.

    100% agree on this. This might also promote some pretty funny jump scares Heh! Lets leave the survivor sense we know back in campaign.
  5. I wont post any spoilers. But after that ending Techland i gotta know. Are you gonna continue the story with kyle crane? I mean hes been here ever since the beginning and hes almost basically the face of the game. Loop around that ending! The show must go on!
  6. Sometimes something needs to be more broken before it can be fixed. So perhaps we could buff the absolute hell out of the night hunter and have him nerfed slowly but fairly? Just spit balling here. I personally think starting from the bottom to the top of a "balanced night hunter" will take a while.
  7. Great idea here. Clawing for exp will promote night hunters to be more aggressive.
  8. So i was really stumped on completing this (Still am) and this really sounds like i need to be jesus to walk on water for this one. -Cross under the bridge and land on a boat- *Don't get wet *Don't walk *Don't grab ledges or land anywhere I..i don't even..Did my brain get infected too?
  9. Dyingshadow

    Opinions Please! Fixing The Nh Gamemode

    Wow! Haha a lot better than my ideas. I wouldn't mind seeing this implemented at all. Poisoned claws for a Night hunter would allow for some neat strategies.
  10. Dyingshadow

    My Ideas For An Easy Btz Fix.

    No. But i don't think three quick hits with a one handed weapon is balanced either. And i never said "Take my ideas now because they are balanced.". These are merely ideas that can be improved.
  11. Dyingshadow

    Night Hunter Hopeful Changes

    A lot of good suggestions..I feel like the night hunter should have the same dodge ability humans have. Sometimes i need a huge leap backwards to disengage from butt ugly humans.
  12. Dyingshadow

    The Future Of Dying Light (Spoilers)

    This game and story is just too good to stop. Just have the two ending branch into a new beginning. (Kyle survives the bomb/Bomb failure and still turns into a monster like the other ending.) Boom More of our beloved Volakyle. Having the same infection as the mother he is a sentient volatile..Meaning he has control at day and monster by night. Have the next story have Kyle try do the impossible and attempt to gain his humanity back while learning more about the virus from the other side. During this time he has to aid humans as an unseen force. At night have him take a whole new stance as he would during the day and have him use his powers to fight new human gangs or bandits.
  13. Dyingshadow

    My Ideas For An Easy Btz Fix.

    Hello people..First time to the forums here..Seems like a very nice little community so i decided to throw out my first post. Be the Zombie without a doubt has brought the beast out in me. And i really want to enjoy this this gamemode to its fullest extent.. And i know for a fact alot of people will reach out and agree that BtZ is far from complete balance. So i thought long and hard about this (Dont.) and was wondering how people would think about these changes. As far as i can see this alot of people on the forums are asking for the night hunter to be buffed. THIS is not the issue. And i know people wont bite there lip on this but Humans need to be limited when the hunter enters the game. Heres my list of improvements/Complete screwups. -One handed melee weapon swings can NOT exceed over 25 damage. (Come on people..Look we have a hunter with only 150 health last time i checked. You will still have other attacks that can exceed over that 25 damage not to mention one hit the little bugger with death from above. Before you have a quick freak out keep reading.) -During Music (Hunter is near.) Humans cannot use medkits and the Hunter cannot regenerate health. (This will allow some more even fights and counter humans with limitless supplies. Not to mention without hunter regeneration.. hunters will be forced to retreat and recover his strength giving the humans time to recuperate and focus the nests. This may allow UV-Heal to be usable after a few tweaks.) -Add music when a human is close to you for the night hunter. (Imagine hunting a human to a jaws theme lol.) -Ignore End game skill perks for survivors Unlimited fighting/running stamina. (More humans need to be punished for poor moves..Hey human missed that dropkick? Lose a lot of stamina. Hey human chasing down a night hunter? Walk away from a now pursuing hunter. Now im not saying lets make EVERYTHING cost stamina again. Just have some actions make you pay stamina and some dont. I know im gonna sound foolish for saying this but i miss my stamina bar lol.) -The longer the humans are active but not targeting nests..More defenders and WORSE defenders will spawn to protect the volatile nests. (If you are turning on BtZ to chase down hunters you are not playing an objective and deserve to have some price to pay..This will force humans to race against the clock AND the hunter to take down the nests before the zombie horde becomes WAY too deadly.) Bad ideas or good ideas just thought id rub this off my head.