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  1. I'm sure many of you might have heard of Blizzard closing down the most popular vanilla WoW private server in history. This has started a movement lead by Nostalrius' staff demanding that Blizzard should rethink their policy regarding private and legacy servers. Please sign this petition to support this humble, legitimate cause. You have my sincerest thanks.
  2. Tlaxco

    Will You Ever Fix The Duplicate Bugs?

    I have to agree with the OP. When I started playing DL I went straight into hard mode. I loved how the game was challenging and I had to think twice before fighting the zombies. At some point I began to co-op with random people and the very first guy I play with hands me 4 gold weapons. of course I naively got excited and took them thinking he's the most generous person in the world (I didn't know about duping back then). Then I went to try out my new weapons, and it turned the game into a hack and slash for me. I proceed to drop the gold weapons and I made a silent prayer for all those newbs who will never get to experience DL at its best because they took the gold weapons.